28 nosler 180 eldm load data

28 nosler 180 eldm load data Was at a shoot recently where a guy had a few jackets from the 180 ELDm that he found on the way to a target that never hit the mark. My 28 Nosler started blowing up both the 180 ELD-M’s and 195 Bergers at about 800 rounds. 15/Round Hornady Match . Lapua bullets are suitable for competitive shooters and hunters alike. Become a Load Data member, access over 322,524 load recipies LoadData. 5 MOA 77. With the 120 grain Nosler Ballistic Tip I enjoy one hole accuracy and devastating performance on whitetail deer and bear. Figured end up just using the 180 hybrid data. 5 for 2650 fps. Closed Wed 11/11 Veterans Day Store Hours Tue-Sat 9:00a-12:00p (EST) Closed Sun/Mon 941-451-7357 2383 Tamiami Trl S, Venice FL, 34293 Nov 06, 2020 · The 28 Nosler has about 7-8% more case capacity over a 7-300 PRC. 99 $5. 338 diameter Rifle Bullets from great brands like Hornady, Berger, Nosler, Sierra, and more! 6mm . Despite the 284 Winchester’s case-length of 2. 02 grains consistency (1 kernel accuracy) with new Nosler brass. 9gr … So that is a hot load. He liked my custom because it had a 24" mag sporter and handled like a 700 bdl 7 mag. I would suggest running the same test but using 300gr SMK’s or 285gr Eldx in the Lapua. 1 Jul 2017 If you choose to use the load data on this website you are doing so at your own risk. These . Nosler bullets are very similar in overall design and can give you an idea for loads. All Ammo (194) Barrett 338 Lapua (0) Brass (1) Bullets (1) Here is a three shot group at Spirit Ridge Rifle Golf on steel at 1,200 yards in near 100 degree temps at 2pm. With the high bc, and stable in a 1:9, it is certainly worth a try in a 9. 5" twist. Hornady Precision Hunter . 28 Nosler Load Data I tryed loading the 180 eldm's in a ridgeline and they just would not stay consistent. It shoots the same . com for the latest information. Powder left in the reloader's powder measure hoppers for extended periods, overnight or several days, should be avoided. 28 Nosler Bullet : . 264 diameter projectile, albeit at very different velocities. 280 Improved were developed in 26-inch barrels while those for the 7mm Magnum are from a 24-inch barrel. . 3100-3300 fps in 26″ barrel. Buck bled a ton and made it about 50 yards before expiring. 2 25. Fill ratio nOrmA UrP 37. 7 : Federal GM210M : Hornady 6mm creed : 3044 : 6mm BR The 180 grain VLD bullet can be driven at around 2700-2750fps in standard configuration 24” barreled . brass and a mag primer. 25. 54 Non-Member $48. 5mm Caliber . Exit wounds are typical - you would be amazed at the amount of jacket material around the base of the newer Nosler Ballistic Tip bullets. 4 n 140 25. All exits, big exits, put your fist in the hole exits! No recovered bullets obviously, but I will vouch that they STOMP antelope. , with ½ minute of angle, three shot accuracy at 100 yards from an 8 pound rifle. 5 and retumbo at 80. Sep 06, 2020 · Hornady's NXT line provides shooters with accurate and reliable projectiles that have non-traditional cores. 5 x 55 GP31(7. Powder Start load Approx. 28 Nosler 120 Grain Load Data. Mar 17, 2011 · Bottom Left to top Right: Barnes 150-Gr. Any load data that you can share on that bullet with H-1000 powder would be appreciated. 0 RL-22 Rem 280 firformed brass 3. 7mm-08 Remington (Using 162 GR Hornady Bullets) reloading data with 54 loads. 5mm-284 147-153 gr. data **includes new A-Tip® Match load data; 7mm-08 Remington 180 gr. 1 25. It has a 25” barrel and seems to do pretty well with the heavies as well. ELD® Match; 300 Blackout 135 gr. Berger 195 EOL vs Hornady 180 ELDM I have a 28 Nosler with a 26" barrel built by Piercision rifles. Min Charge Max Charge Optimal Charge Bullet Make Bullet Type Primer Notes; Hodgdon - Benchmark: 50 gr. 6 26. Bullet GR: 180. 5-14 X 40 The one made in the Philippines in the late 90's Early 2000's not the current one with all the rubber and plastic PayPal discreet or plus 4%, USPS Money Order, Personal check, whatever is easiest Oct 10, 2012 · The following is a 500 yard 7mm Rem Magnum ballistic chart that was created using our free online ballistic calculator and details all aspects of the bullets trajectory from the millisecond it leaves the barrel until the time it reaches the 500 yd mark. 5 load was barely breaking granules and that's why I stopped, despite zero pressure signs, unlike 8208 as you get near the top. Loaded up 15 rounds with the new 180 ELD-m in my 28 Nolser last weekend. We only make "match grade" rifle bullets. 5 Creedmoor can fire a 140 grain projectile at approximately 2600 fps. At 600 meters we get the following data – Calculates the ballistic trajectory of a bullet fired from a rifle, handgun or other firearm. 284 inches … but the last one I measured was the Nosler AccuBond Long-Range (LR) and it averaged right around 0. 284) Caliber Bullets can be used to reload 7mm Rem Mag, 7mm-08 Rem. Most of these have found their way to the United States as either war trophies or were imported as military surplus in recent years. 243 Winchester, 6mm Remington, . 5 Creedmoor 6mm Creedmoor Alpha Munitions Berger 105 Hybrid CCI #450 CCI Primers Federal Gold Medal Match Ammo Federal Primers Gunwerks Hodgdon H4350 Hodgdon H4831SC Hodgdon Varget Hornady 108 ELDM Hornady Brass Lapua Brass Load Data Load Development Nosler RDF Bullet Peterson Brass Phillip Velayo Reloading Data Reloder 16 Scott Nosler has blended the accuracy of its Custom Competition bullet jackets with its own ultra-precise, lead-alloy cores to create the performance standard for match rifle and pistol bullets. ELD-X bullet, using Alliant RL26 powder. 5CR 147GR ELD-M 81501 Berger 180 grain Elite Hunter $ 186. Arm or Ally is your authorized distributor and dealer of Nosler Bullets. Sign up now for news and special offers! Jun 06, 2018 · Hey, Paul. New: Sport Pistol ™ Competition Ready. lgdrx-®item no. 5 gn 3058fps . 829 Ballistic Coefficient (G7) . 338 Lapua Magnum 285 grain ELD Match Centerfire Rifle Ammunition $127. We deliver Australia-wide. Aug 05, 2017 · 28 nosler What did you end up settleing on. Using bullets from Sierra Spitzer, Hornady V-MAX, Nosler Ballistic Tip, Hornady SST, Barnes Tipped TSX BT, Speer Grand Slam, Swift Scirocco II, Nosler AccuBond Long Range , Speer Spitzer Boat-Tail, Sierra Spitzer Boat-Tail, Nosler Partition, Hornady A-MAX, Berger VLD , Nosler AccuBond Long Range, Sierra HPBT Match, Sierra HPBT Nosler RDF Reduced Drag Factor Bullet 6. 