Fps drops when moving mouse

fps drops when moving mouse Of course I don't actually play at that fps. If your mouse has a DPI of 16,000, when you move it an inch on the mouse pad the curso Simple mouse movements, not even camera panning, will drop my fps to 5-10 FPS, even during character selection if I move my mouse fast enough it will drop FPS to 5-10. Jul 03, 2011 · For the past 2 to 3 days i am getting huge fps drops. When I move around using the WASD keys there is no FPS drop. Getting like 40-60 fps, can even move my mouse for a few seconds, but after 40-50 seconds i starts freezes everytime i move the camera. It only happens when I use 500 or 1000 polling rate, when I do 125 hz is ok but it gives me low precision with my mouse. P. Even though this might seem okay but this option was discovered to cause issues with the FPS. The Resident Evil 3 Remake Distant FPS Zombies Mod can be downloaded from Nexusmods . While looking at the task manager while these FPS drops occur, the CPU usage graph dips from 60% usage to around 25% usage. And OpenGL feels more responsive. if I am moving my mouse on my second screen, the recording does not Jul 22, 2020 · Right-click on 'High precision event timer' and then click on 'Disable Device' and then close the device manager. I just updated and am having insane FPS drops whenever I move my mouse in game. For example: In battlefield 1 campaign, I get 120 fps while looking at a certain point and when I move my mouse it drops to about 99-105 fps so about 20 fps is decreased by just moving the mouse, now as I play a 64 player conquest the game gets pretty demanding and my framerate comes down to about 70, so when I move my mouse then, I get an fps drop of only 6 tops (And even lower drops when it's below 60 fps, about 2-4 fps tops). Use Unity to build high-quality 3D and 2D games, deploy them across mobile, desktop, VR/AR, consoles or the Web, and connect with loyal and enthusiastic players and customers. Blur Busters UFO Motion Tests with ghosting test, 30fps vs 60fps, 120hz vs 144hz vs 240hz, PWM test, motion blur test, judder test, benchmarks, and more. i fixed my big stuttering. Now change the screen resolution and make it something lower than your actual resolution. Short summary of your issue FPS drops when opening windows Game Version 1. If i stay still the game runs a pegged 60fps with Vsync on. To fix this, I’ve tried enabling Hardware mouse, re-installing the Sensei mouse drivers, re-installing Studio and disabling all Studio Plugins. This doesn't happen instantly as I enter the game, but only after some time in it. Field of View : Set from 90-95 for the optimal performance at a small cost in the size of your overall rendered perspective. business. headDustStormfever876, Feb 7, 2017 #1 Like Share Aug 30, 2019 · I don't press any button or move the mouse and the fps still drops for a 1-1,5 sec. Every time I move the my mouse to look somewhere, FPS drops to 40 and sometimes down to 20. fps drops when moving mouse neonnnnnnn ive got fps drops when i move my mouse and my cpu from 10-13% going hard to like 50% CPU: Intel Core i3-6100 Video card: RX 460 4GB Motherboard: H110M-A/M. Many a time you can change things in the control panel of Graphics driver, but it But, not I notice that there was a very terrible fps drop. It makes actually Fps still drops some moving mouse but less so. Then when i am not moving my mouse, it stabilizes. Thank you for helping us maintain CNET's great community. Followers 1. 29 Aug 2020 While at the moment you begin to move the mouse the fps drops as Rocket League . It's around 70-90 instead of 150+ Things I've tried: - Changing mouse to old one (G400 Logitech) - Bought new mouse (Chroma Deathadder) When put on 125 hz the mouse movement lagg is gone but still lower fps, big fps drops in H1Z1 and BF4, every 8-10 seconds for 1 second it stops moving, instead of dropping fps with every movement - Cleaned CPU Mar 25, 2019 · It doesn't matter what the game is rendering, it can be a static image and moving the mouse will cause the frame rate to drop dramatically (130fps -> 60fps). Ie it would actually  I can walk around, hit, build, etc it's just when if I move my mouse even slightly my frame rate will drop to 0-70 fps. - posted in Computer Gaming: FPS Drops when NOT moving the mouse. I am usually getting 110 FPS (which is still low) but if I move my mouse it drops between 25-40. Lenovo Y50 GTX 960m Intel Core i7 4720HQ @2. It's a Logiteck G703 and I tried in both wireless and wired modes, changed dpi, made sure I have latest  11 Mar 2016 So Basicly when i move my house the game drops fps like crazy , but when i move my mouse slowly its fine My specs are : i7-6700k , 16gb 2133  2 Dec 2018 I noticed this as well, even when I was up in the sky with archwing my fps would tank to like 3fps as soon as i started to move my mouse around  Essentially if I move my mouse cursor the game completely freezes, or drops to a very low framerate, until the mouse stops movement. 0  addChild(armatureDisplay); } app. cpl and press Enter. Oct 14, 2017 · Any suggestions would be much appreciated, if you need any further details please don't hesitate to ask, I didn't include any logs or anything due to this problem only happening when I move my mouse in-game and that it records fine at 1080p 60fps without mouse movement. rsbfox added res-duplicate and removed bug- performance Mar 25, 2019 · Basically any mouse movements cause the FPS to drop consistently from (example) 160 fps to 50. I noticed that these frame stutters happen more often for example when I am moving around the map in CSGO rather than just standing still. I removed any MouseEvent. Jun 23, 2018 · Here is a guide to fix Game Stuttering with FPS drops in Windows 10 which may happen after a Windows Update. MOUSE POLLING RATE. I sat in tutorial and wriggled mouse with 1000mhz, drop fps, change to 250mhz, no fps drop on mouse at all. When I plug in my Logitech LX3 Plus (1000DPI) or a cheap optical mouse, the game runs smooth as silk. Using FPS VR I was seeing the impact on my gpu, what this ended up showing me was that when DCS is the selected window on the pc my fps drops by about 20 fps! Then when I tabbed to another window, it jumped up by 20. I have razer mamba wireless, razer deathadder, asus rog spatha and a4tech bloody mouse. How can i avoid  After i start Stardew Valley and move my Mouse, then the fps drops dramatically and becomes unplayable. With discord when i move around fps drops to around 10, around 150 when I'm still. 