8x57 is vs js I own both the 6. *Note 1- Headstamps often contain multiple pieces of information. Any 8mm Mauser ammo with an “S” features a . Z toho jeden černoprachý s dnem připomínajícím . 13 lists loads up to 50,000 psi for strong 8x57JS rifles. Out of stock. Kingston, NY 12401 Phone: 866. 540 kr Köp. $88. 318) version of the 8MM Mauser that has been with us for over 100 years. Federal Power-Shok Rifle Ammo - 8mm Mauser (8x57mm JS Mauser), 170Gr, Soft Point, 20rds Box $44. ) are JS by default as the only country to use the 8x57 before the bullet diamiter changed was Germany I would like to hear what people are using for deer in the 8x57. 5x55 and 7x57 and think that they are very close in practical use. 308, bullet choice is critical as is range. Jinak 8x57 JS je dle mých zkušeností rozhodně lepší než 7x64. Controllable power for big game hunting with 8×57 IS Truly one of the world’s great cartridges since its birth in the early 20th century, the 8×57 IS was perhaps the first incarnation of today’s modern sporting and hunting ammunition. We do not take preorders or back-order items. 308 or 7x57 due to it's larger frontal area. 8 x 57 JS?? A series of introductory articles conceived to teach beginners specs, features and history of the most popular rifle ammunition calibers. 8x57 IS 8mmMauser Twist 7. Ballistic Tip® Hunting Bullet Information. Finns i lager. 30-06 Springfield. In Europe its a excellent caliber for big game hunting. 8-06 / 318 Nitro Express Load Data. Years later he found out. It is rare calibre. 318 bore and shooting . I am aware that this is the earlier version of the 8mm Mauser with the . PaceSetter 3-Die Set includes the exclusive Lee Factory Crimp Die. It's misleading to extrapolate from the . I would be especially wary of surplus ammunition you don’t know the specs of, you might get some hot-loaded machine gun ammo. 338” Diameter Sportsman's Guide has your Yugoslavian Surplus Ammo, 8mm Mauser (8x57 JS), FMJ, 198 Grain, 810 Rounds with Stripper Clips available at a great price in our 8mm Ammo collection Sto se tice lova srnece divljaci kalibrom 30-06 ili 8x57 tu je sve u izboru vrste i tezine zrna a i u plasiranju pogodka. com Comparison shop for in-stock ammunition, guns, mags, and reloading at the lowest prices from over 100 online retailers all in one plac The 7. There was a rimmed  I am a 8x57 fan and I also like the 280 Remington (very 7x64-ish) but were I in and as such is set up with an express V iron sight and regulated to 50yds. . 5x57 Mauser is based off the M/88 8x57 case, and was introduced in the early 1890's. P: 8x57 IS. 323″ diameter S bore, usually with a 170-grain, soft-point, flat-base bullet. If you, like me, have a limited supply of shekels to stuff into the "new rifle" piggy-bank then there is an affordable rifle out there that allows us to purchase a rifle with a "Mauser '98" style action, and that is the Serbian made Zastava M70. If you have a bolt action 8mm Mauser, you will want 8x57mm JS Mauser ammunition and components. 92x57mm Mauser Ammunition - AmmoSeek. 80 Each (price per round $1. Egentlig er det kun "8 x 57 IS" som er korrekt da det er dette CIP opererer med. Anything on the 8x57 case can be made from 30-06 as well. bore. Needing a heavy bullet makes the . Add to cart. 010" difference in thickness . Description. 1 8x57 Mauser 2 7738041 . 00in to 23. 323 bore of most mausers. Sportsman's Outdoor Superstore reserves the right to modify or change pricing information or descriptions without notice. 92×57mm with the IS or JS rating), 8mm Mauser ammo is has been neutered in the US brands because some earlier Dec 16, 2008 · IMR 4064 is a little faster burning than 4350 therefore theoretically it would be a slightly better for the lighter weight bullets, say the 150's and 4350 for the 185's. So looks like the IS and JS  12 Nov 2019 8x57 J vs JS. 0D8342B6- 243A-446D-AAFD-B4E6A803FF5A. Mám s ní ulovenu vysokou dál jak 150 metrů a úplně bez problémů. 9x572 7738041 8mm 7821995 8x57 JRS 14B 7738054 8mm 7821995 8mm Remington Mag 13 7738052 8mm 7821995 325 WSM347738148 8mm 7821995. 22. It is a . One of the reasons factory 8mm is downloaded to such low velocites and pressures and load data is low-balled is because of the chance of someone having a . Střela má na plášti prosekávací hranu, která současně z části uzamyká olověné jádro. also called 7. com Comparison shop for in-stock ammunition, guns, mags, and reloading at the lowest prices from over 100 online retailers all in one place: AmmoSeek. FWIW CIP lists a rather lower pressure spec for 8x57 JRS than for 8x57 JS. Feb 08, 2018 · However, 256 grains is a really heavy bullet for a 8x57. 323 loads out of it. 7" 9. Nov 15, 2020 · 7. 92mm (8x57)  25 May 2011 Some sources list it also as "8x57 JS", as capital letters I and J were interchangeable in abbreviations at this time. 338 Fed, even though the bullet diameter is slightly smaller. I knew it was a modern 8mm Mauser  4 May 2012 i'm lookin for good recipe for my 700 in 8mm mauser. Was looking for some ammo for my CZ 24 There are two versions of the 8x57mm Mauser cartridge. 473-inch-diameter case head that remains in use in so many cartridges to this day, and its rimless design Those marked with 8x57 IS, JS, 8mm S or simply S then it is the . 92X57 for reloading. 5x55. 323” diameter and was designated the 8x57mm ( JS). 8X57 IS Ammo. Gevär med kaliber 8x57 I hade en borringsdiameter på 7,8 mm och en Jakt i afrika ”Jag har skjutit 15 vildsvin med 8x57 JS Norma Oryx 12,7 gram. Woodleigh makes a 318 bullet for reloading. 9" 8. 0 Min 49. Numrich Gun Parts Corporation 226 Williams Ln. 3x64mm Brenneke Ammo. I have acquired a nice little Mauser and it will be my backup/foul weather rifle this year. 9,224 Penetration is fair on light to mid weight game but the Hotcor tends to lose a great deal of weight in comparison to its usage in the 8x57 JS. Here it is the 8x57. Ken Waters is the author of “Pet Loads” and has written a 1000 page book with all of his articles in it. For the older rifles I am sure that just about every 4 legged animal on the African Continent have been killed with a 8x57 Mauser and even the older ones are comparable to a . Find your best price for 8x57 IRS/JRS Ammo | Best 8x57 IRS/JRS Ammunition - AmmoSeek. 92×33mm Kurz cartridges. 92x57mm Mauser nimikkeitä on paljon, kuten viralliset SAAMI: 8x57mm ja 8mm Mauser sekä C. 8x57 JRS (Vihtavuori Reloading Guide 6) reloading data with 14 loads. *The SAAMI MAP (Maximum Average Pressure) for this cartridge Barrels marked 8x57 IS or JS, or 8mm S or simply S, are. the 30-06 can be handloaded for just about any critter in the country with the exception of the big bears in alaska. Nosler shows that they are pushing a 200gr partition to 2698 fps with IMR4350 vs Speer's showing a 200gr SP at 2469 fps with H380. 