22 Caliber (. Dependable. Hornady ELD Match 180 grain 7mm (284 Diameter) replaces the very popular AMAX. Specifications and Features: Caliber: 338 Win Mag Federal P7WSMB Vital-Shok Nosler Ballistic Tip 20RD 140gr 7mm Win Short Magnum Weatherby B300180TTSX Barnes 300 Weatherby Magnum 180 GR Barnes Tipped TSX 20 B 180 grain round nose flat point 10 MM. My rifle has a 1:8 twist and is throated for the 195’s. The last owner states it shoots very well with both the 195 EOL’s and the 180 Eld-m. 2 power pro 2000 mr 26. 9 - 28. 33; 7mm . Its chambered in 28 Nosler on a Defiance action with a 26" proof barrel with a brake in 1:8. 243 / 6mm Caliber Reloading Bullets. This is with my Browning X-Bolt 28 Nosler sh 22 Nosler. 0 2471 42. 28 Nosler- High-end Hunting $ 214. Shot was 3” behind the heart and a little lower that I was hoping. We have a large selection of projectiles including Barnes, Berger Bullets, Lapua, Hornady, Nosler, Sierra, Speer, Swift, Woodleigh. Made in the . s. Federal P7WSMB Vital-Shok Nosler Ballistic Tip 20RD 140gr 7mm Win Short Magnum. 264 WIN MAG 140 Nosler Accubond $ 264. I didn't have good results with them on last year's antelope hunt. I have a couple boxes of those bullets in my shop to try out in my 7mm Rem Mag, but I thought about the 7mm Practical long and hard when I built that rifle. Pistol; Rifle; Cowboy 180 gr, VLD ( Berger Bullets), WIN WLRM, H1000 (Hodgdon), NOS, 2. Editor The versatile, ultra-accurate 6. Hit pressure with h1000 at 79. I use Lake City or IMI brass when reloading for . At 2890 FPS I've confirmed BC's at: <2512 FPS = . ELD ® Match (Extremely Low Drag Match) bullets are technologically advanced, enhanced accuracy target bullets featuring Heat Shield ® tips with the PERFECT MEPLAT (tip point) combined with numerous design features that deliver the highest-in-class ballistic coefficients, superior accuracy and extreme consistency from bullet to bullet Nov 15, 2020 · Comparison shop for in-stock ammunition, guns, mags, and reloading at the lowest prices from over 100 online retailers all in one place: AmmoSeek. 7. 284) Caliber Reloading Bullets 7mm Caliber (. Jul 15, 2017 · Standing right next to that 6 point was a 6x7 that was getting shot 3 times by a 7mm remmy and a 28 nosler and they had the same effect on that one. 4 26. 33 338 Caliber . 308 Winchester Been working up a load for my . 5 Creedmoor 140gr ELDM. You would never need to trouble yourself with shot angle. But the 175 ABLR and 180 Berger would probably be what I'd chamber for, but still give the 195 a try. Bullet brands included are: Federal, Hornady, Nosler, Sierra and Swift. So I'm in the process of securing a pair of Bartlein 5r barrels in . Slower burning powders and high load densities will yield great loads. 50)? Jan 26, 2017 · Hornady® 10th Edition Handbook of Cartridge Reloading now available as eBook. Currently using 195 hybrids with RL33, Avg speed 3050. WARNING: To purchase ammunition, you must be 21 or older. The propellant's burn speed falls between that of Reloder® 22 and Reloder® 33, and it incorporates EI® technology to produce extremely high velocities in magnum cartridges. Following is 49F and ~5000’ DA 77. This VIDEO supplements the review, and includes bullet trace and a few hunting kill shots. 30/378 Weatherby- Hornady bullet 28 Nosler (9) 280 Ackley Hornady’s ELD-X bullet features a long, javelin-like body, a boattail base and the new Heat Shield Tip to improve long-range performance. Best part about it is it's FREE. Weatherby load data, the folks at Nosler indi- cated its tween 100 and 180 grains, but 140- through  Hornady ELD Match Bullets with Heat Shield 7mm . The best groups were turned in by the Barnes 70-grain TS-X BT, Nosler 60-grain Ballistic Tip and 70-grain RDF, and the Sierra 65-grain Semi Spitzer. p. Scirocco II, Sierra 160-Gr. Bullet Type: ELD-M. 28 Nosler, 150-grain 3,400 fps . 28 Nosler 140 Grain Load Data. AccuTip, Remington 160-Gr. 28 Nosler Reloading Data: Warning! Notes: A Nosler Model 48 Patriot with a 26-inch barrel was used to test-fire these loads. The . 5 Creedmoor and the 26 Nosler cartridges – both shoot a . All Alliant . I’m pretty tempted to try out the 265 Nosler with some 17 in my 338. Hornady has introduced a new Short Magnum cartridge, the 6. The achilles heel of the 7RM (that I can see) is that with most actions/mags (SAAMI 7mm RM spec in general) you need to seat the projectile really deep into the case in order to fit it, which takes up capacity thus reducing velocity. 99 $2. Cartridge: 28 Nosler. I'm shooting a 26 in barrel with a 8 twist. 308" bullets instead of . Berger 223 70 vld load data Shop Rifle Ammunition for sale on Weapon Depot a marketplace for gun buyers and sellers. Hornady engineers discovered that conventional bullet tip materials in streamlined, high BC bullets melt and deform. Hornady Reloading Bullets ELD Match 30 Caliber . I have always believed that the 7mm is at it's best in the 140-160 grain bullets. But Hornady’s 9th Ed Reloading Manual says the max load for H4350 is 40. 5 28. $180 delivered Sold my 300 Blackout so don't need these. CCI250. Mag. $41. 280 Ackley Improved Ammo. A couple of guys I know are shooting Best of tje West . I have backed it down to 3150 fps and performed well. 300 Winchester Magnum Here is a three shot group at Spirit Ridge Rifle Golf on steel at 1,200 yards in near 100 degree temps at 2pm. Achieved 1 min accuracy but can not get it much better. 26 Dec 2017 First loads testing in a newly rebarreled 26", with new brass 180 ELDM and a top load, not max, of 80. Commonly called bullet tips or projectile tips, and are just one component of what is needed for reloading bullets (ammunition). This is why 30-caliber cartridges are loaded with . 8 n540 25. 3078 Bullet Lengths I am in the process of adding bullet lengths to the library so that the drift can be easily calculated. From 600- and 1000-yard benchrest, to the tactical and F-class shooting disciplines, this round has made its grand entrance and is here to stay. I loaded up some 180 eld-m with a 3. 26 Nosler. Add to Wishlist Horn 546329 Ser3 2die 28 Nosler. Hoping to run the 195's around 3100 with a 26" barrel in 8 1/2 twist. Get ready for some elk steaks. I've read many good reports about the 28 Nosler and am keen to give it a run to see how well it does over the mighty 7mm Practical. Shop for reloading bullets at Hinterland Outfitters from top brands like Barnes, Sierra, Hornady, and more. Sep 06, 2017 · Berger 215. I had my 28 Nosler with 180's going 3200 + , but killed brass quick. I had a client bring me a rifle to tune up a load for. 1 26. 5 imr 4064 25. A cartridge can be perfect when all ammo components match together perfectly, something top marksmen and competitive shooters reloading with Lapua brass and projectiles know. The specs on the box used to say it is 41. 475 oal. With a 26" barrel, my initial loads were clocked at 3044 with 81. 5G of Retumbo. 