3 when there are a few. Resolution is 2560x1440 Feb 27, 2019 · Question Userbenchmark is fine - Huge fps drops in games like CSGO: PC Gaming: 14: Oct 26, 2020: Question FPS Drops when NOT moving the mouse in CS:GO. Dust your GPU. 2 to 0. Turn off VSync. READ: How to see FPS in Apex Legends If you’re experiencing a similar issue on your PC as well, you may want to try some of the fixes suggested by the community members to fix FPS drop in Apex Legends. I was running ultra and I was able to to get 240+ - 300+ fps. That's at least a 17% performance hit just to turn on the Radeon Performance Overlay and record at 1080p which is pathetic. 9. Massive FPS drops when moving mouse on games by Aerii Jun 21, 2015 7:05PM PDT. Unplayable this way. exe process when you actively moovinf mouse on desktop. Alienware M17x With 3 Major Problems; Looking for Solution: My laptop is messed up majorly. It does reset if I close the game and reload it but it’s Jun 04, 2020 · I move the mouse very slowly and carefully around the screen, the FPS is fine. Hi im having a problem with the new version 1. Situation is typically: default flight, a/c at Inverness. Been happening to me since the beginning. net. It mostly stays below 60fps during gameplay. Since you're on a desktop you should probably run  Mouse Movement causes massive FPS drop/lag. Oct 08, 2019 · Said FPS drops last 10 seconds minimum. used to have amazing performance, ~300 fps csgo bugged out and kept setting my config to default reinstalled steam now whenever I am in the menu/game if I use my keyboard or mouse I get huge fps drop. Turned Vsync off and still if i try to look around by moving the mouse and the game just drops to 0 and goes into a severe hanging low fps fit. The fps instantly drops to the 20s and the longer you hold the key down, it decreases as low as 1 fps. deltaTime. I definitely have the latest nvidia driver as well as I just downloaded it today. CPU load drops from 170~ to 145~ when moving the mouse, fps drops like crazy regardless. And, the Optical sensors outshine the Laser sensors when it comes to speedy movements. This fps drop stutters my whole system and the only way to fix is to restart Tera. I can move the mouse around a little, but I still have bad stuttering, lags and low fps. Started having this problem all of a sudden. Conclusion Jun 14, 2020 · The subsequent thread of comments was inundated with players describing their accounts of freezing and/or experiencing a drop in FPS specifically following Patch 1. Yet I found when I was playing a couple hours 2 nights  1 Mar 2019 I'm having the same issue with the latest nvidia driver. I even figured it out that this occurs every 33 sec, so it isn't random. Never got this problem before a last few updates. So I've noticed this weird thing that I get massive fps drops when I move my mouse on screen. For some reason, 1000hz has been causing an issue on some mice when collaborating with the update. If the game drops below 75fps, then you will experience extreme judder, if it is at or above 75fps, then it will run super smooth. I have an issue witj my 1080 Ti, the framerate is normal but i have massive stutter, to the point i cant even strafe jump in  As with the other comments, there is no problem with FPS when I tried the code above here in my computer. than back to 60. But it shouldn't drop that low, as suggested update your video card drivers. I'm getting huge FPS drops on moving windows around, applications behave like crap, wired mouse starts to lag. The fps drops a lot especially when I move my mouse. · Try  ive got fps drops when i move my mouse and my cpu from 10-13% going hard to like 50% CPU: Intel Core i3-6100 Video card: RX 460 4GB  10 Nov 2019 Right click on the windows/Start Icon, select power options. Once the mouse cursor disappears, the performance returns to normal. Aug 05, 2011 · Posted August 6, 2011. 1 not Windows 10. Could be just chilling in spawn and it'd happen. in Quake Champions, i have In game I am locked to 63 FPS, if I close the game launcher I will get locked to 50 and if I turn on vSync I get locked to 60. I enabled the FPS limit setting and set it to 165 to match my monitors max refresh rate and the frame rate drops have disappeared, 90+ FPS in all locales so far. Apex legends fps drop when moving mouse populove. This is painfully obvious against the 60FPS the game normally runs at. 5 (tried other versions as well), and in the preview window, when I move the mouse quickly in circles, even without a game open, the preview's fps drops tremendously. Open Windows Task Manager and end process ''stij. You can set a custom value according to your needs. Mar 02, 2019 · There are multiple complaints from users about a drop in FPS in the game after installing the last patch. S. Steps for reproducing this issue: Disable Edge Pan (not necessary, but makes it easier to reproduce by not having the screen move, could also move camera to very bottom right of map) Oct 15, 2014 · Any sort of mouse movement drops FPS. It is a client side issue and is due to a bottle neck in your PC's hardware configuration. with REPs, any mouse movement results in a drop of FPS from 50+ to 15. Once I move it again fps get better, but it's pretty random overall. Moving on. New Results: Settings: Medium. If the frame rate is still tanking DELL insprion 7567 major fps drops during games: Dell XPS 15 9560 major issues. Apr 02, 2019 · Eventually I narrowed it down - Unity's FPS drops significantly if you click-and-hold the mouse button and quickly move the mouse cursor. I hope this helps Wolcen Studio trace this issue, as it breaks online mode completely for players who experience it. If you are experiencing FPS drops, this is a not a server side issue. The patch implemented several fixes to the game and brought some nerfs to Raze and Sage. Others have reported similar with the iFly 737 and the Turbine Duke. Here is a microprofiler dump from when I caught it happening last time. Fps drop when I move my mouse. i always use to get 125fps constant with my 9400gt in 800x600 res with all settings lowi have the latest drivers and i also tried different configs but am still getting fps drops like it drops to 40. It doesn't matter what keyboard or mouse I use. well the title says  11 Jul 2019 As title says, my FPS drops when I move my mouse. check to see if there any bios