338 Federal (. Out of stock View Details Apr 04, 2019 · Cheap bulk 8mm Mauser (8x57mm JS) ammo in-stock at AmmoToGo. 30-06, 8x57, all are fine choices. For double rifles and drillings. 62×63mm) has been superior to 7. 92x57mm, or 8x57IS by C. Kaliiperin 7. Introduced in 2005, the Nosler cartridge brass line is ready to load. Like any very successful, century-plus old cartridge, it has a multitude of designations, not to mention loads. 308's. 318 bullet while the JS uses a . 223 Remington ammo rifle AmmoSeek. (US made 8mm Mauser loads are way under-powered) A 180 grain 30-06 bullet and a 196 grain 8mm bullet have the same sectional density. 5×55 Identical to the Model 1911 rifle in every way except for barrel and overall length, the Repeating Carbine, Model 1911 (K-11) replaced both the Model 1905 carbine and the Model 1889/1900 Short Rifle. 8mm Remington Magnum is a horse of another color. Sellier & Bellot SB857JSB. 338 Fed 62 . 2014 On connait déjà son petit frère en R le 8x57JRS qui fait des merveilles déjà,alors le grand JS ne peut faire que mieux. 270 Win, 7x57, 7x57 R, 7x65 R, 8x57 IRS, 7,62x54 R Aug 31, 2015 · 8x57 JS Load Data. Kyle with True Shot here to review the Sellier & Bellot 9mm 115 grain full metal jacket Ammunition available at trueshotgunclub. Lee PaceSetter Dies include the exclusive Lee Factory Crimp Die to produce factory-like ammunition with improved utility and accuracy along with the Easy Adjust Dead Length Bullet Seater. ) (See note on Powders below or read all about various Powders. 308, . 338 Winchester Mag 13 7738052 9 x 23mm33 7821996. 11. I have not tried this myself but pro hunter and writer Finn Aagaard shot 323 8x60 JS ammunition out of a 318 barreled 8x60 J Mauser sporter for years = literally thousands of rounds in Afrika with no problems . 15. Prvi PPU. 323 version vs. The only problem is the limited bullet selection. 65x53 is indeed found in the Argentine mausers (and some others) but is a different case. Yugoslavian Surplus Ammo, 8mm Mauser (8x57 JS), FMJ, 198 Grain, 810 Rounds with Stripper Clips 1950s production Yugoslavian Surplus Ammo, recently unearthed and ready to rock. 318 bore, keep the loads light. quickview Add to Wishlist Add to Compare. Apr 07, 2005 · It had a bore diameter of . Cartridge 8x57 JS Type TTSX BT Weight 160 B. 5mm PRC 264 Winchester CZ 557 LUX Puști bolt –action perfecte pentru vânătoare și tir sportiv în secolul 21 Česká zbrojovka a. 323 caliber bullet. 338 Marlin 46 . 13 7738052 33 7821996 Feb 03, 2012 · They are similar, but . Comment. 4. The caliber are used by the most educated and skilled hunters in the world 400 Round Case - 8mm Mauser 8x57 JS 196 Grain FMJ Sellier Bellot Hunting Ammo - SB857JSA SKU: SB857JSA - Case. I to the 7,62x54 R vs. 89. The chances of it not being a JS is 0%. 5 grains of H4895 push a  18 déc. In Europe it is the 7. New rifles and ammo are produced by the best and most innovative rifle and ammo manufacturers in the world. The 8x57 JR, based on the 8x57 J cartridge, is the same as the original 8mm Mauser cartridge except for having a rimmed case. 323) in these and are a small ring receiver. com the 6. Zdravím, též jsem vyzkoušel vícero ráží a již čtvrtým rokem používám 8x57 JS a absolutní spokojenost. Problem is not cost but availability of case 9,3x57 in my country. Buy in stock In Stock ammunition online. 323. 8x57 Js vs 308. Art. Per box of 20 The earlier models of Turkish Mausers, the M1903 and M1893, were converted to 8X57 from their original 7. S&B’s original solid copper hunting bullet designed for deep penetration and high weight retention on the toughest game animals. 5 X 55mm Swedish 260 Remington 6. 5 gr. 30-06 and similar cartridges. 323" and the cartridge loaded to higher pressures. 92×57mm Mauser Mauser; 8×57, 8×57mm; 8×57 Mauser, 8×57mm Mauser; 8 × 57 IS, 8 × 57 JS This ammunition was also produced in a S. 30-06, or 8x57 will take there share of Elk and bear. The best selection of hunting, self defense, target, shooting, practice, plinking, surplus, jacketed hollow point/JHP, full metal jacket/FMJ, and frangible In Stock ammo - buy 1000 rounds or more. Check out these 198 Grain Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) rounds by Military Surplus for sale today. 338 Remington Ultra Mag. Any . 8x57JS, the "J-bore", was the original chambering for the Mauser. 270 or . Náboje S&B 8x57 JS - SPCE 12,7G (196GRS), 20 ks Poloplášťová střela s prosekávací hranou. I told Dec 07, 2018 · The earlier version was the 8x57I—the letter was incorrectly viewed as a ‘J’—with the post 1905 designated as the 8x57 IS (JS for us in America). Vhodné strelivo do 8x57 JS a 8x57 JRS - poľovnícka diskusia, diskusná téma #5109 poľovnícke fórum, rady pre poľovníkov May 08, 2005 · The Speer Reloading Manual No. The 7. C Kako i da je ja sam pristalica na 8x57 JS nego na . I have data on the 8X57. Later the cartridge was redesigned to utilize a bullet of . Same web site their load data only goes to 175 grain but with their load data you can work up a load for the 200 gr. 5x55 Swede already, too. Slightly too long to fit into a short-action, it works fine in a ’98 Mauser, sized to house the 8x57 mm with its original, long 226 Nov 29, 2009 · 8mm Mauser, 8x57 JS, (actually 7. Find your best price for 7. umd. 65x53 chambering. I have a 8x57 in a 700 classic. 323"). Knock off about 1/2 inch with a Aug 02, 2017 · As to decent as-is 8X57 for lighter game (our version of Elk or white-tailed deer, Appalachia) back when we were still a near-as-dammit all Mauser clan: no chamber mods, Norma brass, Noslers and Hornady, go for an all-weather stable and predictable load that doesn't change much with temps and doesn't make you flinch. 8x57 JRS rifle ammunition for sale. Dec 29, 2010 · Christmas eve hunting with m48 yugo mauser 7,92mm (8x57 js) used S&B 196 gr SPCE Plan on loading some 180gr nos balistic tips for next year really love this gun the deer i mention weighs 150 lbs I feel that the venerable . 318 inches and was a round nose deisgn. Mauser Oberndorf TypeB 8X57 Tauscher Deluxe . 318 dia. 8x57 J is the cartridge adopted in 1888 for the army. Lapua 4PH8030 – Lapua 8×57 JS Brass $ 131. However, my rcbs die caused a lot of brass that didn't chamber easily, or at all - especially after 2-3 firings. Two versions of the 8x57mm Mauser exist, and even today it is not exactly uncommon to encounter rifles chambered for both. 43 Mauser ale zbytek nábojnice má tvar jak 8x57 J/JS/JR/JRS. I'd be cautious of what actual muzzle velocity you might get and what the minimum expansion velocity is vs a lighter bullet. 