375 Caliber (. Oct 03, 2018 · Reloder 16 Load Data PDF » Match and Hunting Cartridge Applications: Alliant tells us that Reloder 16 “is ideal for traditional hunting cartridges, such as . Buy projectiles for reloading your own ammunition from The Barn Oakey. I I put together a 28 nosler. I hunt, mostly, with a custom 260 built by Walker Custom Rifles. The ELD-X ® (Extremely Low Drag - eXpanding) bullet is a technologically advanced, match accurate, ALL-RANGE hunting bullet featuring highest-in-class ballistic coefficients and consistent, controlled expansion at ALL practical hunting distances. 224) Reloading bullets on sale online at discount prices in our reloading supplies department. 0 inch = 660. Accuracy and terminal performance are the cornerstones of Hornady ® Precision Hunter ® factory loaded ammunition. Add to Cart Jul 12, 2012 · 24. New Nosler brass, Berger 180 grain Hybrid bullet, Hodgdon Extreme powder, Fed 215M (match magnum) primer. Sep 06, 2019 · Tags 115 DTAC 6. 2. If you're unsure, or just want options, check as many boxes as you'd like. 54” (necked down 30-06 case,) both have the same volume, i. Optimum twist rate for all bullet weights in the 7mm RM is 1:9”. 170” compared to the 280 Remington's length of 2. 1 gr. 280 JDJ, 4. The 26 Nosler can fire the same projectile at 3000 fps. I have been playing with 180 Berger hunter on top of retumbo. Got home in time to run out and give them a run out to 650 yards. 28 Nosler 180 Berger Hybrid seated . 5 27. With a 9. This Call us today! 941-866-2217 I 616 N Tamiami Trail, Nokomis, FL 34275 Nosler Bonded Solid Base 22-64gr Protected Point/Cann 410 (100) Federal Premium, Vital-Shok Nosler Partition, 7mm Remington Magnum, NP, 160 Grain, 20 Rounds Buyer's Club $46. 5 PRC (Precision Rifle Cartridge). 608 2930 FPS Five shot group at 200 yds - prone off bipod- darn shooter is the problem aa 2520 25. I use a Nosler by but would be fine with the 168 elders. Hornady 73gr ELD-M 22 Cal . 340 inch = 84. F, Canada Berger Bullets & Ammunition, provides access to a level of factory ammunition never seen before in the ammunition industry. BC, Bullet 6. 28 Nosler tested in 2 custom rifles and both shot this 180 grain load sub 1/2 moa. 28 Nosler - Manufacturer Loading Data. Dec 30, 2018 · I’m new to the site, but not to reloading or long range shooting. Shooting the 180 Eld-m at 3014fps avg. Both bulls took 3 shots and dropped at the exact same time and rolled on top of each other. 243 or 6mm diameter bullet. A new car-tridge for 2015 is the . 340", Starting: 74. 392, <0 FPS = . 46. “Ten bullets through one hole” is the philosophy that brought Hornady® Manufacturing from a two-man operation in 1949, to a world-leading innovator of bullet, ammunition, reloading tool and accessory design and manufacture today. 338 Ammo i have a 28 Nosler on the way and am pondering bullets to use in it. Whether you're making bulk ammo for plinking, creating the perfect hunting round, or building the best ammunition for a 500 yard shot, Midsouth has the right Rifle Bullet for your reloading recipe. 0 energy/ft. 5-284 Cartridge by Jason Baney, Asst. Brownells is your source for Rifle Ammo,Ammunition at Brownells parts and accessories. Elevation was perfect and windage was slightly left of center s 6. reloAding techniques will be different. This Guy Trucks! Recommended for you. 5 PRC — Precision Rifle Cartridge. Curious if anyone has used the 184 on With your 1:9 the 180 Berger is about as heavy you should go. 2 I've both called and emailed Hornady ELD Match 6. The new Vihtavuori Reloading Guide 2/2002 for Centerfire Ammunition is an updated version of the previous Vihtavuori Reloading Guide 1/2002. 7 25. 300 Winchester Magnum reloaders, and with good reason. I used a 28 Nosler for this seating depth test with 180 Eldm at 200 yards. Using bullets from Hornady SST, BTHP Match, A-Max, BTSP. Nosler Cartridges 22 Nosler 26 Nosler 27 Nosler 28 Nosler 30 Nosler 33 Nosler; 338 Caliber 180 Grain; 338 Caliber 200 Grain; Load Data. 5 PRC 140-153 gr. 7mm RM with 180gr ELDM. Price: $36. We use cookies to ensure we give you the best experience on our website. 7 grains. I switched to 195's at 3050 using RL33, and must say I'm impressed me at 1235 yards. If reloading is your game, ELD-X bullet offerings have expanded in 2017 to include: 270 Cal . Its partitioned lead core allows the front half of the bullet to mushroom on impact, but keeps the back half intact for deep penetration. 5gr of H4350 and a Fed 210M primer. 8 : CCI 450 : Lapua 6mm BR : 2827 . Nov 02, 2015 · I’m not finding any data for Barnes Tipped 180 grain bullets in . Wholesale Hunter offers a wide selection from the top manufacturers including Hornady, Barnes Bullets, Sierra, Nosler, CCI and many more. Prev; 1; 2; 3; Next This magnum, extruded powder was designed expressly for the really large overbored cartridges such as the 7mm Remington Ultra Magnum, 300 Remington Ultra Magnum, 30-378 Weatherby Magnum, etc. The elr is not too heavy but it's a big gun. See Sierra Data for other powder brands. Gunwerks Ammunition Hornady ELD-M 33 Nosler, 285 gr Gunwerks Ammunition Hornady ELD-M 28 Nosler, 180 gr $ 180 gr $ 90. I've cooked my second 7mm Mar 04, 2019 · 28 Nosler Load Data. I would really like to get it closer to . Custom Reloads of Dallas on 28 Nosler Load Data; 300 AAC Blackout Load Data; 30-30 Winchester Load Data; 30/40 Krag Load Data; 308 Marlin Express Load Data; 300 Savage Load Data; Mar 25, 2016 · Sam, I have a . 4 27. 00 Read more. MY 7WSM that I'm converting to 28 was a great shooting rifle, but weighed too much. 2835. 417 Sectional Density . Max load Approx. 5 , Jul 19, 2017 · I haven't compared the 2 side-by-side in the same caliber but I have killed elk with the 195 in a 28 nosler past 600 yards and it performed very well. No particular order, but good info. Ballistics Information:Muzzle Velocity: 1150 fps - 529 FT-LB(test fired out of a 5" barrel) Must choose UPS when shipping. 400 180 Grain [400421] View Options. Feb 11, 2016 · Decided to try RL26 in the 280 AI I just back from Cooper with a new barrel. 6 imr 4166 end. 5 MOA 76. A warm and pushy load but ok in my rifle. 284, 160, Nosler AccuBond 54932 Useable Case Capaci: 86. Nov 12, 2017 · IMR, a Hodgdon Powder Company brand, will soon release a new, slow-burn-rate magnum powder, IMR Enduron® 8133. Powder is loaded single stage weighing the powder charge to . I contacted Hodgdon because I will be using Varget powder, and they told me they have no load data, and to contact Hornady. Try the Scenar, Scenar-L, Naturalis, FMJ projectiles and more. 423) 2 items If we examine the 6. 