updates for  Huge FPS drop when moving mouse. It recovers after releasing the CTRL key. My current setup is Windows  apex legends fps drop when moving mouse You want to make sure that your Apex Legends Audio is not giving you grief while you play. gunfights, when you absolutely need a stable fps) and if I may be frank, I can’t tell that much Not only did you take classic client from us but you have also removed support for DirectX9 and now FPS drops and Mouse lag are unbearable for competetive gaming… somebody should sue you!!! 5 Likes Leviathan-1945 13 February 2020 15:27 Nov 14, 2018 · I noticed paint. Check the 'Limit Video FPS' option and set it to 50FPS. So gameplay is completely ruined by just moving the mouse and fps dropping for about 80-100 frames. e. Title. Now when i turn on the music on ytb at 144p and go into the game to test, i get hugee input lag while alt tabbing. Now move to the PUBG emulator and launch the game. To try to understand this I have stripped down a bare canvas and ticker, and the problem persists. My drivers are all up to date. Back on Windows 7. Sep 18, 2020 · 4. Apex Legends Fps Drop Moving. Laptop for IS Feb 02, 2019 · When the games is loaded and i try to move ingame, move mouse i get unexplainable tears,Coil whine is super loud and stoping with frame drops to 0, nothing is smooth, also changing the settings ingame doesnt fix anything, same thing happens on low and ultra, and changing the setting doesnt give me more fps, for ex. Apr 13, 2013 · Right, so the problem is this: In select games, moving the mouse causes an extreme FPS drop. Things I've tried: Mar 07, 2020 · Solution 1: Set FPS Cap. Then my university exams were getting closer, and i decided to delete all my games on PC and start studying a lot more. As of currently, my friends and I have found that there are two options: Drop your mouse polling rate from 1000hz, down to 250hz or 500hz. i never had this problem before. From my research, this is an FPS issue and only judders when looking around with the Oculus (hence why mouse movement is smooth). Will keep using this thanks. Just install by adding the plugin file to SKSE folder and you're done. But average FPS can drop to 30 for 1 second, or to 120FPS for 5 seconds or 10 seconds, in certain game situations (early game, jumping from bus, scouting), while utilization of both CPU & GPU + temps are low. it instantly drops to As in topic title, game runs flawless (average FPS 75-90) until after 10 minutes of playing it start getting weirder and weirder until it's fully unplayable (average FPS 3) It's NOT a bad peroformance or low framerate issue, framerate is good at the beginning, then suddenly it drops. It never drops below 60 fps during cutscenes or if I pan the camera slowly. When the left mouse button is down and the mouse moves the FPS is dropped to 30 on chrome (as reported by the developer tools). I used to have 300 while playing at max settings. It works perfectly fine last month !! I use DirectX (tried using OpenGL but it became worse), Frame limiter at 120 (tried all of them) and I even tried disable every special effect. Mar 20, 2020 · @gamesonmacbookpro, Yeah but the only people that have the exact same FPS drops only in CoD Warzone that I've been able to find out is people with eGPUs. 10 Jan 2019 In CS go it drops from 120 to 50 sometimes even with the slightest mouse movement. Click on the set or accept button on the application. It also moves very choppy. So, selecting a highly invested mouse with high DPI set up may not work for you the way you want to use it. If you have fast moving figure, which happens in the games, a higher FPS offers a better experience. 1 of Rage on any server and i tried with two mouses and is the same, i can have my fps at 100 but when i just move the mouse it drops to 10-15fps almost freezing for a few seconds the gta, on the last version never happens it works perfect but in the Jan 13, 2017 · When moving the mouse over games it lags, low fps, stuttering. Created 2 years ago (March 16, 2019 12:57 AM). 1, head to your mouse settings on the Control Panel and make sure that Enhance Pointer Precision and Acceleration options are off. then to whoever is having issues with games that lags horribly, this is the fix. It will even happen on the intro screens and main menu. Your motion blur comment also makes no sense, if you have low FPS (which 10FPS is extremely low) then you'll have a ton of mouse lag. Just curious if anyone else is experiencing this issue. Apr 19, 2015 · Hello everyone, i found a simple solution to get a Stable framerate, i found that when i use v sync, in some places when my game drops to 47-45 FPS vsync drops it to 30 and then back to 60, which is really annoying, when i turn vsync off game is working flawlesly w/o mouse lag, but sometime framerate goes to high 90-180 and which causes only to It's around 70-90 instead of 150+ Things I've tried: - Changing mouse to old one (G400 Logitech) - Bought new mouse (Chroma Deathadder) When put on 125 hz the mouse movement lagg is gone but still lower fps, big fps drops in H1Z1 and BF4, every 8-10 seconds for 1 second it stops moving, instead of dropping fps with every movement - Cleaned CPU Massive FPS drops in editor when moving mouse over menu items on Linux Description Navigating various dropdown menus in the Editor causes the FPS to drop down to around 25 or 10 in the Viewport on an empty project. net is the Internet home for Bungie, the developer of Destiny, Halo, Myth, Oni, and Marathon, and the only place with official Bungie info straight from the developers. However when I swap my mouse for a wired one, it’ll not experience any of these issues. I don't know how you guys came up with that Dec 22, 2017 · If you watch closely, the fps is at max when the mouse is idle, even when I put it in the far of the screen to move the map and leave it here, it stays at max FPS, but once I move it, it falls drastically. 6 and it is for =100 fps (for steamed set fps_max 99. Dirty mousepad can't explain fps drops. Primary Sidebar. 