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avengers x reader lemon masterlist You want to scream. Daydream Believer - Avengers x Reader EGGSY UNWIN One Shots First Encounters The Test Forgotten Debrief (SMUT) Jealousy Fake Boyfriend? Eliza Unwin Rachel’s pissed at you Eggsy (Rachel x Eggsy) (SMUT) I’ll Fix Ya Right Up Knight Turned Damsel Canceling the Wedding Series Seven Minutes in Heaven (Complete) Part 1 Part 2 Rachel and Eggsy Drabbles (In Progress) #1 #2 #3 What’s Up People Past Lover (In Progress) Part 1 ROBIN Screw You - Doctor Strange x Reader [SMUT] Title: Screw You - Doctor Strange x Reader [Smut] Pairing: Doctor Strange (Stephen Strange) x reader. Villain Izuku Part 1: Masterlist Sweetpea Kitchen Surprise - Sweetpea x Reader // Smut Welcome to Riverdale High - Sweetpea x Reader // Requested Welcome to Riverdale High (Part Two) - Sweetpea x Reader Cafeteria Apr 03, 2020 · fancy-mint-bunny said: Hello thanks for the update!!! I was trying to figure out way this just stopped out of no where i really like the storyline and cant wait to read more when/if you can find a way to rewrite this… like a few others have suggested private investors or i think it could be fun to do firefighters just because of the crazy that it would be. Exposed Prank. The first encounter - Bucky Barnes x reader/ Part 2 here. You and Peter have been dating for almost a year, but things get rocky when you don’t open up to him. if you think of a character or story you’d like me to write, feel free to send and ask :) tony stark masterlist ; steve rogers masterlist ; bucky barnes masterlist ; Originally posted by henrycavillry Masterlist The Avengers: Bucky Barnes: Home (Bucky x reader) [fluff] summary; reader wakes up in the middle of the night to find Bucky has had another nightmare, she knows what to say to calm him Jul 04, 2020 · Weak: Bucky catches a cold, but the reader is there to take care of him. TUA. Summer Poison Universe. Prompt 8 - Avengers x Stark!Reader. Summary: The mom friend (or girlfriend) sometimes needs a mom, too. The reader reunites with the team after being captured by and turned into an asset for HYDRA. May I request a scenario of a kind classmate in 1A who’s basically a ray of sunshine but reveals to have a dark past and criminal background to one of their classmates (doesn’t matter which one it is) because they couldn’t contain it “Unbearable” - (Bucky Barnes x Reader) After the group movie night, an advertisement on TV shocks the entire group and leads to an investigation. Alternative Universe, Collection, Death-Fic, Drabble, Ficlet, Lemon, One Shot, PWP, Reader Insert Hey guys, Kat here~! Been reading Avengers x reader stuff and I just love the cutie Bruce!! But sadly there is not a lot of smut with him, soooo here I am to please you guys! ;3 Hope you like it! Mobile Masterlist | Teen Wolf Note: You, the reader, do not have any permission to repost any of imagines to any other website on the internet. Panic (Male reader) Peter Parker’s Lucky Pencil . Prompt 3 & 18 - Bucky Barnes x Platonic!Teen!Reader 3 years ago, ; 5,164 notes peter parker imagine peter parker x reader peter parker peter parker smut peter parker x you peter parker edit imagines tom holland x reader tom holland imagine tom holland smut tom holland tom spiderman spidermanhomecoming spiderman imagine spiderling avengers tony stark peter parker x stark!reader Deadly Sins Fiction Series deadly sins seven deadly sins Can’t Dr. Sam is horrified. “I need you to finalize the guest list for your birthday before I send out the invitations. All I Ever Wanted - AU College!Peter x Stark!Reader - Series - Ongoing; Warnings: on the Series Masterlist. Characters: Reader, Stephen Strange and Tony Stark (There is no one better to interrupt smut) Request: #4 “There you go again: walking away from me when I’m trying to have a decent conversation Bucky x OC. After Y/N gets her heart broken it’s up to the avengers and a certain spider to pick up the pieces. i’m not a kid. ”“…. 4. Series Masterlist. Loki x Reader (Don’t be Afraid) Eddie Brock. you didn't specifically ask for smut, but I couldn't help Steve Rogers/Captain America x Reader - Duration: 9:22. They promised each other they would only meet in front of the team if it was an emergency, so when (Y/N) shows up in tears, Loki knows something is terribly wrong. Summary: There are loose ends to tie; with Sam and Dean… and other friends. 4 Honeymoon (smut) Suspicion of the mask (Matt Murdock x Reader) Keeper of the word (T’challa x Reader) Captain’s wife (Steve Rogers x Reader) Rainbow (Peter Parker x Reader) Mar 20, 2020 · Break It Up (Poly Avengers x Reader) - Masterlist SummaryLife takes a turn for the worse and leaves you alone to deal with the after math. As Long As He Doesn’t Take a Step Daryl x Reader NSFW Smut. There’s just one problem, you have a history with said demon. Cas x Reader: 17. Johnny Storm x Reader (Fantastic Four) You’re okay. Balancing Work and Home: T’Challa - T’Challa’s daughter might take after her Auntie Shuri a little too strongly. I. AvengersxFem!Reader ; StevexReader and/or BuckyxReader Feb 15, 2015 · Here's a Captain America lemon. chris evans; being a teenage actor and the co-star of chris evans would include HOGWARTS AU MASTERLIST The one in the train The one with the potion class The one with seven minutes The one with the Bludger The one with the tea shop The one with secrets The one with mcu marvel avengers endgame avengers endgame rocket raccoon rocket bradley cooper bradley cooper x reader X-Men 1 / ? Series Masterlist. Gotham. The Unimaginable (Stark!Reader) Steve Rogers x Reader Marvel Masterlist Bucky Barnes“Sins of the Father” - Bucky x Fem!Reader, Post CA:WS, Finished The reader is Alexander Pierce’s estranged daughter and Bucky comes looking for her one year after the Have my Back Masterlist . Laser Tag Jerome x reader. Avengers Cast Masterlist Avengers Cast x Teen!ReaderMeeting the Cast (Avengers Cast x Teen!Fem!Reader) Come On, Little Lady, Give Us A Smile (Avengers Cast x Teen!Fem!Reader) I Don’t Owe You A Goddamn Here’s a masterlist to Restart. They find themselves starting to act like they are together everyday gaining the attention of all the other avengers. T’Challa x Reader. I • II • III • IV • V • VI • VII • VIII • IX • X • XI. Emotional Rhythm Strip: Masterlist | WIP. May I request a scenario of a kind classmate in 1A who’s basically a ray of sunshine but reveals to have a dark past and criminal background to one of their classmates (doesn’t matter which one it is) because they couldn’t contain it Oneshots/Imagines Masterlist Updated: 1/6/19 Avengers x Reader: it’s a race? ice, ice baby. Requested by WaywardRose0216: Again another one but with the avengers team (including bucky and Loki) where the reader is alone at the compound cause the team’s all on a mission and she’s injured or something, but she decides to play the piano and sing (maybe hometown Right Under My Nose (Fake-dating au) – Masterlist (Bucky Barnes) One Hell of a Mission (Mini-series) - Masterlist (Bucky Barnes) Buddy (Vet!Reader) - Masterlist (Bucky Barnes) Songfic Celebration. Request: Hey can I get a Peter x Strk Reader where she is undercover to watch him and they get really close (if you know what I mean) and then he finds out at liz’s party or homecoming and then calls it off? I love you and your writing is beautiful! Could this be a mini-series? Dean x Reader: 66. 29 Jun 2017 Bucky x Reader Smut Masterlist THIS LIST IS ONLY TO BE VIEWED BY James 'Bucky' Barnes (with some Avengers x Reader imagines too)  23 Oct 2019 Includes smut. MASTERLIST Marvel - Nicknames. Snow Loki x reader Part 1 Part 2. Could you maybe do something similar to that but with Tony Stark, but the reader gets really embarrassed when she calls hi MASTERLIST Reader x Character Fics: Pietro Maximoff: Undressing (full version) I have a theory We Can Work This Thing Out A Penny for your Thoughts The Avengers Faerytale Hate and Something pairings: dark!Avengers x reader chapters: 3/? status: WIP warnings: A/B/O dynamics, power imbalances, noncon and dubcon sexual situations, loss of autonomy, Dead Dove: Do Not Eat — this is a dark!fic, read at your own risk. Series. Avengers Master-List. Annoying Apr 01, 2020 · masterlist. Nightmare Daryl x reader drabble. The Unimaginable (Stark!Reader) Steve Rogers x Reader Jealous (Bucky x Reader) Request: @benjamincookismyrace Could please do a Bucky imagine where he sees tony flirting with the reader only to find that tony is doing it on purpose and Bucky confesses his love to the reader? Words: 1,127. So lets just pretend that the team are still all together and Peter didnt throw away the offer… Wanna be tagged in anything or everything?! Message me and let me know! Masterlist . Peter Parker x reader: Always Okay. 3 Honey Mead; Ch. Story masterlist MASTERLIST . Avengers. Steve Rogers comes into your bar and after a night of flirting you take him home. avengers masterlist bucky barnes x reader steve rogers x reader bucky barnes imagine steve rogers imagine avengers Mixology Masterlist Mixology: A Steve Rogers Fanfic. Breathe ~ An Avenger’s Story Y/N gets recruited by SHIELD to be an Avenger, regardless of the enhancement given to her by HYDRA scientists. Steve Rogers X Reader: Yes Ma'am. Tagged: #masterlist #imagines #pitubea #marvel #dc #avengers #the flash #arrow #once upon a time #shadowhunters #game of thrones #tony stark x reader #thor x reader #steve rogers x reader #bucky barnes x reader #pietro x reader #bruca banner x reader #barry allen x reader #peter parker x reader #oliver queen x reader #alec lightwood x reader # Little Winchester Masterlist. (*) The Queen of Steve Rogers X Reader Loki-Smut-Library Master-List. - based off the song Temporary Bliss. (Oneshot). This story follows you as you stumble through a relationship with a man who just wants to be seen for who he is. Masterlist Updated 11/09/2020 One Shots. Steve. My Patriot Daughter!Reader. welldonebeca has 5 out of 5 hearts T’Challa/Reader Masterlist. Avengers is my Valentine (Special) One shot - Avengers x Reader . More to lose - Thor x Reader (Avengers: Endgame) One-Shot Fallen Soldier (Avengers x Steve Rogers x Daughter!Reader) Challenge Accepted (Steve Rogers x Bucky Barnes x Teen!Reader) Our Birthday Girl (Bucky Barnes x Natasha Romanoff x Teen!Fem!Reader) *Remember Me (Bucky Barnes x Natasha Romanoff x Daughter!Reader)* Some Kind of Miracle (Avengers x Teen!Fem!Reader) Part 1. Ferris Wheel Kirishima x reader A/N This is a request from @saltylyn I am so very sorry this took so long. Nov 18, 2018 · Part Four: Minutes (Reader x Bruce Banner/The Hulk). Little Trouble Girl: Steve Rogers x Reader Tony x borrower!reader; Tony, Bruce and borrower!Aunt May, borrower!Peter; Asks. Angst. everything will be okay. Clint Barton X Reader: Giving Gifts. X-Men ☆彡 servamp x reader harry potter x reader marauders x reader magi x reader masterlist descendants x reader avengers x reader xmen x Oct 15, 2019 · Marvel Masterlist SERIES Burn (Stark!Reader) - ongoing. 791 // hopefully this was good enough for you lovely anon who requested it <3 Have my Back Masterlist . Masked (Hiatus) Masterlist. ) (please make sure you check each author’s ABO MASTERLIST (Both SFW & NSFW) PURPLE RAIN SERIES MASTERLIST (Mob!Seb x Mob!Chris x Reader) My latest piece quick link:-Blood Red Vs. Seriously? Little Sister. Entranced. Walking Dead. Request: Thank you Anon! Hope this is what you were thinking of! “Hi! Would you consider doing #50 with a mix of all the avengers? Maybe especially Bucky?” Prompt: 50. steverogersxreader, chrishemsworth, tonystarkxrea masterlist wokeupinawalnut marvel fanfiction avengers x reader x-men x reader bucky x reader gamora x reader hope van dyne x reader loki x reader maria hill x reader mj x reader natasha romanoff x reader peggy carter x reader peter parker x reader rocket x reader shuri x reader steve rogers x reader tony stark x reader wanda maximoff x reader May 27, 2018 · A lifetime apart - Steve Rogers x Reader (Avengers: Endgame) One-Shot. Temporary Bliss. This is the reader’s first Christmas with the team. Silent Daryl x reader. Preference’s - How You Kiss. Hello, welcome to my blog!! My name is Jamie and I do oneshots for mainly avengers and supernatural and maybe slightly for x-men and FBAWTFT. Bloody and Bruised | Something New. The Avengers: Bruce Banner X Reader: Mistake. 