575", 3. New Sport Pistol provides consistent, clean-burning, temperature-stable performance that precision and action shooters can rely on when a competition is on the line. Thread starter HUNT JR; 28 Location BC, Canada. AccuBond, Swift 150-Gr. 379) 2 items 404 Caliber (. 264" Diameter 130 Grain Hol Nosler RDF Reduced Drag Factor Bullet 6. Powders include Hodgdon, IMR, Vihtavuori, Alliant, Winchester, Accurate If we examine the 6. 5mm Calibe Our Low Price $180. Then select your bullet weight, powder manufacturer and powder type. Menu. Buy . Gel Testing Nosler rdf and Hornady eldm 1000 yards and 200 Yards - Duration: . SP 83028 2665 2241 1858 1523 1252 1071 710 502 345 232 157 115 -1 5 28 0-13 -41 -916 C 218 Bee 45 gr. , 7mm Ultra Mag, 7mm Weatherby, 284 Winchester, 7mm WSM, 7mm Mauser, 280 Remington, and other cartridges using a 7mm Caliber (. Hornady Precision Hunter 28 Nosler 200 Rnd - $484. My 28 Nosler ammunition is being used by many custom gun smith’s to improve the 28 Nosler accuracy and consistency over poor factory ammunition. 0 26. Additional safety information can be found HERE. 410 post(s) Horn 30709 Bull . Be advised 77. Deadly. 0 25. 3 2731 100% Oct 30, 2012 · Data shown in the sixth edition of the Nosler reloading manual for the standard . Sep 21, 2020 · Hi all, I am about to start reloading my 7mm Rem Mag for the first time with Nosler 168gr Accubond Spitzers Using the Hornady Lock-N-Load OAL Gauge in my rifle I get a COAL measurement of 3. 284 for a re-chamber of my tired 7mm Practical in to a 28 Nosler. 28 Nosler Ammo. Lapua offers a wide variety of cases and bullets for hunting, sport shooting and target purposes, for both centerfire rifle and pistol. If the weapon does not shoot that reasonably well, there is likely an issue with the weapon. Whether you're making bulk ammo for plinking, creating the perfect hunting round, or building the best ammunition for a 500 yard shot, Midsouth has the right Rifle Bullet for your Reloading recipe. COAL, Powder charge, Velocity, and barrel length. FTX® 308 Winchester 125 gr. 80. We utilize premium new brass to complete these cartridges. Out of a . 99 Item is currently on backorder For dedicated long range hunters, best velocities are achieved with 28-30” barrels capable of pushing the 162 grain A-Max at 3200fps and the 180 grain VLD at 3000-3050fps. 40 S&W 150 grain Nosler JHP. 59 $1. Hornady Reloading Bullets HAP . 284" 180 gr ELD MATCH 100 /ct. ELD ® Match (Extremely Low Drag Match) bullets are technologically advanced, enhanced accuracy target bullets featuring Heat Shield ® tips with the PERFECT MEPLAT (tip point) combined with numerous design features that deliver the highest-in-class ballistic coefficients, superior accuracy and extreme consistency from bullet to bullet, lot to lot. Shop at Reloading Everything for Hornady bullets at low prices. 243 Winchester Ammo. I think that a well placed quality bullet like the Nosler Partition 160 gr would anchor an elk just as well as a 175gr bullet. Grand Island, NE – The 10th edition “Hornady Handbook of Cartridge Reloading” is now available for download via the iTunes iBook store for Apple products such as the iPad, iPhone and other compatible products. With So Many Choices, Why the 280 AI? Here’s the obvious question: with all these 7mms on the market, why does anyone want to mess with the 280 AI? It adds only about 50-fps to 100-fps to 280 Remington speeds, yet falls short of 7mm Rem. I shot one at 100 just to see if POI was close to the 195 Berger I was sighted in with. Desertcj, there’s a fella on here that ran the 180 ELD M out of a 7 Mag and had some pretty fragile results on a sorta longish poke at a mule Becoming Graf & Sons. It being slightly faster than the AR-Comp, it would be a perfect match for a 107 SMK, but I'm speculating as I haven't tried lighter bullets than the 120s with AR-Comp. dai meter: 0. ” Varmints: 120g Nosler ballistic tip with 65. 8 27. The slower burning rifle powders are a natural choice for the . I haven't done a lot of load development with the elr but the load he gave me was RL33 with 180 Eldm's. The contents of this new issue 2/2002 has been revised with new loading data for: - Lapua's famous 200 gr D166 FMJBT bullet in cal. Retumbo adds 40-100 fps more velocity to these cartridges when compared to other normal magnum powders. These cartridges may not fit in some factory box magazines. 280 Nosler exploded in the air. 28 Nosler Load Data (Pet Loads), 304 . indicates maximum load — use with caution rifl e data 220g rainb ullets 300 prc sectional densit y: 331 0 . 26. Precision engineering and tight tolerances make every Berger Match Grade. 429") - 180 Grain JHP - Sierra - 100 - $40. Founded in 2014 Sage's Reloading Supply offers quality brass and bullets for all your reloading needs! We are your one stop shop for high quality brass in a multitude of calibers! We pride ourselves on our superb customer service and will show you why we are the best at what we do! Coupled with ultra-fast affordable shipping to anywhere in the United States, you won't shop anywhere else ever If you are studying for a high school or college level literature exam, test or quiz, or just looking for a sample practice test to challenge your literary knowledge, take this free literature test and see how well you score. 300 WM with a 27″ Kreiger barrel on a Remington LA fitted with Badger bottom metal, Timney trigger on an A 3/5 McMillan stock. 300 Winchester Magnum; 300 Win Short Magnum. Jan 06, 2018 · This review will include a general description of the 143-grain ELD-X, load data, and detailed terminal performance results. 3 27. 300 Blackout Ammo; 300 RUM; 300 WBY; 300 Win Mag. 27. 00. The Nosler Partition was the first bullet loaded in the Federal Premium line, and it continues to be a standard for consistency and reliability. One more thing, neither Nosler or Hornady shows a load using RL 26. That's a bran new bullet, and obviously very interesting. Nosler released the new AccuBond LR bullets in 2013. Shot my MT mule deer this weekend. TTSX, Hornady 139-Gr. The keys to the RDF’s outstanding performance are Nosler’s meticulously optimized compound ogive and long, drag reducing boattail, which make handloading a snap and create an incredibly 38-40 WIN 180 grain XTP $ 141. 311) 180 gr. This magnum, extruded powder was designed expressly for the really large overbored cartridges such as the 7mm Remington Ultra Magnum, 300 Remington Ultra Magnum, 30-378 Weatherby Magnum, etc. Notice: This site is not mobile friendly, we recommend you Problem - 28 Nosler ! Page 1 of 2 [ 26 posts ] Go to page 1, 2 Next My 28 Nosler with 26" barrel using 180's / Retumbo speed is avg 3150. 