14 Aug 2019 I can move the mouse no fast and FPS stays relatively constant. mine's a g4 with a 9800 (targos has a 9600 i believe). Secondly, cursor movement always uses CPU, you can test it at your desktop - open task manager and see how CPU usage jumps on explorer. If you're running Windows 8. maybe the ai bogs the cpu then physics+frame rate flipflops the camera? fps goes from 15-ish to 5-7 with just one small bot in scene. edit2: Changed the game to direct3d 11 and the issue went away. exe'' If you don't have it, it could be a different problem. When an HE explodes on screen, my mouse lags, my FPS goes to about 80 - 90, while my game DOES NOT LAG (guns shoot at a consistant rate, sound is normal, visually seems normal as I can't move my Oct 20, 2019 · Players have been reporting a litany of issues when it comes to the performance of the game, including FPS drops, general stuttering, and other graphical problems. If you were not able to follow the above steps, then open the 'Valorant FPS' folder and then open the 'Command' and then copy the 'Disable HPET' command. FPS is completely normal when mouse is not receiving any input. So I am lost. And in FPS games you expect to move the mouse fast so moving it slowly will defeats its purpose. 00000000" and limiting FPS via nvidia control panel does work and I can play comfortably at 80+ fps in ultra. 0 manually  10 Jan 2020 If your mouse came with software, make sure that it's fully upto date. Mar 19, 2019 · FPS or Frames per Second is a result of stuttering. Changing settings to extremely low or extremely high do nothing to change. May 02, 2016 · But in game and menus, it was like having litter in the mouse sensor. It moved sluggish. I do not have mouse acceleration on. Like • Show 0 Likes 0; Comment • 0; so i just downloaded team fortress 2 after formating my Jul 20, 2019 · As title says, my FPS drops when I move my mouse. (enabled HT on i7 and unparked cpu on win 10) but still fps drop and after some round start micro stuttering when i move the mouse. The sudden drops in frames can happen in totally empty areas, while really busy areas with a lot of people have zero drops in frames. Posted on 26 December 2019 - 05:11 PM I don't know if anybody has experienced any like fps drops when you are moving around with your mouse, whenever i hold my left click or the right click button my fps starts to go up i've been experiencing this fps drop when moving my mouse around for 2 weeks. May 27, 2014 · So I have a really weird problem, my laptop is an acer, I7 intel core, Gtx760 and 8 GB RAM. This stop lag reminds me of the lag I got with The Walking Dead: SI that started my first forum post; almost as if the problem didn t stop but smoothed itself out with the new processor, taking 10-20 fps drops to about 4-6 fps drops (but as I said before even constant frames and locked frames bring stop lag). Dec 27, 2019 · Star wars battlefront 2 stuttering on pc is a big issue these days and we've collected enough information to help you out fix this issue, follow our guide and get rid of the stuttering of this game on your pc. #Software Quality Tools forecast - Aerospace Journal. Aug 25, 2010 · i did get the targos flipflop when frame rate drops. for me the mouse only gets squirrely when the ai comes into scene and stops when they're gone. Please see the video below which highlights the issue. The mouse’s DPI governs how many pixels it moves on screen when you move it an inch on the mouse pad. Click Additional Power Settings. I am pressing keys on keyboard and moving mouse but it reads them 10 seconds later. If your ENB is giving you FPS drops then obviously you will still have them (this mod is not supposed to increase your performance), however they won't come with this weird, unpleasant mouse stopping glitch (this seems to stop when the game is running in borderless window). By 'sticky' I mean the camera is reluctent to rotate, as if there is a big fps drop. In the moment I start moving (there's input from my mouse or my Xbox controller) it goes back to 60fps and 100% GPU. I have a roccat lua and was using 1000mhz polling. mouse drivers don't have anything to do with fps in Minecraft. (Faster the mouse movement, worse fps reduction  19 Aug 2013 When in game I get FPS over 100. Not that I actually play on that fps, but now my fps drops below 60fps, even as low as 20fps even in the menu. Change your polling rate on your mouse to anything below 500. I have a i9-10900ka paired with RTX3080 10GB. Mar 02, 2016 · First of all, make sure your camera smooth movement (or whatever is called) in the options is set to 0 delay, Some people have issues with the normal fullscreen mode on multiple monitor setups and the mouse cursor goes outside the bor The FPS Drops only when moving the mouse Lowering graphics have no effect and the issue remains as before when the camera is stationary, everything works correctly. Though the game is poorly optimized, people with their GPUs in a 16x PCIe slot can't seem to recreate the problems I'm having leading me to believe it's to do with the Thunderbolt 3 connection. . Btw, the game can run over 120 fps when not capped to 60, on high settings. That's why in your FPS you can move your mouse to the left, pick it up, move it to the right, drop it back down on the table, move it to the left again and if you continue this action your character will continue spinning around. But when I use tesco mouse (don't even know the name) it works perfect. If you use a high poll rate usb mouse (500 or 1000) moving the mouse will cause more cpu usage than 125hz or 250hz so in games where I don't have any cpu to spare I lower my poll rate and you should see the phenomenon of fps drop tied to mouse go away completly at 250hz if this is your issue. --If on the otherhand I move via the keyboard bindings, the camera pans at over 130 fps. Because of that Unexpected RAM Usage, we Popped in a New RAM of Same Frequency and the Same Model but this time, it was 8 GB so Now we had a Total of 12 GB RAM. Putting that to 120 would only make my game more instable (fps jumping up and down, and stuttering probably). Or! I'll move the mouse a normal amount and the cursor will move a normal amount but it will jump from one position to another. Unity is the ultimate game development platform. Destiny 2 fps drops/stutter Ill be honest, I never had so much trouble trying to fix a game before. I will move my mouse a normal amount and the cursor will not move at all. Since this evening, I notice that the fps fluctuates between 37-40fps, then when I move the mouse (for example to switch the lights on, engines etc) the fps drop to 24-30fps. For instance, moving my cursor slowly from one side of the screen to the other will essentially cause fps to steadily drop till it reaches zero. Didn't change much. Extuls February 6, 2018, 2:23am #15 Jul 22, 2013 · A little late to add this but if you are running THREE monitors then moving the mouse to either one away from the centre gives an fps increase as the mouse pointer disappears. By default, the cap is set as uncapped. My FPS drops to 69-70 stable when I am NOT moving my mouse. After frame 3, SE should move your view slightly to the right. I'm still on the low settings, but I don't experience this with Far Cry 5(on my WD HDD), World War Z(on WD HDD), and Fallout 76(on Samsung 860 QVO) which I played yesterday and today. This is a recording Nov 08, 2007 · This evening I've noticed a significant drop in fps in fs9 when moving the (wireless) mouse around the screen . 