008 ground off the bottom of the die to bump the shoulder back on my brass. 98 bila službena vojnička puška taj je kalibar kao lovački prevladao. Dec 04, 2014 · [Lapua’s 8x57mm JS brass offers] very tight tolerances in neck wall concentricity and overall uniformity. Reloading Rifle Brass Able Ammo carries an extensive selection of 6mm Creedmoor Rifles including Bolt Action and Tactical AR-15 style 6mm Creedmore Rifles available to buy online at discount prices 24 Sep 2015 How would you describe the difference in felt recoil from a 45 ACP versus a 357 Magnum? 3,441 Views · Why is it harder to be accurate with a  20 May 2015 Also known as the "8mm Mauser" round, the 8x57 JS cartridge as we know it today is a vastly improved variant of the 8x57 I caliber developed in  10 Mar 2017 The 8x57 is also known as the 7. ) is a rimless bottlenecked rifle cartridge. 243 Win Vs 308 Win Cartridge  16 Jun 2019 I always assumed in was the normal 7. Jeden je holandský pro kulomet, druhé dva jsou německé. I would love to be able to afford a custom build 6. 323 Bore, 20" Barrel,Manlicher Full Stock,Spoon Bolt Handle, Shotgun Style Trigger Guard, Umarked Small Ring Action, Nosler Brass 8x57 JS Mauser - 50ct . K. 66 Read more. Light lead 2400 loads are what Ill be using. It pretty much gives the same performance as the 30-06. And when the CZ 557 broke cover, it wasn't just a freshening or a modified version of the 550 - it was a brand-new rifle from the ground up. Having covered individual bullet designs in great detail within the 8x57 JS and 8mm-06 texts, the following will focus on optimum bullet designs for the 8x68 S. Idi na vrh. április 17. Apr 25, 2014 · . 8x61 Load Data. 3x62mm Mauser (1) Product categories. Druhý je 8x57 R/360 a to je zas někco úplně jiného. Na forum. It was created to win 1000-yard competitions and power long range hunting rifles. 92mm Mauser, 7. Fine tune with drawers, shelves, boxes and inserts. . As a general rule, the larger the diameter of the bullet, the more area for the burned powder gas to push 8x57 JS. 92x57mm Mauser (8mm Mauser, 8x57 IS/JS) ammo rifle AmmoSeek. 92x57mm JS, the 8x57mm Mauser or plainly as the 8mm Mauser; they are all describing the same cartridge, bullet diameter aside. 92×57mm Mauser or the 8×57mm or the 8mm … The 8x57 JS and the rimmed version 8x57 JRS are both very flexible cartridge that duplicate the performance of the . I am very impressed with the 200 SMK in the 8x57 though. Adjustable Cheeckpiece and Picatinny Rail Two Stage SafetyThe action is designed for accuracy, reliability and easy servicing 8x57mm JS (1) 9. In . 30-06 is equal to the 8x57 and interchangeable for any purpose. Since 1991, we've employed aerospace technical abilities in our manufacturing process. 92×57mm Mauser cartridge was adopted by the German Empire in 1903–1905, and was the German service cartridge in both World Wars. Posle sam zadužio papovku ali sa njom na sto metara nisam mogao da napravim tako usku grupu. If somebody just says "8mm Mauser," this is probably the one they're talking about, but I wouldn't be completely sure. Manufactured at Oberndorf in 1912 as a special order 7x65R Norma Ammunition, 156gr Soft Point Oryx, 20170632. It was the first cartridge to use the soon-to-be-incredibly-popular 0. 2" Material chrome-moly steel items found - apply filter 1 From 2. The JS is the "modern Feb 07, 2016 · 8x58 JS is the same as IS, but the R (Rand) means the rimmed version. 232) can be driven to a MV of 2509 fps by 45. In 1905, the German Military increased the bullet diameter from . 92x57 JS). 12. The 8x57 IRS is slightly different to 8x57IS with regard to the angle of the shoulder but the 8x57 IS die should work with both. L d. We Americans often take some time to warm up to the metric designations, as we like to measure things in inches, but like its younger brother the 7x57 Mauser , the 8x57 has a Eventually, the letter I was dropped in favor of the letter J for sporting ammunition designation. It is considered rather unsafe to shoot the "JS" ammo in the "J" bores as dangerous pressures can result. 4S]. The less-common JRS Mauser is a rimmed cartridge developed for double barrel rifles. 5x57 Mauser is the 7x57, which is also based off theM/88 8x57, but never saw an introduction as a military cartridge unlike other Mauser rifles and cartridges. 92x57mm Mauser Ammo | Cheap 7. 323" diameter. postoje razne tezine za 8x57 a ove lakse su uglavnom od americkih proizvodjaca,verovatno ces to dobiti,SIERRA,SPEER,HORNADY. com Search Engine 2020 The German 8x57mmJ Mauser, a rimless cartridge, was introduced in 1888 with a. All other 8x57's (Cech, Husq, Spanish, Turkish, Israeli ens. The 6. Personally, I would neprikladal bears legal vahu, in which armadach these naboje introduced, because it was in the pocatku dano to extensively miry demografickymi circumstances and then we just zavadeli nove zbrane on the Jul 31, 2010 · 8x57 8x57 Mauser 8x57 IS/JS 7,92 IS/JS 8 mm Mauser 8 mm IS/JS er alle samme patron. SKU: AMO-SB-8X57-JS Category: Rifle Ammo Tag: cal 8x57 Brand: Sellier & Bellot. Fel kell készülnünk arra is, hogy a lövedékbeültető matrica peremező képességét nem biztos, hogy használni tudjuk majd, mivel a perem miatt a hüvelyszáj nem biztos, hogy el fog érni a matrica peremező válláig. $23. if i had to choose between the 8x57 & the 30-06 it would be an 30-06. 28 Sep 2009 8X57 vs 8mm-06 The fastest for the 8X57 is 2698 fps! If I am reaming an 8x57 JS military barrel, extending the chamber 6mm forward and  8x57 JS Grom 185gr PPU Rifle Ammunition Pack 100. 323' bullet stands for 'spitzer'). As a brief note, many original ‘I’ designation rifles survived, and if you are suspect that you may own or buy one, have the barrel inspected by a competent gunsmith; driving a . 8x57 j vs 8x57 js. NE 48 42 . It is when you talk bigger bears such as Brown or Grizzly that you need the correct bullet. Your prudent to keep loads light! Im right there with ya for my 1889 Argentine. 3x72R Ammo. More information Yes, I reload 8x57 JS and 6. 19 per round Volume Discounts Available . There are other non- interchangeable 8x57 rounds and they needed a specific designation. 92 naming convention is often used by English speaking sources for the military issued 7. 318” diameter bullets. Muzzle (0m):, 50m: 100m: 150m: 200m: 250m, 300m  På 30-tallet ble det innført krav om minimum 8 mm kaliber ved reinsdyrjakt. 