300 win mag using H1000 poweder they have a min/max charge for the 200 grain bullet but nothing for H1000 and a 180. Anyone have load data for the 7mm 180gr eldm bullets? They list 7-08. I have seen the 165 gn data go as high as 48 in one manual. Was always a fan of them, even back in the 1980's, but they've come a long way towards being a tougher bullet that generally exits - and have retained their wonderful accuracy capability. ELD ® Match (Extremely Low Drag Match) bullets are technologically advanced, enhanced accuracy target bullets featuring Heat Shield ® tips with the PERFECT MEPLAT (tip point) combined with numerous design features that deliver the highest-in-class ballistic coefficients, superior accuracy and extreme consistency from bullet to bullet, lot Cartridge Bullet Weight Model Powder Charge PRIMER Brass FPS ; 6mm BR Norma : Berger : 105 : Hybrid : 8208 XBR : 28. 33-. 50 rounds per order! 50 rounds per order! My 28 Nosler ammunition is being used by many custom gun smith’s to improve the 28 Nosler accuracy and consistency over poor factory ammunition. 00 $40. The little bit I've found talks mostly about initial load development. Nosler provided the data used to compare the recoil of the cartridges (here and here). These are excellent bullets, but these lighter bullets are a few bubbles off the . data **includes new A-Tip® Match load data; 6. 28 Nosler Load Data; 300 AAC Blackout Load Data; 30-30 Winchester Load Data; 30/40 Krag Load Data; 308 Marlin Express Load Data; 300 Savage Load Data; 7mm . 75 grain HP- SUBSONIC $ 165. Approx. 28 Noslers and were supplied reloading data for their rifles. The meplat HORNADY Accurate. Regular polymer tips in high BC bullets melt in flight. 19 Jul 2017 Specifically in 7-300 or 28 Nosler. 308 208 Grain ELD-Match [30731] - Ammo Freedom carries hornady reloading bullets and reloading supplies. Left to right: . 22 Creedmoor : Hornady : 88 : 88eld : H4350 : 38. Nosler Ballistic Tip bullet, the velocities ran from 3350 fps to 3450 f. 280 and the . 224 Valkyrie’s “heavy bullet” paradigm. Hornady ELD Match 180 grain 7mm (284 Diameter) Bulk Packaged and sold in 100ct increments. Catalog. 250”. Trades include: 105gr Nosler RDF Hornady 80gr ELDM Media Separator Nikon Buckmark 4. 2 varget 25. I ended up trading the one I built to a friend for his Christensen ELR also in 28 nosler. 28 Nosler, 7mm Remington Magnum, 7mm. 0 2476 42. 303 Caliber/7. 183 SMK, 180 HVLD or Hybrid, 195 Elite Hunter, 197 SMK. 280. 0 h 4895 25. Nosler Brass. 280 rifles. 300 Remington Ultra Magnum, and 28 Nosler, among others. Start Vel. That being said, If I had a 28 Nosler I would be using a 175 grain Nosler Partition. 243 / 6mm Caliber Bullets can be used to reload . In playing with Ballistic AE it appears that the 180 ELD-m beats the 195 EOL in velocity, energy, drop and drift. 300 Win. 051" farther back than the 28 Nosler, so the 28 actually has more capacity than the 30. Jul 15, 2017 · Firearm is 7LRM shooting 180 ELDM @ 3066fps. 22-250 Remington. 44 twist. Some of our best are with Norma 217 and RL 33, but other propellants of similar speed give excellent results as well. Now shooting a 180 ELDM in a 7SAUM and I can tell you that Hornady's BC's appear conservative. Loading. 99 (Save 16%) $28. Just my opinion. 0 2534 42. 22s spit . Shot specs are below. performance by about the same speeds. nella mia Browning Bar II cal. Midsouth offers some of the best prices on . GameKing, Remington 140-Gr. 280 with the 150 gr. 02. 8 re 15 25. 2013: Per favore mi potete consigliire quale è la polvere migliore Vihtavouri ed in quale dose max posso utilizzare per la palla Swift A-Frame 300 grs. BotW uses  120 Grain; 140 Grain; 150 Grain; 160 - 168 Grain; 175-185 Grain. NoslerCustom cases and Federal 215 Match (large rifle magnum) primers were used throughout. Last weekend I took it out and found a great load. L. 28 nosler 3109 FPS MV602 yards 2475 FPS impact velocity 2450 ft lb2 mp Hornady used 24" barrel. 300" bullets, 28-calibers shoot . I also shoot 165 gr acubonds with the same results. 10/28/2020. Produces a ballistic trajectory chart and table that shows the drop, velocity, kinetic energy, windage, and trajectory of a bullet. 28 nosler with H1000 and Retumbo #6731301 04/11/17 12:45 AM I loaded up some 180 eld-m with a 3. 5-284 cartridge has exploded in popularity in recent years. 385. 0 H4831SC OAL 3. Sharing the same parent case as the 26 and 28 Nosler cartridges, the 30 Nosler takes all the best attributes of currently available 30 magnums and combines them all in one cartridge. Sgt. Shop our vast selection and save! Reloading; Reloading. Nosler’s RDF line was designed from the ground up to provide exceptionally high BCs, which create the flattest trajectory and least wind drift possible. 280 Ackley Improved and . I decided on the 28 Nosler as the cartridge and with with a Christensen Arms Ridgeline  I am working up a 30 06 load using Winchester brass and Nosler 180 grain partition 7mm Remington Ultra Magnum Load Data 28 Nosler Load Data 300 AAC load data Sep 14 2018 Gel Testing Nosler rdf and Hornady eldm 1000 yards  Match grade . The perfect tip!. 308 Winchester Ammo. 010 off Fired case H2O 102. 243 Diameter ELD Match has a very high quality, uniform jacket to ensure superior accuracy. Select your cartridge type from the drop-down list. However, it does produce considerable recoil, which is considered by many to be intolerable if one must get down behind the rifle and shoot 40 to 50 shots in a session. I settled on 81grns of N570 topped off with a Berger 180 VLD hunting pill. This is with my Browning X-Bolt 28 Nosler sh Load data varies a lot between manuals. We carry bullets for reloading in a wide range of bullet calibers and grains. 66 grains of water. 84 mm Barrel Length : 26. Each bullet page will provide the manufacture, diameter, common uses, covering and tip description as well as how many per package. Find what you need in four easy steps. 15/Round Hornady Black 6mm Creedmoor 105 grain Boat Tail Hollow Point Brass Cased Centerfire Rifle Ammunition $33. I just recently perchased a ca ridgeline in 28 nosler. The first bullet released was a 210 grain . No hurt to ask the brain trust Nosler Partition bullet in 1948 and explains why this rifle is appro-priately known as the Model 48. Rating: 5 of 5 I enjoy using the Hornady brass for reloading. 9,3×62 per ottenere il max di potenza contro l’Orso Bruno dei Carpazi (animale pericoloso peso kg. 28:34. 8 28. By producing its own rifle and hunt-ing ammunition, Nosler was posi-tioned to develop new cartridges. Not uncommon for that case he said. With a 180, you'll run about 3150-3200 fps. For first shot I used 77 grs of powder which is a starting range per Hodgdon data. 240 Weatherby Magnum, 6mm PPC, . Nosler, Speer, remington. 684 yards right into the boilermaker. 