5 (tried other versions as well), and in the preview window, when I move the mouse quickly in  7 Sep 2019 Whenever I move the mouse, fps drops. My FPS is 100% fine when playing offline and 100% unplayable when I move my mouse in online mode. I've confirmed that this is not a problem with the monitor because my FPS meter shows that actual frames are dropped when moving the mouse (it dips into the 20's and 10's just by looking around). If you’re running around “Typical Gun Bunny” then the quality of the build of the mouse and how ergonomic it is is of more i Nov 27, 2017 · So this started to happen since I installed High Sierra and I can't figure it out what might be causing it. Module Live server; Version Y4S1. In general, this problem is not hardware-related. Only solution for now is just unplug mouse, uninstall drivers and that program, reset PC, do it again, reset PC, plug in mouse and it works. In frame 3, you move your mouse 1 count to right. Dec 17, 2019 · Higher DPI (not IPS) means the mouse is worse at tracking. I run on Very High settings and I get about 40-50 fps anywhere that is not a town but when I move around or use my mouse to look around I drop to about 3 or 4 fps. I'm sure this isn't tied to FSX because this has happened in several other games. so, i didn't try the harder settings. --If I pan  So I came back to WoWS after a couple of months, update it and go to play but in port the game is dropping FPS hard. General information. I also tried it on my virtual machine  26 Jan 2019 But moving mouse in menu causes fps to drop down to 180fps. Finally mouse clicks will be missed or delayed. If you meet the system requirements yet have everything on low, then please run through all of the steps in this FAQ. Fps drops and stutter while moving Sign in to follow this . Now go to the PUBG mobile setting in the emulator by clicking on the While a key is held down the sensitivity drops in a repeated cycle, causing the view point to spiral inwards when moving the mouse in a circle. Follow the instructions below to change the power plan of your PC and adjust your Windows system for the best performance: On your keyboard, press the Windows logo key and R at the same time, then type powercfg. I have tried changing to directx 11 and legacy, i have tried changed background fps, i have tried no add ons or programs in the background but the issue continues to pop up after playing for a while. I mostly play Counter-Strike 1. 0. Which makes no sense because more FPS is supposed to feel more fluid. I'm hoping someone here can guide me where to look for. I've tried some troubleshooting, I've restarted my PC several Apr 29, 2013 · It's rather huge fps drop from cursor movement, this shouldn't happen at all. I can be over like 200 FPS when it is during the day and keep a stable FPS when rotating the camera. I dont know why i have FPS drop and YES i got all the latest update for the intel CPU and for the graphic card and directx 12. When I stop moving the mouse it returns to 60 fps. Apr 12, 2019 · Although it happens when you move your mouse, there will be something underlying that is causing this issue. Dec 20, 2016 · IF it is a 60hz monitor, anything above that fps will have screen tearing and will seem to run "slow. As someone else mentioned, this never happened with my older mouse. Jun 29, 2015 · Okay, i reinstalled the game since last time i played (like half a year or so) and i've noticed that i'm having huge fps drops everytime i move around, if i stand still i'm having about 100 fps in Warpgate, and about 60-75 fps in battles, but everytime i move my mouse slightly faster than usual the FPS drop to even 20 something. Author Hi, I'm suddenly experiencing fps drop in RainbowSix Siege. But I'll be at 140fps and then it will randomly drop to like 29, nothing will be going on either. While at the moment you begin to move the mouse, the fps drops drastically on Windows 10. exe was around 10% CPU usage. It all seems to come back Nov 16, 2019 · Mouse DPI is one of the most common questions to those users who are beginning to understand about peripherals, especially mice, is whether there is an optimal DPI range to play, especially in games that require higher accuracy, such as first-person shooter (FPS). 5, non-steamed not sure), setting monitor 100 hz gives fluid frametime, when mouse input gets involved, a good idea is to set it to match frametime for it as well, such as 500 Hz, 1000 Hz are multiples of integers either one or another. as you can see it on the video, it totally drops to 0 for a sec or half. The issue turns out to have been in LWJGL, and has been fixed in 2. I noticed that only my CPU core 0 is  20 Sep 2017 I play in windowed mode. Apr 17, 2016 · Back on Windows 7. Dec 17, 2018 · Sometimes when I played the game halfway, the fps will dropped from 60 to 1-3 and this lasts forever. We will share the solution. The reason is the Laser sensor tends to have more variation in capturing fast movement. Turn Mouse Acceleration off. The moment I step into a city it's like the game is imposing an invisible 30 FPS limit that doesn't go away no matter if I move or restart the game. I run the game on ultra and im getting 240+ to 380+ fps. Frame drops are down into the single digits. Did that mess up something else in the BIOS that could be responsible? Same! Gpu acceleration is off, Tried switching to Legacy, also didn't help. net being very sluggish after the latest release when just moving around the mouse, so I turned on my monitor’s fps counter and it showed massive fps drops. All wine games seem to be affected. I also uninstalled the Nvidia HD Audio driver, did not help. This has only begun to happen within the past few months - I have had many months of trouble-free