32 S&W Long8mm 7821995 8x57 JS 2 7738041 8mm 7821995 7. Hva SAAMI mener og bruker bryr meg langt opp på ryggen, all den tid de bruker barnehagekunst som plantegninger, skannet inn på en 1995-produsert kinesisk telefaksmaskin. 323″ diameter bullet S bore, usually with a heavy, 198-grain, spitzer, bottail bullet. Jan 14, 2008 · 8x57 JS loads. 257 Roberts and 7x57 to name two. 09 × Navigate. 318" diameter projectile for the German Military. Norma. i purchased some 220gr sierra's, but upon doin some research i'm thinking i bought a  Hence 8MM JS Mausers are often rechambered in 8MM JRS. municija ima zivine kapisle i strasno prlja cev,treba ti  27 апр 2018 Category : Боеприпасы, Нарезное оружие. 46. 4" 10" 11" 12" 14. lefty o G&G Evangelist. Joined Dec 20, 2008 Messages 1,700 Likes 113 Location CREEK COUNTY, OKLAHOMA. While every effort is made to include accurate and correct images, descriptions and pricing for all products, inadvertent errors may occur. 338-06 A-Sq. Speaking of the 7mm-08 Remington and the 7mm Remington Magnum, here is a brief description on how the 7mm Mauser compares to those other 7mm cartridges. není pravda že osma je jen na hromadu do pár metrů. 308 Win možete loviti potpuno istu divljač kao i kalibrima: . Nosler Brass 24 Nosler Unprepped (OVER-RUN) - 100ct . 8x57 JRS 48 42 8x57 JS 35 57 37 49 8x60RS 49 44 8x64S 59 51 8x65RS 59 51 8x75RS 55 48 8 Rem Mag 65 67 54 57 . SELLIER & BELLOT AMMO 8x57 JS 196gr FMJ 20/bx 20/cs . U državama gde je Mauser mod. This particular article is dated August 1996 so I would say it good data. samozřejmě záleží na střelivu. 05. 92x57 JS 197. There was an intense 8x57 vs . Sep 25, 2009 #6 8x57mm JS Mauser Load Data; 8mm-06 Load Data; 325 Winchester Short Magnum (WSM) Load Data 8mm (8x57) 8mm-06. Sep 23, 2010 · The 2004 Remington Model 700 Classic is the first sporting factory-made rifle in America chambered in 8x57 Mauser. 323" "S" or "JS" in the M-98. 8x57 Ballistics Chart 243 Win Vs 308 Win Cartridge Comparison Sniper Country. 9. com carries a full line-up of Sellier & Bellot ammo for sale at cheap prices. Win. 400 Velocity 868 m/s Box QTY 20 Catalog # 31306. 74 Non-Member $24. I min värld är det samma kaliber, men tydligen så är det olika kalibrar i licenshänseende. v. Remarkably, both the 7. Available Stock: 0 $399. 308. 3 x 62mm Type TTSX BT Weight 250 B. The new cartridge was also referred to as the 7. We sell ammunition by the box and bulk ammo in case quantities. Velocity V / Energy E, V0 770 m/s E0 3767 J V100 688 m/s E100 3011 J  Title says it all. Nov 26, 2019 · The 8x57 Mauser, or the 7. new member. C'est une grosse balle  14 nov. Bolt Action (9) Barrel Length. The 8X57 JRS (8X57R JS Mauser) is the rimmed version of the 8X57mm Mauser, intended for use in single-shots and double rifles. 5 is an excellent hunting and target round, but so is the . 00in to 27. Superformance® International ammunition is loaded with Hornady® GMX® bullets for the ultimate in performance, no matter what the   8x57mm Mauser Js Ballistics Gundata Org . 318) version  6 Feb 2007 Can I use the 8x57 JS? Yes. Poslao: 11 Apr 2011 02:49. Special Price $36. ) was adopted by the German military in 1888 in the Model 88 commission rifle. May 23, 2018 · In this case, I reload for 8x57 IRS with a 8x57 IS (mauser) die. 318 inch and was loaded with smokeless powder (known as the 8x57 J version) for around 2,100 fps. m. 2014, 8:13 Ani s jednou z těchto ráží neuděláš chybu, stejně jako se spoustou dalších od 7 do 8 mm. edu, "Clark Magnuson" <cmag@attbi. popis: Strielane s kalibrom 8x57 js (51cm hlaven) na 100m do novinovych blokov. Odg: 308 win, vs 8x57 js iskustva « Odgovor #1 poslato: Фебруар 01, 2016, 03:40:58 » Da postoji odgovor na ovo pitanje jedan od ovih kalibara vec odavno ne bi postojao. $59. I concur with 2644 about long range expectations out of the 6. The 8x57 JS (the correct denomination would be IS, where I stands for "Infanterie", or Infantry, and S stands for "Spitz Geschoss", or “Pointed-tip bullet”) is a true milestone in firearms and ammunition technology and history. Even the J/I dichotomy is all screwed up. 0 grains (ca 2325 Fps) Maximum load: 36. We are too litigeous in our society. Type, Vulkan. Sales Tax; Shipping & Returns; Contact Us; Sitemap At Barnes, constant innovation leads to ballistic perfection. Now, the 8X57 J or JS is actually a German Military cartridge 7. 92 Mauser, 7. 30-06 debate going on, June 6, 1944. 99 $ 115. NoslerCustom® ammunition also provides more offerings in hard-to-find cartridges such as 22 Hornet, 264 Win Mag, 8x57 JS Mauser and 35 Whelen to name a few. 2400 FPS seems a little like wishful thinking unless you have a very long barrel. 318 48 42 . 3x62 Mauser (2) Product Availability Out Of Stock In Stock. 92x57mm) and 8x57 IS (IS stands for 'Infanterie, Spitz' or 'Infantry, Pointed'). 99. 62x54R russian round. 323) Verified Purchase I have a few Hornady dies and love the bullet seater the most but. 0: 959 908: 3146 2979 See full list on gundata. 9x57mm Mauser, also 8x57mm Mauser in J, JS, JR, JSR The 8mm German Mauser is one of the worlds best rimless case military cartridges and still today. 323 dia. There is a . The other option would be the 7x57 exchanged for the 6. At cast pressure levels these will last a long long time. Účinek střely je závislý na odporu cíle, což způsobuje, že u slabší zvěře se střela deformuje méně než u silnější. A Sellier & Bellot SB857JSB Rifle Hunting 8X57mm JS 196 GR Spce (Soft Point Cut-Through Edge) - 20rd Box. Jul 4, 2006 #3 . 30-06 offers impressive performance. Mauser 98 8x57, unusual Type S carbine, double Schnabel on long forend, 3-leaf, layaway Mauser 8x57 in unusual carbine configuration. 92×57mm Mauser is a rimless bottlenecked rifle cartridge. It was used in both World War I and World War II by many major countries. 8x57 is the American designation, the rest of the World calls it 7. 338-06 This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Jun 12, 2012 · It was later enlarged to . There is also a rimmed version to add to the confusion that uses similar designations but with the letter "R" appended to the name. First off, though they have similar names, the cartridges are not interchangeable. 11-10-2007, 00:10. I use it for 2 years for every game. Powders include Vihtavuori GECO ammunition for shooters and hunters: handgun ammunition, centerfire rifle cartridges, air gun pellets, rimfire cartridges and reloading components – reasonable quality ammunition with good accuracy for hunting and sport in many calibres and bullet types. Aug 01, 1984 · The 8x57 JS can only attain its true potential through handloading . 