7 Feb 2020 Tony Stark Masterlist(I didn't write it) Tony x younger sister!reader Being Tony Stark's daughter imagines You need Not a one time thing - fem!reader SMUT avengers-avenging reblogged this from stephanieromanoff. Originally posted by theavatar. Seven Minutes In Heaven. Natasha Romanoff X Reader MASTERLIST. [songfic] Bucky Barnes x Reader: prickly cactus. Summary: The Avengers return to the compound after a difficult mission to find their friend (Y/N) has a hidden talent. Drunken Haze ; You and Klaus go to a bar and he gets drunk, things get a little crazy. Confidential Truths (Ongoing) Masterlist ~~~~ AVENGERS X READER. Avengers-Badass. Loki (Thor/The Avengers) | External Masterlist Loki Imagines Oneshots and Multichapter fics Kylo Ren (Star Wars) | External Masterlist Eric (Divergent) | External Masterlist Captain Boomerang (Suicide Squad #Masterlist #I did it #im magical #I created my masterlist #it has only one thing #but theres a masterlist #this is magical #Peter Parker imagines #Peter parker #maybe ill go multi fandom one day #for now I'm just spiderman #Spiderman imagines #Spiderman homecoming #Spiderman fanfiction #Peter Parker imagine #tom holland imagines #tom Holland Oneshots/Imagines Masterlist Updated: 1/6/19 Avengers x Reader: it’s a race? ice, ice baby. Devil’s Playground Sequel to Kill of the Night, and how well Steve adapts to hunting. Marquis de Lafayette. Whatever it takes - Steve Rogers x Reader (Avengers: Endgame) One-Shot. Masked - Masterlist. ”“I've never done that before, or this…. 3. The morphling seems mesmerized by Peeta’s words. Daughter!Reader Social Media AU. image. ask away!~ko-fi. 1K. Eddie Brock x Reader (Friendly Competition) Miles Morales . Marvel Avengers. Romantic Pieces, sfw, wholesome vibes ONLY: Prince Bakugo! A royal romance. Steve Rogers / Captain America Intergalactic: Masterlist (Ben Solo x Reader - Parallel Universe AU) WIP. Main Masterlist. Tony Stark. 5M ratings Avengers Cast Reader Avengers Cast x Reader Avengers Cast Imagine. Yandere: Yandere Himiko Toga x Female Reader. What the x-men were like when they were younger. They are intrigued. Danny and His Clone @dp-marvel94 pt. Sam x Reader: 29. Peter finally gets up the (Peter Quill x Reader) by felixsvocalchords Fandoms: The Avengers (Marvel Movies) , Marvel Cinematic Universe , Guardians of the Galaxy (Movies) , The Avengers (Marvel) - All Media Types Explicit Warnings: More anxiety, spelling/grammatical errors, mention of the a**hole that is reader’s bf, short chapter, other things I probably missed ⚠️. Tailor In Love. Prompts - links . Every Great King Needs an Even Greater Queen - Smut & Fluff Natasha has a secret, and the reader finds out. You were wrong. Falling Wife!Reader. Summary/Synopsis - Deep in the shadows of this world of concrete and science, all the myths and legends are not only real, they’re thriving. avengers x black reader lemon Seeking for vk login bypass Here is the direct link Romanoff x Reader Masterlist NATASHA ROMANOFF Trust Me Cake Dating  yandere master x reader lemon Lust is a switch he is pet to master but master to to the artist Crush X Reader Period Lemon Oct 17 2018 BTS Masterlist This is spiderman imagine spiderling avengers tony stark peter parker x stark reader  avengers x abused reader Will contain some fluff and smut and possibly explicit Tony Stark masterlist Tony Stark Tony Stark x reader masterlist Tony Stark x  New Yandere Kitsune Mitsuhide x Reader Smut Story Idea I wanna work on very soon Avengers X Reader Soulmate Tumblr This volume contains revised and Fem Reader Lemons Ashley Nicole Wattpad masterlist request guidelines. Originally posted by jaredandjensen. Imagines. How do you reassemble the Avengers? Discover the process Marvel Games, Square Enix, and Crystal Dynamics developed when creating the Mightiest Super Hero experience in "Marvel's Avengers," in this behind-the-scenes look from Intel Gaming. “Stitching Secrets” - (Bucky Barnes x Reader) A late night call from Steve for a favor has you headed up to the residential floor late at night, but what you find is something all too familiar. Zoom Embarrassment … Social Media AUs (Separate from others) Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6. Miles Morales x Reader (This Isn’t Goodbye) Shingeki No Kojin/Attack On Titan Masterlist 104th Cadets Eren Yeager x Reader Armin Arlert x Reader Mikasa Ackerman x Reader Jean Kirstein x Reader Marco Bott x Reader Veterans Levi Ackerman x Pairing: Peter Quill x sister!reader, Peter Parker x reader Requested! Can you do a Peter Parker x Reader with numbers 15, 16, 18 and 22, where reader is Star Lords teen half sister he found after all the Ego drama, they arrive on earth and are arrested by the Avengers? Feb 19, 2014 · “Water Fight” – Avengers (and Loki) x Reader ~ Chapter 1 You were comfortably lying on the couch, attempting to keep cool in the ridiculous summer heat. Chateau - Steve Rogers x Reader Sweater Weather - Bucky Barnes x Reader; As You Are - Thor x Reader; Getting Over You - Bucky x Reader Chris-Evans-Imagines Masterlist! — Avengers Cast Masterlist. 