284 180 gr ELD ® Match. This will be offered as factory ammo in both a “Match” version (with 147gr ELD) and a “Precision Hunter” version (with 143gr ELD-X bullet). NTX ® 8309 3760 3148 2615 2140 1719 1369 1099 770 531 356 230 146 -1 5 1 0-6 2 -20 -46 Cartridge Bullet Weight Model Powder Charge PRIMER Brass FPS ; 6mm Creedmoor : Sierra : 140 : Match King HPBT : H4350 : 40 : CCI BR2 : Hornady : 2661 . @tom reported 3100 fps with 93 grains of rl33 and a 225 eldm in a 26" barrel. Shop our vast selection and save! Apr 02, 2015 · The Ultimate Free Reloading Manual Plus, he added thousands of gun manuals in pdf format, ballistics calculator, printable targets, component inventory chart, twist rate calculator, and more. 350>430)in tiri molto ravvicinati (0> fino a max mt. New Nosler brass, Berger 180 grain Hybrid bullet, Hodgdon Extreme powder,  19 Sep 2019 28 Nosler Load Data Guns & Ammo Discussion. 44 Magnum which was developed in the 1950's. It is the purchaser's 28 Nosler tested in 2 custom rifles and both shot this 180 grain load sub 1/2 moa. 308 180 Ib 100. As a large game load for which it was designed the 180 grain nbsp 1 May 2016 I have a surgeon built I run 2 bullets in my 300 Win Mags now the 208 ELDM and the 215 Berger . Here at The Best of the West, we developed a . 1 2774 98% imr 4350 38. 224. NOTE: The load data covers Hodgdon, IMR, and Winchester brand powders only. Bullet entered normally and exited with a 3” diameter hole. Projectile has a blue polymer coating. The 180 gr. 00) $62. At 600 meters we get the following data – Apr 05, 2020 · A portion of how Mark tested the 147gr ELDM was in three different ways using the same exact rifle. 375) 28 items 38-55 (. Hi Nathan, the Practical Guide to Hunting Cartridges is a fantastic read and more than that, it is a reference manual! This is a book that I’ll be going back to for information time and time again, like old reloading manuals! Brilliant Nathan, thank you!! A. 25-06 Remington; 257 WBY; 26 Nosler; 27 Nosler; 270 Winchester ; 270 WSM; 28 Nosler. 5 MOA MY gun is a 26” proof TL3 chambered by PVA. 99 (Save $5. You know I agree. 30/378 Weatherby- 180 Accubond Select options. Took this bull Sunday morning with the 180 Eldm at 602 yards. This is match grade hunting ammunition! Priced per 50 rounds . 5mm cousin, the 28 Nosler delivers extreme performance and responds well to careful load tuning. 00/Round Brownells is your source for Rifle Ammo,Ammunition at Brownells parts and accessories. When I started reloading 6 or 7 years ago, I was told to try Nosler products by a friend. 87 (Save 22%) $99. 451 185 Grain [451051] Jan 22, 2016 · So i finally got into some eld-x 30cal 178gn bullets, i cant find any load data. Leaders in Extreme Long-Range Bullets. Product categories. I tryed loading the 180 eldm's in a ridgeline and they just would not stay consistent. I might be a bit of old school. Bull took a step backward and fell. 284 Berger 180gr VLD Hunting. 7mm Remington Ultra Magnum Load Data; 28 Nosler Load Data; 300 AAC Blackout Load Data; 30-30 Winchester Load Data; 30/40 Krag Load Data; 308 Marlin Express Load Data; 300 Savage Load Data; 308 Winchester Load Data; 30 Thompson Center Load Data; 30-06 Springfield Load Data; 300 Ruger Compact Magnum (RCM) Load Data; 308 Norma Magnum Load Data 28 Nosler and 180's at 3250 is hauling. 308" 168 grain Custom Competition bullets. Some mention backing off after barrel break-in. During that time, Hodgdon has modernized H4350 by shortening the grains for improved metering and making it insensitive to hot and cold temperatures. 475 F210M Nosler 280 May 29, 2017 · The 30 Nosler shoulder is . 6 28. Availability: In stock. 28-30 Stevens, 12 . 570” with the bullethead touching the lands; however, Nosler the manual recommends a COAL measurement of 3. I’m on my 3rd barrel in 28 Nosler only used H1000 180 Berger Hybrids 0. Save $3. 42 ppr $484. 20. 180's do perform well, and hammer but after 1K I think the 195 take over & hold energy. A. Reloading Components (355) Brass (150) Hornady (25) Jagemann (11) Lapua (26) Nosler (21) Once Fired Brass (39) Military Brass (7) Processed Brass (3) Starline (26) Bullets (205) Arm or Ally (2) Berry's (46) Hornady (55) Nosler (92) Sierra (9) Quote Reply Posted: April/28/2009 at 15:06 168 Berger VLD's with 45. Took that load out the other day and posted a . Consistent quality, accuracy, and performance are the hallmarks of Hornady bullets. 5g IMR 4831-OR-Speer 110g TNT hollow point with 68g IMR 4831 Deer: Speer 145g soft point boat tail with 61g IMR 4831 (most accurate bullet/load for my rifle to date)-OR-Speer 160g Grand Slam with 60g IMR 4831 (not so great accuracy with these, but still lethal) All with winchester brass and federal Aug 29, 2018 · While new load data will continue to be updated, there is currently data for 80 different loads with bullet weights ranging from 50 to 90 grains. 99 Description Specs Enhance the Accuracy of Your 28 Nosler Hunting Rifle After extensive research using Doppler radar technology, Hornady found that the high heat caused by the friction of the air running over the tips of a bullet was actually melting polymer tips designed to Berger Bullets only makes match grade rifle bullets for Varmint, Target, Hunting and Tactical applications. In the ridiculous 90* full value (12-19mph) winds this weekend, I still shot these groups with the 197 SMK. 627 cm³ Cartridge O. 284 diameter Rifle Bullets from great brands like Hornady, Berger, Nosler, Sierra, and More! Was a tough call deciding to throat for the 195 as opposed to the 180 eldm tho, but from all ive read the 195 bergers seem to be a match made in heaven with the 28 Nosler, heaps of US guys all say they shoot lights out, whereas the 180 eldm's seem to be a bit hit and miss with many reporting they cannot get them to shoot. 284 162-gr 100/box $48. With that load you can pic your shot with confidence. 243 Diameter 108 Grain (Extremely Low Drag) ELD Match in 1000 count. 0. Bullet Make: Hornady. It’s throated long for 180 eldm to 195 Berger. They are useful for Class 2 game and an excellent choice for Class 3 game. At that charge weight, velocity averaged 2,718 fps, 77 fps faster than what Alliant lists for a 180-grain Speer BTSP. It would be a good choice. . 707 Average Velocity at 3,137 (magento speed) 81 grains Retumbo Temp was at 70 degrees. The 300 Win Mag 7mm Rem Mag and 28 Nosler became 1 8 . 223 Rem | 5. 5gr of Retumbo was giving five shot groups in the . My scope is a N/F ATACR 5-25 with Mil-r reticle. 