8x57 JS Mauser 200gr NoslerCustom® Partition® Ammo (20ct) Regular Price: $61. 0 grains of IMR 4064 powder, or to a MV of 2,723 fps with a maximum load of 49. 323” diameter and was designated the 8x57mm (JS). Click on LoadID to show all the details for the given load. 8mm Rem Mag. aintright. If you are looking for ammunition for your surplus 8mm Turkish Mauser or German Mauser K98, you are looking for 8x57mm JS. The maker is almost always identified. Had a few drinks one night, got excited to see something in stock and just clicked order. 338") and 8x57 Mauser (. Bushpuukko Guide. Aug 05, 2014 · Sure you can chamber a . If you can buy European ammo you would get full loads. 3 x 62mm. Also, in Europe, there is the 7. Today, the 8×57 IS (also known as the 7. facebook. Norma 8x57 JS Alaska 12,7g/196gr, 20st/ask. ” See Lapua’s New Products at SHOT Show 2015 If you plan to attend SHOT Show in Las Vegas, stop by and visit the Lapua Exhibit (booth #11929). 323 8X57 (JS) cartridge in the older . 323 bullet. If the barrel is stamped "S" or "JS", it a 323 bore. 00 . I agree. Bullet weight, 12. Personally, I would neprikladal bears legal vahu, in which armadach these naboje introduced, because it was in the pocatku dano to extensively miry demografickymi circumstances and then we just zavadeli nove zbrane on the Sep 11, 2011 · NO! The Gew 88 is most likely the earlier 8x57 J bore. cz je několik nábojů 8x57R. 323" and the designation changed to 8x57 JS. 325 WSM. GI#: 101525997. 2mm, so the use of 8x57IS cartridges  Kad vec pricamo o municiji imam ja neke metkove za 8x57 na kutiji za pucanje u metu. Most Black bear are shot at less then 100 yards. 30-06 S, 7x64, 8x57 JS, . The final designation of . 92x57, 7. Works very well for most hunting applications. ALBION101 ; Legendarni građanin Sellier & Bellot, 8mm Mauser (8x57 JS), 196 Grain, SPCE, 20 Rounds . 8x57mm Mauser. 0 grains (ca 2550 Fps) Bullet weight: 170 grains The 8mm Mauser (aka 8x57 Mauser, 7. The later 8x57 JS bore has the . All of the ammunition listed on our website is in stock and ready to ship from our warehouse in High Point, NC. 92x57JS. 5 Creedmoor 6. On this 8mm Mauser full size die I had to have . nr JRU8104125 Norma Oryx Silencer 8x57JS 196gr, 20st/ask. Sort By: We have one of the largest Prevedeno i nešto prošireno objašnjenje bi bilo: uz dobar pogodak i dobro odabran metak, kalibrom . Best, cheap, bulk In Stock ammo for sale. Ballistic coefficient, 0. They load them lightly in the US to preclude dangerous pressures if someone shoots them in a . Firing 7. Sellier & Bellot 8x57 JS 196gr quantity. The parent case for th 6. Shaun Whitlinger ⭐ Join Nosler Brass 8x57 JS Mauser (50ct) $98. valka. 323 Re: 308W vs 8x57 JS Post by bon » Wed 22. 92x57 Mauser, 7. 92×57mm Mauser and 7. Standing or lying, against the wall or to divide the room – KALLAX series is eager to please and will adapt to your taste, space, budget and needs. 92X57 'I' or 'IS' ('I' stands for Infantry & 'S' which was added later to high pressure cartridge & bigger diameter '. 92x57mm JS, the 8x57mm Mauser or plainly as the 8mm Mauser; they are all describing the  The 8x57 JS and the rimmed version 8x57 JRS are both very flexible cartridge that duplicate the performance of the . One of the boxes I picked up was Sellier & Bellot 8x57 JR, and this ammunition refused to feed in the rifle. I get those for $0. 318 / 330. Feb 01, 2018 · Buy two or three boxes of Prvi Partizan Ammunition 8x57mm JS Mauser ammo, then get more when you can afford it. > Jo tak tomu rozumím, v podobném terénu, kde předpokládám, že nebudu mít čas vzít do ruky dalekohled, si taky předem poměřím vzdálenosti k výraznějším bodům. If fast on the spot kills are to be expected on lighter medium game (e. 92 and 7,9 used in these and alike designations do not Nov 18, 2008 · 8x57 JS Mauser (195 grain at 2550 fps) - 52. 99in (1) 24. The rifle is still probably going strong. The German Military change their rifles to a "JS" to handle a . New 8x57 mm JS Mauser hunting ammunition from major manufacturers is also . 323 in a . I'm trying to update this as I have time. com 8x57 JS is a gun in the USA, its a old beaten up WWII mauser? Not so in Europe. The 8x57 is a larger case than the . Hornady® Vintage Match™ rifle ammunition is loaded with the most accurate, consistent match bullets in the world, featuring our AMP® bullet jackets. Serial number 79076 has a standard-length action and features a 20-inch barrel with three-leaf rear (one fixed and two folders) mounte Contact Us. Our main products are cartridges and components for sport, hunting and professional use. Dette medførte at Krag-Jørgensen geværene i kaliber 6,5x55 mm ikke lengre var  8x57 JS. If you insist on firing . They also made, for the military, a rifle based on a straight pull action, chambered in 8x56R Hungarian (Austrian). The "new" improved (make that the . 92x57mm J, 7. My experience is that my 8x57's have always done well accuracy and velocity wise with IMR 4064 with the 185's. 5 Gr. licno sam prisustvovao odsrelu kada je kolega sa zrnom 30-06 PPU grom od11g prosvirao obe plecke srndacu i gde je srndac ipak uspeo da odnese pogotak citavih 60 metara uprkos tome sto su mu je izlazna rana bila velicine Sellier & Bellot 8mm Mauser JS SPCE 196 gr, 20rd Box, 20 Box/Case. Thanks DB, One had a listing with the Sierra 200 gr HPBT. 3x74 R (25ct) Regular Price: $63. ammunition 20. Dec 08, 2015 · Caliber: 8x57 JS Mauser. On like weight bullets, the 8X57 takes up less case space than a . 90 . Aug 26, 2002 · Reloading The 8mm (8x57) Mauser Rifle (Note: These are maximum loads , you should use 10% less to start. Sellier & Bellot Ammunition has a semi-jacketed bullet with a Soft Point Cut-Through Edge (SPCE) in the jacket which partially locks the lead core at the same time. 8x57 JRS Ammo. Jun 22, 2013 · 8mm JS vs JRS (reply with pics added- 'nug) aintright. 347. Jun 08, 2017 · I'm in the process of trying to find some decent 8x57 / 8mm Mauser that will be used in a 1943 K98 and I'm seeing a ton of different options being listed. 28. 62x51NATO specs. Anneal the brass, lube it and run it into the form and trim die. CW The standard 8x57mm JS Mauser is by far the most common version of this cartridge, used in military and sporting bolt action rifles. 338” Diameter Sep 04, 2005 · This is to prevent catastophic injury should someone stick a 8x57JS cartridge in an 1888 mauser, the bore is . 92X57, 8X57 all with or without the “J” and/or “S” as well as “Ss”, depending on the particular loading. 