7 Aug 2019 Marvel Masterlist Bucky Barnes Masterlist Loki x ReaderTrickster. X Child!Readers Kid Problems** - MCU cast x f!reader, Mark Ruffalo x f!reader, Scarlett Johansson x f!reader: The MCU cast discover that your mom and their coworker is an abusive asshat. I love that! If you have request, send it to me! I love that too. Eddie Brock x Reader (I’ve Got You) Eddie Brock x Reader (I’ve Got You) Part Two. Bnha x reader lemons amp oneshots. Part 1 Part 2 …. Now adding a Jefferson OUAT story! A huge thank you to @beccaanne814 for the gorgeous character banners! Accidents Happen Series (reader x Bucky): Summary: Reader is accident prone, comes from a sheltered background, and has been with the Avengers almost a year when Steve finds Bucky and brings him Jun 13, 2019 · marvel avengers avengers infinity war avengers endgame tony stark iron man iron dad peter parker peter parker x reader peter x reader spiderman stephen strange avengers x reader avengers x you avengers x y/n reader reader imagine reader insert fanfiction one-shot angst fluff stark!reader stark!daughter masterlist MAIN MASTERLIST. I’m binge watching Orange Is The New Black and its so good omg #masterlist #avengers #avengers fanfiction #avengers imagine #bucky barnes imagine #bucky barnes x reader #peter parker x reader #peter parker imagine #steve rogers x reader #steve rogers imagine #avengers x reader #avengers preference #captain america #captain america imagine #ours #natasha romanoff #loki #thor By Chance: Various Yandere Avengers X Human Reader (Remade) Coming Soon. One moment - Loki x Reader (Avengers: Endgame) One-Shot. masterlist!!! 4 years ago | 07:31pm Bucky texts you in the middle of the night because he wants to cuddle. sick of losing soulmates. Peter Maximoff - Jealous . Imagine Tony making excuses to stay with you. Filed under masterlist imagine chris evans x reader sebastian stan x reader grant gustin x reader Black Eyed Kids! Denki Kaminari x Reader. Baby, It’s Cold Outside. Steve Rogers. But too kind for your own good. Clint Barton X Reader: Suicide (May be Triggering Please Read Warnings!) DC: Batman X Child Reader: Don’t Give Up Main Masterlist. Just an Average Avenger My first fanfiction ever. Pietro x reader. 5M ratings 277k ratings See, that’s what the app is perfect for. Sickness. peter parker; being broken up with peter parker would include . your presence. Oct 15, 2019 · Marvel Masterlist SERIES Burn (Stark!Reader) - ongoing. A Marvelous Christmas . Cold As Hell, EPICNESSQUEEN (Name) Coulsin is the daughter of Phil Coulsin. Ch. God, you want to scream to the high heavens and then have the Earth swallow Jun 10, 2018 · #25: Coming Outs (Avengers x Reader) Twitter Facebook Google+ pride month 2018 pride fic pride prompt avengers x reader avengers imagine avengers loki natasha romanoff wanda maximoff gamora tony stark thor shuri mantis peter parker lgbtq coming out wlw pansexual bisexual trans!peter parker mj fem!reader steve rogers masterlist wokeupinawalnut Note: This masterlist follows an extensive tag system I set up, which I have a directory for on my blog’s sidebar navigation, should you be looking from desktop. 12 Aug 2016 Reader's life is pretty ordinary; until she discovers her cousin is Spiderman and he introduces her to The Avengers; SP Masterlist. Dean x Reader stories: Alexander Hamilton. avengers fic, avengers fandom, avengers fanfiction, avengers imagine, tony x reader, tony stark x reader, dad!tony stark x reader, father!tony stark x reader, bucky barnes x reader, bucky imagine, bucky barnes imagine, bucky x reader, steve x reader, steve rodgers x reader, bruce x reader, bruce banner x reader, bruce banner imagine, bruce bucky x reader james bucky barnes x reader james bucky barnes x you bucky x you avengers reader insert on the run masterlist masterlist on the run 134 notes May 20th, 2018 2 Jun 2018 !!!! DO NOT READ NSFW IF YOU'RE UNDER 18 !!!! ☆ Bucky x Reader ☆. Unfortunately for you, though, you picked the wrong target one too many times. Imagine Steve showing off just to check if you’re interested May 20, 2017 · Idiot Jar- Avengers x Reader. You’re the bad guy and you have ~Masterlist~ Requests: OPEN. Warnings: language, mentions of death, infinity war, smut, implied smut, slightly smut. A/N: I love dancing myself and I thought it would be fun to have someone who dances in the Avengers. part four. x Steve x Reader x Bucky Getting Busy masterlist smut. 095 343 80 Angry Loki X Reader Lemon. Avengers x Stark!Reader. ” - Steve Rogers x Platonic!Reader. She was Just a Tagged: #masterlist #imagines #pitubea #marvel #dc #avengers #the flash #arrow #once upon a time #shadowhunters #game of thrones #tony stark x reader #thor x reader #steve rogers x reader #bucky barnes x reader #pietro x reader #bruca banner x reader #barry allen x reader #peter parker x reader #oliver queen x reader #alec lightwood x reader # Masterlist Cumberhoe Masterlist Harry Potter marvel sherlock supernatural johnlock x reader fics and more ;) sherlock x john draco x reader wolfstar eddie brock x reader imagines venom x reader loki x reader bucky x reader dr stephen strange x reader strange x reader steve rodgers x reader peter parker x reader harry potter x reader Bucky Barnes x Reader x Tony Stark x Natasha Romanoff One-Shot Masterlist A Magical Arrangement There are four types of supernatural beings that call this earth home, and they are all at war with one another, well they are until the high councils of the four races come to a truce. we're gonna get along like a house on fire he/they - call me Bunny or Nibbles! multifandom x reader blog! - lgbtqia+ friendly requests status: temporarily closed! Promise Masterlist Bucky Barnes x Reader Social Media AU [Completed]“Note: Hihi, This is my first time doing something for Bucky and I really enjoy Social Media AU so why not try one? Bucky Barnes Angst Masterlist [[MORE]] I’m Here“ June 16th 2017 Anon said: Can I request a fic? Reader is depressed and her anxiety is getting the best of her so she tries to commit suicide but Bucky Masterlist Last Updated: 24/04/2020 homecoming #spider-man #avengers #marvel cinematic universe #peter parker #tom holland x reader #imagines #tom holland Old Masterlist (Warning, it’s pretty bad, but help yourself…) Avengers: Avengers Scenarios: When you’re sick. The New Avenger (Avengers x Reader) (Chatroom) Hey y'all, how’s everyone going? I bring you another Chatroom with the Avengers, hope y’all like it :D Prompts used: #9 and #13 MY MASTERLISTY/N has Ferris Wheel Kirishima x reader A/N This is a request from @saltylyn I am so very sorry this took so long. Burn Title Songs. Thor X Reader: Self Conscious Masterlist Request Submit Become A Member Prompt: Reader-chan is self-conscious about dating a God. You’re afraid of the dark. How the x-men react to you accepting their marriage proposal * How the x-men greet you after a mission * How the x-men react !!! fan-fiction is cursive, headcanons non-cursive ALL Living with the Avengers would include PART 2 Avenger’s as mission partners Marvel’s Avengers as best friends Being part of the Black Avengers ☆彡 . across the hallway (on-going) chapter one . Word count: 4. 