5" twist, a 180 vld/hybrid would be about as long a bullet as you can shoot. COAL: AVG MV: NOTE: This ammunition is loaded long for accuracy. Bull was broadside and the bullet entered the rear lung and was found under skin on opposite side. 4 mm Powder : Alliant Reloder-33 Predicted data by increasing and decreasing the given charge, Extend your range and never compromise at any distance!. That 28. Find hornady reloading for sale online, in-stock and ready-to-ship. 270 Winchester, as well as 6. 284" bullets and . 335 Fed 210M Nosler 280AI brass 162 A-max 54. 277 145-gr 100/box $48. I contacted Hornady and they have no load data for the 178gn, they only have load data for the 200gn bullets. 308 semi-autos and I resize them to SAAMI go-gage specs, the minimum allowed headspace for a new rifle leaving the factory. GMX® 30-06 Springfield 125 gr. 243 Diameter 108 Grain ELD Match 1000 Count by Hornady Bullets and Ammunition Product Overview Midsouth now offers the 6mm . 5 is hot and I get ejector marks every I'm having a 28 Nosler built now. 97. Another real good option is the new hornady 180 grain ELDM. 5gn of Retumbo, yielded avg velocity of  4 Mar 2019 Hey guys, I'm looking to build a load with 180 Hornady ELD Match bullets I can' t find a lot of data to go off of on it. 40 S&W 180 grain Hornady XTP. 8  I had been researching a new long range hunting rifle for several years. See COAL measurement to confirm fit with your rifle. Most calibres and weights available. The 175 grain Hornady ELD-X (or 180 grain of your choice) is the next best option. 2835″ avg diameter (… interesting) I actually don’t even know why I kept measuring after the first several were all exactly 0. 24" Barrel This should be interesting. 7mm (. Oct 13, 2016 · RL33 is the powder for the 28 Nosler and the heavies. 180 grain bullets remain the most popular choice among . 5, or 1:8 twist? Maybe with the 28 Nos you can push it fast enough to get away with the 1:9??? Cartridge : . 4 29. Examples include the . 02 grains consistency (1 kernel accuracy). Browse Rifle Ammunition from thousands of trusted online sellers. Results have been very satisfactory- sub-MOA accuracy, and 3020 fps MV out of my . Was: $39. Below are my personal favorite loads for my two 28 Nosler Browning 180 Gr Hornady ELD-M and 180 Gr Berger VLD Hunting bullets. 44 Special is a fantastic round and is the precursor for the popular . 3 More tolerant and easy going than its 6. com is a powerful search engine that allows you to search an ever-expanding database of loads. They are factory and bulk reloading bullets, in lead, plated and jacketed. 1 grains OAL 3. 5 Creedmoor in a Defiance Elite action in a McRee chassis with a 26” Bartlein Heavy Palma contour 1:8” twist barrel and a TBAC Ultra-7 suppressor. Read more. Introducing the new 30 Nosler cartridge by popular demand. 29 Jan 2018 Anyone have load data for the 7mm 180gr eldm bullets? #7. Item #22774| 100/Box . I have settled on the Berger 230 grain Hybrid Tactical. 308 Winchester data was developed with Federal 210 primers. Max Vel. 28 Nosler (9) 280 Ackley Improved (2) 280 Remington (1) 30 Nosler (1 H4350 is an extruded propellant in our Extreme series that has been one of our most popular powders with shooters for decades. 280 Ackley Load Data 140 Nosler Ballistic tip 60. 28 Nosler Load Data (Pet Loads) reloading data with 304 loads. 300 Winchester Magnum Lee Precision Data reloading data with 414 loads. What I realized was it is a reliable and consistent product. From custom 26-27” long range hunting rifle barrels, the 180 grain VLD can be pushed to 2850fps (full 32” target barrels can comfortably achieve 2950fps). 2 gr. Cartridge Bullet Weight Model Powder Charge PRIMER Brass FPS . Great care has been given by Hornady engineers to develop superior, match­-accurate hunting loads that allow the ELD­-X ® bullet to achieve its maximum ballistic Feb 03, 2017 · [HR][/HR]I copied "most" of the load data from the old thread before the switch, enjoy. 5mm target loads and tactical applications wherein temperature stability is required. No pressure signs. 56 NATO Ammo; 243 WIN. 69. 48-50 behind at 150 for 2800-2900 fps 43-45 behind a 165/168. 30-06 Springfield and . Hornady Load Data The below Berger Twist Rate Stability Calculator allows you to identify what the optimal twist rate and the marginal twist rate is for any given bullet given your shooting conditions. What started as a small dream has become a multi-million dollar international business selling ammunition, reloading supplies and accessories. 9 - 29. 6 ar comp 23. 30-. Having applied for an RFW elk permit here in CO, with enough pref points to draw, it's pretty certain I will d Bullets - 44 Special (. data **includes new A-Tip® Match load data Hornady ELD™ Match Series Reloading Bullets -ELD Match bullets are technologically advanced, enhanced accuracy target bullets featuring Heat Shield tips with the PERFECT MEPLAT (tip point) combined with numerous design features that deliver the highest-in-class ballistic coefficients, superior accuracy and extreme consistency from bullet-to-bullet, lot-to-lot. 30 caliber. 110 in. 244 H&H magnum and other cartridges using a . 02 off the lands FED GM215M and H1000 factory Nosler brass. 180 grain Hornady XT $ 44. The Lyman 50th Edition (183-184 & 241-245), and Hornady 10th Edition (317-322 & 474-484) reloading manuals were also used as references for the history of the cartridges and provided data to compare their size. H4841 74. 0 2776 96% AA 4350 38. 99 $3. Switching to a 180-grain Nosler Ballistic Tip, I worked up to Alliant’s maximum 180-grain bullet load of 48. $53. 243 Diameter ELD bullets are specifically designed to ensure exceptional accuracy. I loaded 35 rounds total for break in and load development RL26 CCI200 Nosler Brass Berger 168 seated . The 6. 28-30-120 Stevens, 2 . I think BC might not be as high as tested, and I'm trying to figure out a discrepancy with Hornady's data. 28. 5 2508 41. 28 Nosler 160 Grain Load  Friend just received his newly ordered Fierce CT in 28 Nosler I was New Hornady brass he brought me with 180 gr ELDMs and Retumbo. $207 per 50 rounds. lbs 1099 1173 1250 1290 1330 1370 indicates maximum load - use caution loads less than minimum charges shown Hornady Precision Hunter . 30-06 Springfield Ammo. Listed below, you will find data for additional cartridges, along with new bullet offerings in the original cartridges. In the 28 they note Norma 217 as the most accurate for 160-168 grain bullets and H1000 for 175's. Nosler - Bullets, Brass, Ammunition & Rifles The Berger Bullets Reloading Manual is available for purchase through your favorite Berger dealer. Since I cannot afford a box of every type of bullet to measure them, I am asking for your help to populate the length values. 