00in to 25. $8. Not 308 win, vs 8x57 js iskustva << < (17/17) laufer223: Dakle 8x57 nastao 1888 kao vojni metak no ubrzo se pojavila i lovačka verzijs sa delomičnom košuljicom. offline. Giving it a look, it was evident right  5 Jan 2006 rated for 51,000 PSI, and the 8x57 for only 35,000. • 8 × 57 IS, 8 × 57 JS This list is not conclusive and other nomenclature or designation variations might be encountered. Sep 30, 2007 · The 8x57 is a very accurate cartridge especially in a match chamber. This cartridge is most often found as the third projectile in break-action drilling rifles, topped with two other barrels for 12 or 16 gauge shotshells. 8 × 57 IS (Infanterie Spitz, "Infanteri Spets"), även kallad 8 mm Mauser, 7,92×57 etc (se benämningar), är en tysk gevärspatron från slutet av 1800-talet, ursprungligen konstruerad för militärt bruk, som är välkänd för sina goda prestanda och historiskt stora användning världen runt. And my Sako 85 SS loves it :) But would it in Africa as well? It has 3318 J on 100m and V0=800m/s The true is that I was very surprised at the Interesting ballistic comparison between . In Europe, the 8x57 is loaded hotter, closer to 50,000CUP which is closer to 7. 8x60S Ammo. Same thing. Nosler E Tip Lead Free 8x57 JS 180 grain ammunition is loaded with a lead free E Tip hunting bullet for uniform expansion and 95 percent weight retention Cartridge 8x57 JS Bullet Style E Tip Bullet Weight 180 Brand Style E Tip Lead Free Rounds 20 The KALLAX Shelf unit, high gloss white, 57 7/8x57 7/8". Thats good to know as I have an M48 on the way. 92x57mm JS or one of several names bestowed upon the cartridge, went through a series of revisions over the years. Kaliiperi 8x57 tuli kuuluisaksi ensimmäisen maailmansodan aikana. This classic military cartridge features a lead-core, 198-grain FMJ bullet, and a beautifully clean brass casing that Apr 04, 2009 · QuickLoad estimates the 150 Sierra, 56. Item #: SB857JSA $1. 8x57mm JS Mauser Load Data; 8mm-06 Load Data; 325 Winchester Short Magnum (WSM) Load Data 8mm (8x57) 8mm-06. The "JS" means that it is loaded with post-1904 . Seems, that maybe, the Mauser has a loose throat. 95. 318 to . - 10:47:06 » és nem lenne teljes a lista, ha nem írnám meg, hogy egy idősebb vadász a 8x57JRS csövű drillingjéből a 12 gr-os Geco-t lövi. Today not  The 7. Beautiful Oberndorf sporting TypeB Tauscher import. 8x57 JS kamarad, which strili sportovne odstrelovacku and is a hunter hodnoti and the 8x57 JS. 30-06 in performance but a little slower. 35 . are the same. 3x62mm Ammo. The Speer 170 grain semi-spitzer (BC . 92x57mm Mauser. These use different bullet sizes. Ärketyska   Caliber, 8x57 JS. 18 each. Lapua 4PH1200 – Lapua 50 BMG Brass 8x57 IS (1) 9. Nosler Brass 9. 8x57 JS Ammo. 500" between the Thicker Hornady than the thinner RCBS which could lead to either sizing or bump issues when loading bottle neck cartridges. 8x68 S Load Data. -v high-velocity or "v" British produced 7. CheapAmmo. The 8x57IS, referred to as the &quot;S-bore&quot; was the later chambering with a new spitzer bullet with a diameter of Mar 10, 2017 · The 8x57 is also known as the 7. 65x53 in a 8mm J bore could harm the rifle and possible you due to excessive headspace issues. u evropi najvise pune ova teza zrna,12,7g ili teza od 13g ili 14,2g i ta zrna su najbolja za ovaj S&B 8x57 JR 196Gr soft point ammo. 318 bored rifles, doesn’t mean you should. Themenstarter Wer Fabrikmun kauft oder eher weniger experimentiert ist mit der 8x57 auch sehr gut Die Antwort auf die Frage "8x57IS vs May 17, 2009 · I may wind up screwing that swede barrel on it and buying another 8x57. These loads are for the stronger Model 98 Mauser and other modern rifles. Aug 23, 2020 · Knowing the bore is tantamount to success. A JS változat a nagy mindenes 2-es befogóval működik, miközben a JRS a Lee–féle 14-es számút kedveli. 16 aug 2012 Jag har för 6 v sedan lämnat in en licensansökan på en hva 640 8x57 is, idag ringde handläggaren och frågade om det var en is eller js, jag sa  338 federal vs 8x57. that might change with the 325wsm becoming popular. I just loaded some of the 160 TTSX in 8x57 Mauser for my cousin's deer rifle. 2014, 14:06 Jiri K. g. 686. One needs to know the bore size to get the proper, and safe, ammo. USMC0332, Jul 4, 2006. 92x57mm, 8x57, 8x57 Mauser ja 8x57mm Mauser. The 8mm Mauser JR variant has been produced since the early 1900s If you can add it to the cart it is in stock and ready to ship! We are shipping 7 days per week. Among them: 8mm Mauser, 7. If it is unavailable in Factory Ammo(?) then using the CHE portion would be better if it is a Modern Rifle designed for high Pressure. 00) 0: In 1905, the German Military increased the bullet diameter from . There's really not that much difference if you reload the 8x57. 318 (JS is . I'm considering several rifles marked 8x57 J. zvěř po ráně skutečně značí a barví což se u 7x64 říci nedá. Where the 8x57 JS makes best use of this bullet on game weighing between 90 and 320kg (200-700lb), the same cannot be said when driving the Speer bullet some 600fps faster than its German cousin if close May 13, 2019 · Hornady’s Match 196-grain HPBT is a premium, modern load marked “8x57 JS” in reloadable brass. 92x57IS (8mm Mauser) Tags: 197 Grain , 8MM , 8x57IS , Ammunition , FMJ , Mauser 8x57 JRS RIFLE AMMO 8x57 JRS RIFLE Ammunition for Sale. Minimum za svinje je 9g ali ali ja jos nisam video ni cuo da neko koristi 9g u 8x57 ili da neko prodaje taj PPU od 9g. 2 vs. My data is called 8X57 JS Mauser. Otherwise you will need the form and trim die and a neck turning set up $$$. Build the perfect load has long been the motto of hand loaders loyal to Nosler brand bullets - and was the sole reason Nosler developed Nosler cartridge brass. In the German WWII military it was called the 7. White Tail) the 150 grain bullets produced by Hornady, Sierra and Speer are the most suitable. Thread starter 8x57JS; The factory 8x57 loads of 150 Core-Lokt's are runing 2350 fps,he said even these loads are opening up at 200 yards. I've also seen some Romanian steel cased for sale. Prvi PPU 8x57 IS Ammunition PPB79 Blanks 15 Rounds. More information • 8 × 57 IS, 8 × 57 JS This list is not conclusive and other nomenclature or designation variations might be encountered. For one, todays . 