2 Get the braids right; Ch. Flicker, Fade: Steve Rogers x Reader- Part 1, Part 2. Fae King Izuku. 18 Dec 2019 (S) Is for Smut, you have been warned. A requested fic ~ Reader and Peter discover that half of the Avengers have been affected by one of  14 Oct 2018 Staying Still - Pietro's always so energetic after missions, meanwhile you just want to sleep. The whole team learns more about her abilities and discovers that she’s connected to SHIELD’s history. Warnings: Pretty bloody and stung, so readers be warned. I’m Right Here. It is completely horrible that you’d even think about stealing my writing. Smart Mouth. Warnings: swearing, brief angst, guilt trips, brief talk on religion, fluff. He’s Hot. Imagine planning a surprise party for Tony. 62 notes masterlist hamilton hamilcast daveed diggs alexander hamilton marquis de lafayette daveed diggs x reader alexander hamilton x Dancing Avenger (Avengers x Reader) What happens when a shy lady who loves dancing becomes a new Avenger? Word count: 1029 Author: @chrixa. X-men favourite Disney films . However they soon find that this won’t be easy with 3 rambunctious small children running around the Brooklyn small apartment the family lives in. Apocalyptic Steve has a run in with a demon. miss you. . 1. Part 1. Next Chapter: Click Here. Badass - Avengers x Reader. A/N: This fic was written pre 100 followers special - avengers x reader. It’s Okay (Drabble) In Your Bed, With You? The Letters . OK. masterlist. Agent Shade (Bucky Pietro Maximoff Making The Bed (fluff) Showering (fluff/implied smut) I Should Have Knocked (smut) Need Help? (smut) Under The Table (smut) Steve Rogers You Can Please Me (lil angst/fluff/smut) Reactions (smut) Jealous For You Part 1 (angst/smut) Jealous For You Part 2 (angst/fluff) Nice to Smell You (fluff) I Win (fluff) Bucky Barnes Freedom (angst/fluff) Invisible (smut) Stripped to the Bone Family Emergency (Loki X Pregnant!Reader) Summary : Unbeknownst to the Avengers, excluding Thor, Loki had a lover – a very pregnant lover. – Ryan – Scenarios: Keith: • Keith meets the original Red Paladin (fluff) • When you’re caught dancing in your room (fluff) jungkook x reader. Friendship and family fics: 21. Lap Dance. Words: 2155 Estimated reading time: 12 minutes Characters: Reader, Mother, Father, Steve, Tony, Sam, Bucky, Wanda, Natasha, Thor, Clint, Bruce Prompt: ‘’ Then maybe she was a mistake! Maybe she wasn’t even suppose to exist in the first place! Masterlist. We Met In Detention Kiddo Avengers x Reader | Complete Make It Rain Thor x Reader | Complete "Best Friends" Natasha x Fem!Reader | Complete Queens of Asgard Valkyrie x Fem!Reader | Complete Just Call Clint Avengers x Sick!Reader | Complete Two Of Us [Part One] Avengers x Stark!Reader | Complete Not Too Bad Peter Parker x Reader | Complete Post Mission Munchies A Little Fall of Rain (Avengers x Reader) Warnings: Angst, Mentions of a lot of blood, battle wounds, Reader Death (maybe anyway, it ends vaguely), Avengers family, A lot of crying, Not Beta Read A/N: Apr 30, 2020 · masterlist. (Angst) Fandom: Avengers, Quicksilver, Pietro, Pietro Maximoff, marvel. Requested by: Sapphire *****“Open your mouth Steve. Others x Reader: 10. ” Masterlist *List features both finished and upcoming works. Bring your “ace” game (requested) - avengers x Asexual!reader. Countdown to Christmas (Completed) Masterlist ~~~~ SPIDEYCHELLE - Michelle Jones X Peter Parker. Posts about smut masterlist written by Aebli. Charles Xavier - Kiss Her Silent - Call Me - Drabble Prompt. Klaus x Reader. I only do taglists for series. Masterlist: Click Here. Daryl. Steve Rogers x Reader: baby, it’s cold outside. “Friends in a Strange Place” - Bucky Barnes x Shuri, platonic (in progress) ONE // TWO // THREE. Earth to Loki Loki x reader. Whumptober 2019 (Completed) Masterlist. Irondad - Father + Son Relationship . All Avengers Included/Preferences-Sleeping Habits-Training Buddies-Return From Mission-Sleep-Vacation-Where They Kiss You-When They Realized They Loved You-Days Off-Waking Up-First Date-First Date part 2-Christmas at the Compound 1 + 2-Waking up the Avengers-Your Song-First Mission Together-Rainy Day Accords-Concerts ONE // TWO // THREE // FOUR // FIVE // SIX // SEVEN // EIGHT. Love, Wakanda - T’challa x Reader V. Confidential Truths - Masterlist. So people come to be there for you. Living on - Steve Rogers x Reader (Avengers: Endgame) Part 1 l Part 2 l Part 3. “Hey, honey,” you called, walking into the lab. That Fall Feeling. A Different Sort of Love Story. Loki. Pairing: Natasha Romanoff x fem!reader. SUPERNATURAL MASTERLIST. Masterlist. love, bucky. Familiar This is a collaboration of fanfictions. Jerome. Imagine being team ironman. The Sleepy Scholar. [soulmate!au, slow burn, angst all the way, tw - self harm, Always / Part Two / Part Three. Honey Bear : (Steve x Male reader) a smut, fluff, massage scene?Request from  Warnings: Insane amounts of fluff and smut. numwoon44 reblogged this from avengers-x-reader. Imagine Tony trying to impress you. She lifts up a trembling hand and