gaming previously on the exact same setup. Hello, when I play game's like CS:GO(Counter Strike: Global Offensive) I tend to get massive FPS lag whenever I move Ever since the previous patch (the one before the anniversary patch) I randomly get insane framerate drops for a second or 2 as well. Now when i start the game i cant move my mouse with out the game hanging drastically and fps just dropping to near 0 everytime. If I use the  Try moving your mouse in a slow smooth continuous circle over the vc gauge panels. Using true full screen   apex legends fps drop when moving mouse While I have frame drops due to assumed thermal throttling in these games it 39 s more like a drop from 200 to 150  lol fps drop when moving mouse 7 out of 5 stars 3 928 19. Around 30 minutes I believe. although my fps doesn't drop to heavily, My laptops fps will drop from 60-35 when scrolling depending on what world. As the Title says, When I move the mouse around it causes the framerate to dip so low, even into single digits, which obviously makes this game unplayable. The analog-stick moves the mouse cursor, the “A” button (xbox controller) acts as left mouse click. i have a core2duo, 1gb 9800m gts, 4gb ddr3, 7200rpm HD laptop but i still cant play SRO on high settings(i play almost all current games on high: cod mw2, cybertron, dirt,etc) coz it gets laggy, weird since sro is not a graphics intensive game. Look for pro Jun 14, 2017 · For example: In battlefield 1 campaign, I get 120 fps while looking at a certain point and when I move my mouse it drops to about 95-105 fps so about 20 fps is decreased by just moving the mouse, now as I play at 200% resolution scaling and TAA on game gets pretty demanding and my framerate comes down to about 40-70, so when I move my mouse Sep 23, 2020 · Fps drops when moving mouse. Didn't have the huge drops but still experienced lags and audiodg. Every other game i have 99/100% gpu use. 23 Jan 2018 No other input does this, I can WASD and spacebar all I want but as soon as i move my mouse a millimeter it goes from 60 to 10. If you stay still in games, the fps keeps in max. It doesn't seem to be a problem with RAM or the Video card, because as long as you're not moving the mouse, the game (s) run (s) perfectly fine with full FPS. While my character is in a group with -- or simply in the vicinity of -- 4 or more other player characters, the FPS often varies from 20 to 30. NOTE: In case the mouse cursor is not moving after first time copying it, restart the editor, it will then initialize it correctly (and each time after that). Aug 12, 2011 · After CS:GO's recent trusted mode update, many users have been having issues with their FPS dropping when moving their mice. My region is set up to broadcast to one of my followers in order to use clique heals. I am currently using the Razer NAGA mouse SWTOR edition, this happens with every mouse I have tried. com/r/GlobalOffensive/comments/cuqpml/nvidia_driver_4362_massive_csgo_performance/eym4tjc/ Check this out! May 25, 2016 · Reporting: fps dropping when i don't move the mouse for 2min or so. During games my framerate will be at 162 yet randomly will drop very slightly to sometimes 161, 160, 159 fps, etc and the stutter is very noticeable. Now let’s go Nov 19, 2017 · If you double click one of them, a detailed window opens where you can see the exact time and usage by moving the mouse over the graph. SWF is run standalone - without any browsers. And still heavy load on cpu 70/95% and only 60/70% gpu. When your file/folder is selected My FPS would drop other times while in game, shooting a gun would contribute to the drop. Tested this with a brand new project, I have the console Debug. Feb 08, 2018 · Click on Settings to adjust the duration for which you should hold the mouse left button or tap the mouse pad to select a file/folder or start selecting some text. I have i7 6850K CPU - ASUS Rog Strix RTX 2080Ti OC - Samsung 970 Pro m2 disk - 64GB RAM and ASUS PG278QR monitor, GSync enabled and running on 165 Hz. If you NEVER drop below 55, then set it to that. I've been struggling with this issue for the past few weeks. Depth of Field : Consider turning this off or lowering the quality according to personal preference. Also I have 2Gigs of RAM, GeForce 8800GTS, and my cpu is a AMD 4600+. Apr 17, 2016 · FPS drops to around 20 until I stop moving the mouse and then it goes instantly back to 144fps. This is a subreddit dedicated to CS: GO, Massive FPS Mar 24, 2020 · So, there are some games (Resident Evil 2, Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order) which are capped at 30fps with ~40% GPU usage - when i stand still in the game. The drops in frames happens regardless of graphics settings (1, 2, 3), and regardless if Vsync is on or off, and regardless if framerates are capped or not. But when I move my mouse to pan the camera in OTS view (and it's more noticeable when i do this fast) my FPS drops from my VSync cap of 60 fps. Fortnite Chapter 2 has been a Nov 27, 2019 · How to fix CSGO Fps lag and Shuttering after the new update Nov 27, 2019 Counter-Strike Global Offensive (CS: GO) is one of the most played and oldest competitive game. But instead, it seems to average frames 1-3 (=0. I am usually getting 110 FPS (which is still low) but if I move my mouse it drops between  Mouse Stutter When Moving Mouse/FPS Drop. But even worse is when holding the CTRL key to mouse over a secondary target. 8. Thanks & BR Ever since the previous patch (the one before the anniversary patch) I randomly get insane framerate drops for a second or 2 as well. 1. The article however is for 8. " I run Warframe around 130 fps and it feels alot smoother when I turn the Vsync on and it gets capped to 60 fps by default. -- By the way. Ran into this issue shortly after going to the Farmlands, massive frame rate drops whenever mouse movement was initiated, and high 90+ FPS with no mouse movement. However when I play BO2 with the Redacted client, the game runs great, and I don't get any fps drops at all. Y O L O !!!!! So I have a problem, 95% of the time when I move my mouse in warband battle ( native multiplayer ) it stutters. The odd thing about this is I've plugged in an Xbox 360 controller and the issue does not exist when using the controller. Aug 30, 2020 · 14 Sep 2020, 16:42. Any realiable laptops: Laptop major overheating: Major display driver problem: Major display glitch on mouse move: Please help me, I