99 RWS Rottweil ID Classic Hunting Rifle Ammo - 8x57mm JS, 198Gr, Soft Point Double Core, 20rds Box Kod nas srneća divjlač ne sme se loviti ! Hvala vam,ipak ću ja odabrati 8x57 js,nekako mi je umereniji trzaj,a i nekako mi je bliža. Size: DIESET 2 8X57 (8X57 JRS/8X57 JS) (. Today not many bolt action rifles are made in 8x57 JS, but a good  that classic and very versatile cartridge, the 8MM Mauser (8X57 S or JS version ). I. Avatar de l'  It's design allowed existing 8x57 rifles to be rechambered. Ch. Reviews (0) Reviews Jul 28, 2016 · Last year, CZ announced it would be offering a brand-new bolt action rifle, one not based on the 550 action. Lapua ammunition is known as some of the best ammo in the world. 92×57mm Mauser (designated as the 8mm Mauser or 8×57mm by the SAAMI and 8 × 57 IS by the C. Norma MRP is a magnum rifle powder that deserves a place on every handloader’s shelf. 338 Caliber. ) Bullet is . 92 and 7,9 used in these and alike designations do not Custom Mauser 98 Rifle,8X57 MM,. FMJ Lead Core 8MM Mauser quantity Add to cart SKU: CN-8x57-FMJ-197-001 Category: 7. It has a longer body than the 8x57, 48. 92x57. The original version of this cartridge, the 8x57mm (J), was designed for use with . Zvěř pokud nezůstane v ohni, odchází do třiceti metrů a velmi silně barví. Nov 29, 2009 · 8mm Mauser, 8x57 JS, (actually 7. And there is no question these days. Sportsman's Guide has your Sellier & Bellot, 8mm Mauser (8x57 JS), 196 Grain, SPCE, 20 Rounds available at a great price in our 8mm Ammo collection. The Turks had converted to the 8 mm cartridge after the end of WWI and these guns were built originally in that caliber as evidenced by the full length 29 inch barrel having the same serial number as the receiver. The more you hunt, the more you start to realize how unpredictable and unforgiving nature can be, which is why we engineered the Ballistic Tip® Hunting bullet to be very predictable and extremely forgiving. I have a load for 200 grn speer is 44. 9 out of 5 star rating (37 reviews) Buyer's Club $23. V l it. In modern rifles, either can easily drive a 140 grain bullet at 2700 fps. 2015 Ammunition: the 8x57 JS cartridge The 8x57 JS is probably the greatest centerfire rifle cartridge of all times, and the only one that could rightfully bear the title of "mother of all modern hunting calibers" Re: 308W vs 8x57 JS Post by BwanaHunter » Thu 23. H-manteli mali o par cm hlbsiu penetraciu, ovela viac sa vsak rozkladaju a v okoli vstrelu velke mnozstvo crepin, Naturalis zas I to the 7,62x54 R vs. 30-06 Springfield (7. 318" bullet When the Spitzgeschloss (spitzer pointed bullet) came out in 1905, the diameter was increased to . Get fast shipping on all S&B rounds when you buy online today! Jag har för 6 v sedan lämnat in en licensansökan på en hva 640 8x57 is, idag ringde handläggaren och frågade om det var en is eller js, jag sa att det spelar väl ingen roll. 92x57IS, 8x57 JS, 8x57is, 8x57IS Техкрим, немецкий винтовочный патрон, Техкрим. 354, SD . 30/06 to the 8x57 - the added bore and bullet diameter makes for significant changes from an interior ballistics standpoint. 30-06 can do what a 8x57 can, with much better availability of reloading equipment and due to better bullets with better ballistic efficiency. One other variant of the 8mm Mauser is the 8x57 JRS. Special Price $39. 323" diameter projectile in 1905. May 11, 2014 · 8mm vs 30-06 Hey Axxe, I've got both and use both hunting. 9. The soft point projectiles are famous for high-energy impact and reliable expansion. C. 33 WCF 44 39 35 . 0 grains (ca 2050 Fps) Mid range load: 31. 2015 - Sellier & Bellot 8x57 JS FMJ 12,7 g / 196 gr - Büchsenpatronen - 50 Stk Vollmetall-Geschosse Its tough unless you're willing to pay $2 a case. CW the 8x57 is an excellant round, except for bullet selection. The IS is the German military designation, to separate it from the JS round. Nov 28, 2019 · 8x57 J vs JS I'm considering several rifles marked 8x57 J. the original . 9X57, 7. Show only products on sale. Even though it looks like 8x57 JS, it is 8x57 IS, the I standing for Infanterie. 318 bore. I know that it makes its job perfectly. From 1888 til 1905 the 8x57 J had a . 0 Mac . com. Many, like early Yugo is hard to find while others like PPU is readily available. 308 for an 8X57, but the superior performance is there, if you want it and I do like it. com> wrote: # # The 8x57JS as  14 Apr 2018 Bullets? 8x57 JS isn't super popular over on this side of the pond. Originally it contained a 227-grain round nose bullet that measured . Gunpowder Charge Weight Velocity m/s Velocity fps; Norma 201: Max 52. Specially   Proven Hornady® Bullets. Cartridge 9. 95 . 5 Grendel 6. 30-06 has a much wider variety of bullets and loadings, higher velocities, and except for surplus ammo or some Euro/Russian brands (7. This is because there are older 8X57 mausers with a . Military a KALLAX Shelf unit, high gloss white, 30 3/8x57 7/8 ". 92x57 (aka 8mm Mauser) since 1906. 308 questionable. 3x74R Ammo. 318" diameter bullet. com Search Engine 2020 Nosler Unprimed Brass Rifle Cartridge Cases 50/ct 8x57mm JS Mauser. the 7x57 mm Mauser. 8x60 S Load Data. 323” sporting ammunition became 8x57 JS. 3x62 (1) 9mm (146) Multi (6) Action. 92x57 Mauser, this being the first time the word Mauser was attached to the cartridge design. 11 Feb 2017 8x57 js what ammo are you using? My question is for the guys with and old mauser 8x57js, what type of ammo are you using for deer/elk/moose  Sellier & Bellot FMJ Ammunition 8x57 JS Mauser 196 grain Full Metal Jacket box of 50 [V340572, UN0012, Patronen voor Klein Kaliber Wapens, 1. 7. Assuming a good, sound '98 action, loading the 8x57 to the same 50-52,000 CUP levels as one would a . Codes are listed by number codes, then in alphabetical order from A to Z, followed by a list of suspect codes at the end. The J uses a . If you want, I'll scan the 8X57 tonight and send it as an e-mail or post as an image. 17 Hornet 204 Ruger 5. Možda zbog m48-ce,sa kojom sam u vojci pucao na prvom gađanju i na sto metara svih pet smestio u kutiju šibica. The standard 8x57mm JS Mauser is by far the most common version of this cartridge, used in military and sporting bolt action rifles. 45 x 39mm 22 Hornet 218 Bee 222 Remington 223 Remington 5. 8x57 JS 7 loads available in 8x57 JS with powder equal "IMR 4895". Post Cancel. Post Jun 22, 2013 #1 2013-06-22T15:01. Later the designation was changed to the 8x57 JS where the bore diameter was increased to . Both are very versatile powders. 48. It was originally "I". If you use either the RCBS desk top priming tool or the RCBS Ram Prime, the smaller cup posts are too loose for the hole of the Hornady shell holder,not This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. The 7. 65X53 caliber by re-barreling. Roughly 48,000 psi (piezo) vs 57,000. 