paints what I think might be a flower on Peeta’s cheek. [platonic!reader] gifted. Torn Steve Rogers x Reader Sometimes battles leave scars and sometimes there are no ways to hide them MY FAULT Masterlist Y N L N was so in love that she didn t know what to do with herself. ”“It okay I'll teach you. Hunter Steve Rogers x Vamp!Reader. Marvel Reader inserts listed by character, currently Bucky, Steve, Tony, Sam, Scott, and Thor. Steve Rogers X Reader: Jealous. After an unknown group of goons took her mom’s life and tried to get her for the dark magic powers she possesses, this untaught witch is saved by the Avengers and brought to the compound where her new life unfolds. Prompt 34 - Peter Parker x Reader. SUPER FLUFFY WITH SOME SMUT. But they soon find out that while they were away, Bonfire: Steve Rogers X Reader . A Hazy Shade of Winter Masterlist – the one in Wakanda. Dinner and a movie ( groupchat ) Imagine Christmas with the Avengers. I Got My Masterlist. Pro Hero Red Riot x Worried Fiance (kinda short, srry ily) Tamaki x Caring Reader . 2 (requested by anonymous) — Danny Fenton x clone!reader (platonic); The Quiet Ones (requested by anonymous) — Peter Parker x reader Sep 18, 2019 · Pairings - Loki x Reader, Bucky x Reader (Love Triangle) Warnings - Horror Themes, Smut, Blood and Gore, Graphic Violence. Imagine confessing to Tony. Hercules Mulligan. Steve Rogers X Reader: Broken. 5 # Romantic X Readers Jealous - Jake Gyllenhaal x f!reader: At an award show a celebrity tries to chat you up and Jake is NOT having it. Whumptober 2018 (Completed) Masterlist. Part 2. Wife!Reader Social Media AU. As It Was - Apart of the Irondad Fic Exchange . Rainy Days. Never caught a feeling this hard Marvel Daydreamers — Our Little Masterlist. I of III) (Lemon) Bruce Banner (Hulk) avengers one shot avengers imagines avengers x reader To The Rescue (Teen Reader x Tony Stark) Warning: Human Trafficking, violence, bullying . X-Men. Jun 21, 2020 · Masterlist Updated on 06/21/2020Please like, comment and reblog. Distant Connection: Masterlist. 2 Years - Merlin x reader. Warnings: Smut, so much smut. New Queen - T’challa x Reader II. tony stark x reader. [songfic] drive. His New Partner*: When Steve Rogers woke up from the ice in 2011, he thought  Oct 02 2020 Avengers x reader some lemons bruce banner x reader on marvel MASTERLIST Tony Stark Malaysia Treat You Better Bucky Barnes Ghost of Me  Masterlist (Smut) BTS (Bangtan Boys)Jin: - Christmas Tradition - A Secret ( Jungkook x Reader x Jin) - Bad Influence Rap Monster (Namjoon): - Valetines' Day - I  Originally posted by sincerelysaraahh. Shinso x Very shy, selectively mute reader request. Kill of The Night Steve can’t quite figure out the new recruit, but he knows there’s something different about you. 2. Take Me Down. Avengers/Reader. Prompt List. Couples Halloween costumes * How the x-men surprise you on your birthday * X-men favourite Disney princess . 1 Engagement (smut) Ch. Words. “What They’re Made Of” - Sugar (Steve x Reader), Spice (Bucky x Reader), and Everything Nice (Steve x Reader x Bucky) Avengers ☆彡 . X-Men ☆彡 servamp x reader harry potter x reader marauders x reader magi x reader masterlist descendants x reader avengers x reader xmen x 3 years ago, ; 5,164 notes peter parker imagine peter parker x reader peter parker peter parker smut peter parker x you peter parker edit imagines tom holland x reader tom holland imagine tom holland smut tom holland tom spiderman spidermanhomecoming spiderman imagine spiderling avengers tony stark peter parker x stark!reader Deadly Sins Fiction Series deadly sins seven deadly sins Can’t Top 5 The Hunger Games characters as voted by my followers: #2 → Peeta Mellark (13% / 64 votes). Crowley x Reader: 13. Ant-Man - Sam Wilson x Platonic!Reader. Floor is lava loki x reader. green light. I might add pictures or gifs later to make it brighter and more colorful, but the information shift has happened in  avengers fanfiction tony flinch Clint doesn 39 t walk all that good or hear all that good Tony Stark Dead Girl Series Master List On Pause Memories Part 1 Part 2 Completed Gem Going to the Gala . ” 6 months 2 weeks and 3 days, that's how long it took you to get Captain America to be naked in the same room with you. Shadow Of The Day: Bucky Barnes x Reader. Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader. [melodrama songfic series] *updated jan 6 Imagine/One Shot Masterlist I. Trailers & Extras. The New Avenger (Avengers x Reader) (Chatroom) Hey y'all, how’s everyone going? I bring you another Chatroom with the Avengers, hope y’all like it :D Prompts used: #9 and #13 MY MASTERLISTY/N has Avengers Masterlist Father Figure (Platonic!Tony Stark x Penny Parker) Now or Never (Dad!Bucky x Daughter!Teen!Reader) Yeah You’re Invisible, But Not to Us (Avengers x Gender avengersandchill’s masterlist: Avengers x Reader. “I’m starting and idiot jar. You and the way you manage to put that drunk stranger back to his place when he tries to make a pass at you. Summary: Tony is dead and the Avengers find out that he had a daughter, before Morgan: Y/N Stark. -I'm In: 29 May 2016 The Avengers get a big surprise when they come visit for Christmas! Bucky x Reader. Masterlist bucky barnes x reader steve rogers x reader tony stark x reader sam wilson x reader peter quill x reader avengers x reader marvel x reader beccaanne814 3,122 notes Jun 17th, 2018 Read Note: Marvel x Male!Reader from the story Avengers X Reader by Lexia-Stark (L҉E҉X҉I҉) with 2,203 reads. Total Fics: 54. Why can’t you just tell them you can’t go?”-“Because it’s my job, and it’s important Masterlist. Please do a poly avengers x pregnant reader where the reader is the widow of an abusive man and the avengers save her and help her through the pregnancy. series: Peter Parker: awkward. Imagine the 4th of July with the Avengers. Peter Parker x Reader ~ You Never Stop . Word Count: 3,950ish Summary: You’re smart just like your father, Tony Stark. Just dont repost anywhere. The x-men go to karaoke song . 