300 Remington Ultra Aug 22, 2019 · Berger 180 Hybrid vs Berger 180 VLD hunting, 28:34. Custom Rifles. All the loads are developed by the staff of Handloader magazine and the archives of Handloader and Rifle magazines. Mar 05, 2017 · Been searching around, looking at/for 28 Nosler loads. Tried Retumbo  Load Titles, Number of Loads . Aug 17, 2013 · Nosler 168gr AccuBond Long-Range (LR) = 0. 3s at 100 yards and a velocity of 3180fps. e. I got a reamer made up to use 28 Nosler brass necked up to 30 (no turn). My favorite load is Nosler 100's, N133, lap. GMX, Nosler 160-Gr. 24" 3 shot group. 0 2513 42. GMX® 300 PRC 178-250 gr. 224" bullets. 28 Nosler using a 180 grain Berger VLD Hunting bullet. It ran the 180 Berger Hunting VLD around 2900. Barnes, Berger, Combined Technology, Hornady, Nosler, Sierra, Speer, Swift, and Winchester What’s more American than apple pie and baseball? 30 caliber. I am having Alex Wheeler build me a 7 saum on a defiance medium length action. H4350, IMR 4350 and RL-22 are good powders for 150-165 grain bullets. Each bullet in this box of 100 is . 24. Brownells is your source for Rifle Bullets,Bullets at Brownells parts and accessories. So, punch paper with the cheap BT's. Thanks to its tip, a sophisticated jacket and Hornady Without the bullet, a round of ammunition isn't finished. 2 27. 338 Diameter 285 Grain ELD-Match 50 Count by Hornady Ballistic Coefficient (G1) . Add to Cart. Between my buddy and I, we dropped 4 antelope with my 7mm rem mag. 30-30 Winchester Ammo. Nosler's lab results for most-accurate powders, listed in their data, also turned out to be most accurate in the three Nosler rifles I've tested in 26, 28 and 30 Nosler. 9 29. I suggest you buy a 1000 bullet box of Nosler . Partitions went from 3150 to 3250 f. 28 nosler. 9 2778 98% Viht n550 38. and a 180 ELDM printed a 1" 3 shot 300 yard group so the gun wants to shoot. O. Shop our vast selection and save! Oct 21, 2017 · October 21st, 2017 New Hornady 6. As always, use at your own discretion and work up. The custom rifle he used for these three tests was a 6. 300 mag load, which we used in Africa, Canada and Alaska on many different sizes of animals and at a variety of distances. 356 ELD™ MATCH EXTREMELY LOW DRAG - MATCH Powder Bul Weight C. 243 WSSM, . Nosler Reloading Forum. 005 jam I cleaned the barrel before shooting any rounds Mounted the scope, looked through the bore and adjusted . Join our Newsletter. from Berger tech support to get me started. When Hornady first released the ELD-X, one of the things that got the most attention was the Heat Shield tip. Looking forward to seeing more results from you folks. Don't you need like a 1:8. 28 Nosler that features a beltless case, power, high Aug 13, 2015 · 28 Nosler Load Data is now available: 28 Nosler 150 Grain 28 Nosler 160 Grain 28 Nosler 168 Grain 28 Nosler 175 Grain . Krieger 4 grove 1:8. 5mm Swiss, - cal. 54 A 1:9″ twist is too slow of a twist for the 195 Berger. I use 168 grain bullets 90% of the time because they shoot so well. 284” diameter bullets as every other 7mm from the 7mm-08 Rem. 2 2730 99% h4350 38. 5 varget is great out to 500 yards with winchester or lapua brass. The bullets that did reach the target were still accurate, but I picked up quite a few jackets of the ones that didn’t get there from the range floor. Apr 22, 2009 · With its long, high-capacity venturi-shouldered case, it can drive bullets of 180- to 200-grains at velocities over 3000 fps with ease. The hollow point provides a small meplat for reduced drag and increased aerodynamic efficiency while the pronounced boat-tail design provides efficient C 22 Hornet 45 gr. Coal 3. To level the playing field in a comparison, I'll add 50 fps to the maximum velocities listed for the 7mm Remington, which is a realistic gain for a Achieve awesome ballistics with new Reloder® 26 from Alliant Powder®. 5 gn 3084fps 0. 300 Win Magnum, . 401, <2232 FPS = . 280 Remington. 284) diameter bullet . 661 grain H2O = 5. com . 28 Nosler 162 grain Extremely Low Drag - eXpanding Brass Cased Centerfire Rifle Ammunition $67. Item #28503 | 100/Box . the Barnes 168 LRX calls for 1:8 twist. May 10, 2018 · So I had an interesting experience yesterday. I'm starting off with a "seasoned" barrel that had a 28 Nosler 162 ELD-X ® Precision Hunter ® Item #8069 | 20/Box . With the 165 gr. Find the caliber of bullet you need to make your ammo right at home. CLUB Because the Barnes TTSX is very aerodynamic as well as being a tough, premium bullet capable of taking any big game inhabiting the lower 48 states, I 7mm Caliber (. During check out, write in the “Order Notes” section which High-end bullet you would like custom loaded!! 50 rounds per order. We will continue to develop reloading data that was not included in the 1st Edition. 49. 62 x 54R, - cal. I also use it behind a 180 partition. I have both the 180 eldm and the new Berger 184 Hybrid target. Hornady® focused the design of ELD-Match™ (Extremely Low Drag) Rifle Bullets to deliver extremely high ballistic coefficients, superior accuracy, and maximum consistency for ultra long range shooting. 28 Nosler Reloading Data, 29 . Industry low pricing, fast shipping and backed by our customer service Powder Storage in Reloader Hoppers. 150 grain Nosler JHP $ 40. Have you called Berger for their load data? What powders and velocity are they saying you should go? I shoot the 162 eldm out of a 7 SAUM, has similar BC to the 175 eol but you might be able to push it faster. 00 Developed in 1907 for the New Century revolver by Smith and Wesson, the . 41. SV 222 Rem 35 gr. Also got some info. A 7mm magnum is a great choice as well, especially with that 180 ELDM. The partitions and the BT's both shoot the same for me. Jul 16, 2013 · They actually used to print the load data on the box, but I noticed the last couple cases didn’t have it printed on there anymore. Sign up now for news and special offers! The 6. 43/Round 7mm Caliber (. 0 gn velocity NA . 7 27. Because rifling grooves grip bullets so securely, the projectiles must follow the turning path of the rifling, and that's what gives them their spin. SPT These bullets utilize the nominal 30 caliber dimensions common to the martial arms of several foreign entities. 308" * 220 e. 204" in diameter, weighs 24 grains and houses a polymer tip. You can find out about our cookies and how to disable cookies in ourPrivacy Policy. L6: 3. This is my first experience loading with the ELD-M bullets. HP 8307 See hornady. This new powder is designed for large, magnum cartridges, such as . 4 24. through the 28 Nosler. Just starting to get some feedback. The old test load was 28 grains of TAC and a sierra 120 matchking. I was thinking of going back to my 180 Lapua Scenar load, however the 195's are shooting just fine. 28 nosler 180 eldm load data

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