2013 bourrelet pour la 8x57 jrs et pareil pour le reste c'est du 8 mauser ( on voit ça aussi + des appelations autres / cal pistolet) Image. Using bullets from Speer Spitzer, Lapua Naturalis. I would also like to hear what works well in the K98/M48 type 8x57 IS Mauser, reloading suggestions I just worked up a load for my K98 175 grn soft nose and 46 grns of varget all within an inch at 100 yards. Tags : 7. 5. wam. “Ten bullets through one hole” is the philosophy that brought Hornady® from a two-man operation in 1949, to a world-leading innovator of bullet, ammunition, reloading tool and accessory design and manufacture today. 748 load at about 2800 psi below the CIP maximum for modern 8x57's. A Tale of Two Sevens: The 7 mm-08 vs. Big 7mm Mauser vs 7mm-08 vs 7mm Magnum. Today not many bolt action rifles are made in 8x57 JS, but a good many double rifles and combination guns are still being chambered in 8x57JRS. Vzhledem k tomu, že píšeš: "v honitbě kde je především srnčí a pak také hojně vysoká zvěř", tak bych šel do 308W a střela Hornady Interbond. P. 99in (1) Condition. NOTE: All ammunition Nov 29, 2009 · 8mm Mauser, 8x57 JS, (actually 7. Add to Cart. It had a bullet diameter of . produce arme de foc lungi cu percuție centrală încă din anii 1960, iar produsele lor au fost întotdeauna printre cele mai bune de pe piață. Mar 04, 2003 · Kind of similar to the 8x57 Mauser (7. These are the fastest loads each group published. Z lava H-mantel od RWS a z prava Lapua Naturalis. 92x57J and the 7. s. but then that's been the case with several other cartridges--the . quality sports and hunting ammunition. 8X57, 7. 333 Riml. 5010" vs . Reloading 8x57 Js Apr 04, 2009 · QuickLoad estimates the 150 Sierra, 56. I would never say to hurry up, run out & trade your . With luck, samples of the new 7mm-08, 300 BLK, and 8×57 JS brass will be available to view. In the civilian world, it is called the 8x57JS (J=Infantry, S=large bullet). 318". 56mm NATO 224 Valkyrie 22-250 Remington 220 Swift 243 Winchester 6mm ARC 6mm Remington 6mm Creedmoor 25-35 Winchester 250 Savage 257 Roberts 25-06 Remington 257 Weatherby Magnum 6. 92x57 (or 7,92x57mm). com/My-Hunt-2198269163727076/ The case capacity of the 8X57 case is almost 10gr more than the . Jul 26, 2017 · Hello everyone! I just want to ask about your opinion about this ammo. 323-inch bullet diameter. 323”/8. This was a rimmed round, very similar but longer than the 7. Epävirallisia nimikkeitä ovat 7. US made 8X57 ammo is loaded pretty light. 7424 Nosler E Tip Lead Free 8x57 Js Ammo 8x57mm Js 180gr E Tip 20 Box. Its the same case dimension with a . 45. The only difference I see, other than bullet make, is that Nosler used a Lilja barrel and Speer used a 98 Mauser. 338” Diameter Why it's that classic and very versatile cartridge, the 8MM Mauser (8X57 S or JS version). 318 bore vs: the . Recently, I was looking on an online site and saw Mausers listed as "8X57 JS". org Any of the 8x57 JS Mauser ammo should do fine to establish a Benchmark. I have always been a fan of Sierra bullets! Description. 7g/ 196gr. The 308 has an advantage when using factory loads but when using reloads the 8mm Mauser JS will CZ 557 Lux 8x57 JS RWS Teilmantel Rundkoph 196 gr Aimpoint H34S GoPro Hero 7 Black https://m. 0 grains of the same powder. Velocity. The 8x57 IS is mostly used either in old rifles chambered during the last century or by enthusiasts (most of them without ballistical knowledge) shooting inside 200 yards. The other load consisted of an inexpensive 170-grain FMJ bullet manufactured in Romania and sold under the HOTSHOT ammo label. No results were found for Oct 26, 2018 · Sellier & Bellot 9mm 115 grain ammunitio. 323 caliber bullets. AR 8x57 IS (3) 9. 92mm BESA ammunition · Die Patrone 7. 318 WR Load Data (Rimless NE) 330 / 338. Lovím od vysoké po lišku a nemám s touto ráží žádné problémy,používám Geco plus, což je velmi podobné střelivo jeko je Norma Vulkán, jen o trochu levnější. Surplus 8x57 mm S Patrone Most surplus 8x57 mm JS Mauser Ball ammunition on the market today is the . 8 grns of varget. What's up with If you're using a JS bore rifle in good condition built on a large ring reciever  30 Aug 2002 On 8/29/02 5:26 PM, in article akm72d$fgn$1@grapevine. Acest lucru se evidențiază mai mult la cele mai recente serii ale modelului CZ 557, care combină tot ce este mai bun din lunga Rifle ammunition with eXergy bullets. The "I" in Infanterie was early confused with a "J," and it's so ingrained now that even the Germans use it. Profil . (Predecessor to the far more popular Argentine 1891) Both in 7. Please do not email about stock status or when your order will ship. Nosler loading technicians constantly monitor overall cartridge length and powder measure assuring the utmost consistency and accuracy from each round of NoslerCustom® ammunition. Sa papovkom na sto metara grupa oko 50-60 mm. 1. Add to Wishlist Add to Compare. It is non corrosive and boxer primed with a rimmed case. 99in (7) 26. Headstamp Codes. Re: 8x57 JS/JRS « Új üzenet #5 Dátum: 2008. Swiss k11 vs k31 swiss schmidt rubin model k11 rifle, 7. Re: Load data: 8 x 57 JRS vs. After I became a 8x57 owner I took the time to research this subject and the J vs JS problem is solely a German problem. Otherwise, the best bet is to simply stick with Loads shown in a Manual. Two things should be remembered about the 8x57mm Mauser (8x57 IS/ 8x57 JS). There is substantial evidence that the sub-pressure 8x57 Mauser (American loading) cartridge exists primarily to keep Americans buying higher performing American loadings of domestic calibers, in other words, to keep surplus Mausers from competing with US made rifles. FedArm 7. 323" bullets must not be used in Model 89 rifles with  8mm Mauser (8x57) Rifle Cartridge Abbreviated Name: 8mm / 8x57 redesigned to utilize a bullet of . Sorry guys but I can't get real excited about the 338 federal. Nov 15, 2020 · . Bullet diam: 0. The 8x57 JS and the rimmed version 8x57 JRS are both very flexible cartridge that duplicate the performance of the . The company Sellier & Bellot JSC has occupied for a long time a key position in the Czech ammunition production and ranks among the oldest engineering companies in Czech Republic, being one of the oldest globally. 20mm Barrel length: 24” Reduced Loads: -- (Cast Bullets/Target/Plinking Etc) Powder: Accurate -- 5744® Bullet weight: 150 grains Low load: 26. Products per page. Has a velocity of 2329 fps at the muzzle and 2361 foot-pounds of energy at the muzzle. I would like to find a good deer load with either 150 or 185 gr bullets. Do not use in the older Model rifles. 8x57 is vs js

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