9 Aug 2017 Masterlist Bucky x Reader (winter soldier) (F- Avenger reader) “Cuddle x Reader) Master List Smut (not really): • The Supply Closet:Smut-For . Another On Board. Nov 08, 2019 · Not Really Soulmates (Steve Rogers x Reader x Tony Stark) | Summary: You have been waiting for your soulmate for years, But when you met Tony you forgot about finding your soulmate and focused on your own life, But when your soulmate came who turned out to be Steve Rogers, you have to choose between the one you love and the one you were meant MASTERLIST . [oc] spiders. Warnings: Self-loathing, swearing. When it rains, you’re very affectionate, not that anyone minds. The amount of stories above for each section does not include every part of a multi-chapter story so if there are five parts to a story it will still only count as one. Warnings: strained relations with a parent, emotional trauma mentions, a bit of angst, very unedited fic because I refuse to reread this The price is a hand and a finger (Loki X reader) Mistress in Green (Loki X reader) Ch. When he leaves the next day you never expect to see him again. Baby Stay - M’baku x Reader IV. In case no links are showing, that is because Tumblr is messing up. MCU. , it’s a multi-part Avengers x Male Reader series that I have ongoing, in case you’re interested :D Keep reading restart male reader insert avengers x male reader tag list << for me mostly edit whoops i accidentally deleted an ask sorry about that! Bucky Barnes x Reader | Masterlist ~ means it’s 18+ only! SeriesLong Black Masterlist – the one at the coffee shop. An Inside Look At Marvel's Avengers | Part 1. It’ll Be Fun . 123 notes. Heart of the Matter: Bucky Barnes x Reader. 24 Apr 2019 Marvel Masterlist Posts with (*) denotes to the imagine/drabble containing smut Ask me to be tagged in future works THE x reader #tony stark imagines #steve rogers #steve rodgers x reader #the winter solider x reader #the  4 Jul 2018 Marvhellove's Marvellous Masterlist Created 07/04/18 *Any Pictures/Gifs I use are not mine* Got a request, or want to She's young, happy and in love with the love of her life Steve Rogers. Originally posted by angelwing430 avengersandchill’s masterlist: Avengers x Reader. Darkness. Imagine Tony being angry at you. i only have 5 stories so far, but i know one day there’ll be more so i’m setting up this masterlist 壟 . An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Broken Home - Avengers x Reader. Honest. Summary: Bucky and Reader are friends with benefits and have never spoken about it before. You always knew Draco would follow the orders of his parents, even when you believe anything but. smut is labeled and is18+. Originally posted by aelinxfeyrescourt. Other: You Have To Choose (Loki x Reader, Thor x Reader) Pick Your Solider (Bucky x Reader, Steve x Reader) Explain. captain young; masterlist. january 16th. Imagine Tony realizing he has a crush on you. 25 Mar 2017 MASTERLIST * = smut Steve Rogers Mornings Sweetheart First Where Steve and the reader are getting busy and tony walks in on them? 7 Jan 2019 Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader, Scott Summers x reader. Imagine Tony being jealous. Feeling Alive - T’challa Mar 19, 2019 · My Pack Masterlist Pairing : eventually Steve Rogers x reader Warnings : angst, fluff Characters : all the Avengers after The Age of Ultron, Nick Fury, the Reader and my own characters Mara and Masterlist Last updated: July 11, 2020. Warnings: None that I can think of . Bucky x named!Reader Pairing: Steve Rogers x reader Word count: 3530. Separated - Merlin x reader “I’m sorry for not noticing. Word Count: 2,400ish Summary: Tony realizes that he doesn’t know your birthday. Crowley knows it, and boom the filth start. The Future Queen - T’Challa’s daughter shares a lot in common with his sister. Previous Chapter: Click Here. You can alternatively access my public Google Docs Masterlists (“External Masterlist”) which work on mobile too. homecoming king; masterlist headcanons: frank adler; beach day with frank adler would include. Word Count: 963. ”“What if I do something wrong. marvel mcu avengers masterlist the word of a pirate the biggest test there is no escape unanswered questions once upon a time neverland peter pan ouat killian jones fanfic imagines request green eyed monster peter pan tinkerbell peter pan x reader killian jones x reader peter pan x tinkerbell mr smee lost boys felix felix x reader magic beans ouat pirates avengers imagine avengers x reader avengers fanfic avengers x you being the youngest avenger avenger headcannons headcannons mcu. Tiny!Peter and human reader; Venom x borrower!reader; One-shots (1-2 chapters) Across The Universe (Guardians x borrower!reader) A First Encounter (Deadpool x borrower!reader part 1, Deadpool x borrower!reader part 2) Stories (2+ chapters; * denotes in progress) Borrower!Peter Parker x Avengers team (mainly Tony)* In The Walls (Scott Lang/Ant-Man x borrower!reader)* Nowhere To Go (Peter Parker x borrower!reader Secret Life Master List. Little Writings (not requested/old to new):. Loki X Reader: Because I Love You. You really thought the times for rendering you speechless were gone. sly as a fox masterlist “pairing: bucky barnes x reader, social media au summary: After the blip, the Avengers continue on with business as usual. Bucky/Reader. Peter Parker x Reader Masterlist. Part 3. When your boyfriend demands the two of you become open or break up you meet some interesting people. A/n: Part 3 of Metal and Feathers is smut but I added it here because it’s part of the series (which idk how long it will be) #marvel x reader; #marvel imagine; #avengers x reader; #avengers imagine; #bucky barnes x reader; #clint barton x reader; #nightcrawler x reader; #loki x reader; #steve rogers x reader Masterlist. Pietro Maximoff - How Could You?… - Slow Dancing - Guilty - Cheating Game - Too Late - Flustered Feb 11, 2017 · Masterlist Feb 11, 2017. Strange x Reader (I could never forget you) Bucky Barnes: Bucky x Reader (A Fight to Remember) Loki Laufeyson. ONE-SHOTS Avengers x Reader. Peter Parker. I Feel So… Liberated . Poetry Loki x Reader steve rogers x reader captain america x reader steve x reader steve rogers steve rogers imagine captain america imagine avengers imagine marvel imagine avengers x reader captain america marvel avengers captains vigilante vigilante!reader captains vigilante mywinterbuckybear masterlist masterlist bucky barnes x reader winter soldier x reader Somebody to die for. Words: 3100. May 26, 2018 · #Avengers fanfic #Avengers #Masterlist #bucky barnes #x reader #clint barton #loki laufeyson #loki #natasha romanoff #scott lang #steve rogers #thor odinson #tony stark #wanda maximoff #mobile masterlist #Avengers Masterlist Apr 30, 2017 · Avengers Masterlist [[MORE]]MCU Kink Bingo - Masterlist 2019Ladies of Marvel Bingo - Masterlist 2019 Bucky Barnes - MasterlistTony Stark - MasterlistSteve Rogers - MasterlistNatasha Romanoff - this is a heart meter. Say It Again: Bucky Barnes x Reader. He’s been by your side for forever, but once the Dark Lord comes into play, Draco must choose between the mark on his arm and the girl he’s secretly in love with. Memories. Synopsis: Natasha pushes you into training with her one morning in a bid to finally get you to talk about Masterlist (Bucky x plus size!reader) As Bucky enjoys his new life as an Avenger and a drink at the bar, you catch his eye. Forever (1000 follower special) - Bucky Barnes x reader x avengers. [melodrama songfic series] *updated jan 6 Chris-Evans-Imagines Masterlist! Heya guys! It's Cam, from Chris-Evans-Imagines! I noticed that my masterlist was getting hella long, so I made this blog in order to sort all of that out! An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Badass - Avengers x Reader. 1. A Marvelous Christmas Eve . Originally posted by angelwing430 Tagged: #mee's masterlist #imhereforbvcky masterlist #masterlist #bucky x reader #bucky barnes x reader #bucky x reader fluff #bucky x reader angst #bucky x reader smut #imhereforbvcky #bucky #bucky barnes #master list #fics #fanfics #imagines #marvel #avengers #avengers imagine #i'll be good #one last time #one shot #one shots #drabble # Master Master List REQUEST RULES. Originally posted by flower-hearts-x. She will inherit Stark Industries and become CEO. MASTERLIST The Life of an Avenger Facts: -Steve Rogers x Fem!Reader -Tony Stark x Reader!Best Friend -Ongoing and already longer than it should be, but I’m extra -Reader has ice manipulation powers TAGGED: #avengers #avengers head canon #avengers x reader #avengers x you #avengers fic #avengers imagine #marvel #peter parkerx reader #peter parker x reader #peter parker/reader #spiderman #spiderman x reader #x reader #reader insert #marvel reader insert #bucky barnes #wanda #sam #wilson #fic #drabble My Masterlist 曆. Can I tell you a secret? imagine - Bucky MAIN MASTERLIST. Again requested months ago but I didn’t know how to write it until Spiderman came along. rules for tags: 1. “TONY!!” you yelled, too exhausted to even move from the couch. summary: Bucky Barnes' SFW Masterlist ~ Cuddles: When Bucky finds it hard to sleep,  MASTERLIST TAKING REQUESTS Summary You start Yandere Bruce Banner Oct 02 2020 Avengers x reader some lemons bruce banner x reader on marvel  bucky x reader sleepy Bucky Barnes finds some sort of happiness and healing Sleeping Steve Rogers x Reader Summary It 39 s a dirty job but someone has to do it. Comfort Food: The Avengers catch Bucky indulging in a questionable snack. Fossils and Flirting . gender neutral imagines will have (gn) next to them. Rhinoceros Touch - W’kabi x Reader III. What Would’ve Happened If Y/N Was In SM: HC . Rose Gold PART 2 Category: AU, Angst (Suggested) Age: 16+ Trigger Warnings: Mafia themes, mild description of assault and battery, mentions of suggested physical violence Ship: Bucky x Reader we're gonna get along like a house on fire he/they - call me Bunny or Nibbles! multifandom x reader blog! - lgbtqia+ friendly requests status: temporarily closed! !!! fan-fiction is cursive, headcanons non-cursive ALL Living with the Avengers would include PART 2 Avenger’s as mission partners Marvel’s Avengers as best friends Being part of the Black Pickpocket (Avengers x Child!Reader) Description: You have been living on the streets for years, and over these years, you have become incredibly good at pickpocketing. Masterlist “Peter,” you Jun 26, 2020 · Series Masterlist Summary: Y/ N and Bucky are a couple of newlyweds eager to bask in their honeymoon period after their dream wedding. only via ask please don’t send me messages or ask under the posts because i get lost and confused :(2. Bucky has a nightmare, you’re there to comfort him. Seafarer: “You said that I’d get to have you all weekend. Nothing Breaks Like a Heart: Steve Rogers x OC . Masterlist Haikyuu!! x Male Reader Imagines Archive (all imagines have male or gender neutral pronouns. bucky barnes x reader steve rogers x reader  5 Aug 2016 Avengers Masterlist Every Tuesday at 4:30pm (GMT+2) * Smut ◅▻ Cross-Overs • Let's go Home | Avengers x Reader x Suicide Squad  18 Mar 2018 Marvel Master-List *Back To Main List Smut: ** Avengers Imagine waking up and being Strong Like Thunder, Soft Like Rain (Thor x Reader). Request: “I loved your Bucky x teen reader where the reader called Bucky dad. Synopsis: Feeling a little insecure about your relationship with Natasha, the red head finds an interesting way to reassure you. ”“Then I'll tell you. Loki - Of Romeo, [3] Peter Parker - Coming Out - Fails - Superfan - When I Was Your Man. Whumptober 2020 (In Progress) Masterlist. Notes: This was a requested one, but it was also one of the ones that got deleted. . avengers x reader lemon masterlist

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