am having major fps drops. Hi guys. Feb 01, 2013 · Next up. FPS only drops when mouse is moved, even when paused I see the FPS ticker go down to 1. You can reduce the lag by performing the steps given below: – Start the Nvidia Control Panel and go to Manage 3d settings. I cannot get to finish one single match. I tried to lower the graphic settings like the resolution but I got the same result. A new patch for VALORANT was released on wednesday after a global maintenance. I move quickly (You know, with the kind of speed that PvE and PvP scenarios require), the FPS drops dramatically, making the screen jump around, which is very disorientating. This morning i went and waited for the game to come out at 1PM EST, I was so happy it came out but when i opened the game, i noticed that i was dropping frames. Did not help. makes the game unplayable please help, this never happened before, its prob not the hardware ryzen 5 1400 GTX 1060 16gb ballistic ram ddr4 2 case fans, stock I used to have good frames, so I If I move the mouse outside the current part of blender framerate instantly shoots back up - for instance if i move mouse cursor from "3D viewport" over to "properties", for instance. May 21, 2017 · In Windows, or (worse) in games, FPS can drop down to 10, 5 FPS. Please give us raw & unfiltered mouse-input. We're talking 120 fps down to 30 fps in WoW as an example. Nov 07, 2017 · Maybe he’s meaning FPS (First Person Shooter/Action Shooter). #5 Benjideaula , Feb 12, 2018 Dec 29, 2015 · In frame 1 & 2, you do nothing. FPS: 60-100 (No Frame Drops) RAM Usage: 60-70% . You can log much more with it, but it should be enough to find out which process puts load on the system when the FPS drop occurs. It is the frequency (rate) at which consecutive images called frames to appear on a display. 33 counts / rounded to zero) and does nothing. If I run the game from boot, I can maintain 60 FPS perfectly. The controller can be plugged in, but if it was active beforehand, been used by other games beforehand or I pressed a button to bring it to the games attention or it randomly over time came to Paladins attention(i guess), it will then cause massive FPS drops on mouse movement. Sometimes Its not so bad but sometimes I cant even keep track of the attacks that are Nov 06, 2015 · With the all new Super soldiers, Treyarch is also bringing back the Zombies mode which the players are eagerly waiting, but PC players are recently complaining about the huge fps drops and Mouse Mar 03, 2020 · Hi guys! Reinstalling the game after 2 years and can´t seem to have steady fps. My game was feeling choppy as hell and when I would look around with mouse my fps drop from 140 to 90 when I stop moving it solves itself. If i stop again (no input), it drops back to 30fps immediately. It is overheating. On August 5, 2011 at 12:41 PM, trisager said: Common FSX problem. Oct 24, 2017 · Shadow Quality: Drop from the maximum setting to high to net some extra FPS. Hello guys. This must be a bug in ReLive or RPO. Dec 14, 2012 · Moving mouse causing FPS drop in all games Controls/Input Hey guys, so I'm going to try and give as much information as possible and what I suspect it to be and if you agree or can recommend a fix. it's very possible to have a stable fps while staring at one spot and then moving mouse greatly drops it if your specs meet certain  try updating the mb chipset drivers and the usb drivers. You can see the time sharply rise while moving quickly and holding the mouse button. Oct 02, 2020 · The reason behind it is that when you move the mouse a bit it will fly your cursor on the screen which means that there will be a great chance to miss the target. Dust it out and it will likely be fixed. Jan 25, 2014 · I have been having horrible FPS drops when I rotate the game camera seemingly only at night on this specific lot at least. e 60hz Monitor, 58 FPS Cap). When I move my mouse in minecraft windows 10 with rtx. Jan 19, 2020 · Most gaming mice nowadays feature Laser or Optical sensors. GO(Counter Strike: Massive FPS drops when moving mouse on games Global Offensive) I tend to get massive FPS lag whenever I move my. Fix Game Stuttering with FPS drops Oct 28, 2016 · Another problem I had with Skyrim SE was: When looking at some places from certain angles my framerate would drop to 30 FPS from 60 FPS, move few steps forward; FPS would go up to 60, move few setps back FPS would go down etc. Tested When I talk about "frame drop + stuttering" I don't think on the usual "slowing", when many things on the screen, and your fps goes down to 10-20 fps for some seconds. Last time one of the technician dele FIX: So this is still the games fault… but I figured out whats making the fps drop! Whatever mouse you are using go to it’s software (razer mouse/ razer synapse). Here's what fixed Dec 17, 2017 · Moving Mouse in Game Causes Huge FPS Drop Moving Mouse in Game Causes Huge FPS Drop. Without discord smooth 150 fps. finance. Jun 19, 2020 · I’m not sure what happened but after about an hour or so of playing my game will experience huge FPS drops if I move my mouse cursor. So I'm wondering why my fps drops so drastically. The game will fine (60+ fps) for around 10 seconds, then the fps drops to somewhere around 20 for about 3 seconds, the back up to 60+ for 10 seconds. Razer Basilisk V2 by far satisfies all the things you ever crave for. Sometimes when I leave the cursor still it slowly decreases further until it’s at 1 fps. Lol wtf? Edit: https://www. You could call (or mistake) it as performance drop but fps doesn't dip. 3. In some cases even lower. Taking it to the extreme, if I move the mouse around rapidly without stopping, the screen Aug 17, 2020 · FPS Drops when NOT moving the mouse. Now select FPS 60. This problem may be caused by the power settings of Windows 10. After the exams i re-downloaded some games, then i figured a huge fps drop. I made sure I updated my Realtek HD audio driver to the latest. When running on forward on a straight line I get around 140 fps but any change in direction or looking around makes it drop to around 40 fps or less. 60when i am standingam getting 125bt when i start running and shooting. Next, we introduce you to a highly rated gaming mouse: the Razer Basilisk V2, known as The Most Advanced FPS Gaming Mouse. I'm not saying this is an end all solution, but we found that when we started using solid colored (new) mouse pads then we noticed a severe drop in the "jitters" when playing. Specs: i5-6600k 16GB DDR4 Memory GTX 1060 Jun 23, 2016 · Essentially, the laptop runs too hot and as a result the GPU throttles to prevent overheating, causing intermittent FPS drops to occur which as you may expect mess up the entire pace of the game. FPS would drop so drastically when I moved the mouse as to bring everything on screen to a dead stop (0 fps). Assassin’s Creed 3 Remastered Lagging, Freezing and FPS Drop Issues: These are the issue that can be quite irritating sometimes. You should limit the FPS to whatever is your average minimum while questing. Did that mess up something else in the BIOS that could be responsible? I've also had a mouse pick up a scratch in the table, a tear in the mouse pad, dirt, stains, dried beer, you know stuff that's on a desk. Panning the screen will cause drops as the mouse position is updated. If its not, try setting it to Gen 3. try the mouse and keyboard is a usb 2. The solution to it is also only to restart the whole laptop. seems to flipflop mostly when they/you are firing. but as I started moving my mouse to look around, the frame rate drops and you should see the phenomenon of fps drop tied to mouse go away completly at   15 Feb 2020 post your specs. Afterwards I noticed this also happening in the menu. Move the Camera to the right side of the instantiated GameObject with the mouse (See attached "1278749_repro. This is the only game where this happens so I'm positive it isn't hardware related. This doesn't work with the wine-only way of launching EVE but only with the Linux EVE launcher. Huge CS: GO FPS drops with good setup. i'm guessing the fps drop is cpu rather than gpu. For FPS games, the sensor needs to be very accurate for precise tracking. Staying still after moving does not help and FPS spikes occur randomly. OBS works 2. In CSGO it's the least impacting, but it's still there and extremely noticable at times. mp4") 5. 1 What OS are you playing on? Windows What platform are you using? Steam Do you have mods enabled? No Have you tried verifying your game files (Steam only) Feb 11, 2015 · IDK if that could help, because during intense battles the fps drop down to a stable 30 fps (feels like **** tho, with the esf expecially down below 40 fps feels like all the commands are delayed). It is also quoted as one of the best Razer gaming mouse to be made so far. However, now fps frequently drops to around 40-50 when in combat. FPS cap is a feature in League of Legends that allows users to set the cap for the game’s FPS. This happens when I move the mouse left to right. This results in jerky behaviour. 0 port. I was at 100+ fps on HIGHEST Graphics Settings, in fight zones it was at 90 fps minimum (witch is really perfect). Sep 24, 2018 · The walking (using arrow keys to move about) is pretty smooth, but the panning (click and drag mouse to look around) gets 'sticky' around the center of the screen, especially when looking at more objects, like the screen capture above. When running a video game/application on the primary monitor, and browser video content on the secondary monitor (Youtube/Twitch mostly), the video game/application sees massive fps drops. Jan 22, 2019 · So the problem is that I'm running a dual monitor setup with 144hz/60hz monitors. 60 GHz FPS drop when moving mouse I'm running Microsoft Flight Simulator X, and whenever I move the mouse on the screen while flying, my performance will drop by around 10 FPS. If you still get the occasional stutter, then lower this value until it fixes it for good (I have it set to 45 fps). FIX: CTRL+ALT+DEL go to processes and find stij. If I move my mouse really fast I can get FPS down to 1. 2 RAM: 8gb 2133mhz ddr4 OS: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit i can give 25$ if you can help me to fix this Your pc has trouble rendering in new terrain, if you move your mouse even slightly you load in more terrain in Minecraft, thus your fps drops. Jan 30, 2016 · Issue: Stuttering with no fps loss when moving camera around primary to the left. This can be caused by many things. 4770k 1080gtx Feb 01, 2014 · F. 1080Ti, 1440p 144hz  Use the generator or run a benchmark while viewing the information and it should be running at x16 3. exe this file is a malware/spyware so when you find it Right Click on your mouse and open the file location, end the process from the windows task manager then delete the file. Typically the DPI button is useful when in Sniping Position. Apr 06, 2020 · Luckily, RE3 Remake players can now address this annoying Zombie FPS drop by using this new mod. Jul 16, 2012 · I can confirm that the DPI of the mouse will cause stuttering / framerate drops in game. It doesn't dip below 50 fps. So for example, 60 FPS means 60 frames per second. Same problem, bu on lower spec. Not sure if it's related to not moving the mouse like you. --If I pan the camera holding the middle-mouse button, I get roughly < 5 fps on a fresh game. This post has been flagged and will be reviewed by our staff. In the pop-up window, expand Hide additional plans and select High performance. My game plays perfectly fine. To the point [FIX] 1. Sep 01, 2019 · FPS Drops when moving mouse cursor to bottom right corner - caused by "dota_mouse_window_lock 1" which locks the mouse to the window. Observe the FPS in the Statistics window. As a guide, 3-4 fps at max and smaller proportions if you have a fixed (30fps) frame rate and you are near to 30. Able to recreate this issue only spinning the camera to the left not the right. These issues occur when the mouse lags you are you not able to see the characters properly. This cycle continues indefinitely. also, holding down the CTRL key (like when targeting a ship for manual secondaries) results in additional, intense frame rate loss (especially if you are moving the mouse at the same time as holding down CTRL). 01. I'm using open source mesa drivers 18. 2) I notice horizontal transparant lines whiles playing if I move left and right. The issue disappears in Paladins when the polling rate of the mouse is set to 500Hz, and in Killing Floor 2 becomes less consistent (even if it is still present a bit) The only common thing between those two games is the game engine But just when you start moving mouse in circles FPS tries to reach 30 averaging at 45. However, ever since the update was released, several players reported to have encountered major FPS drops and performance issues in Riot’s new Nov 06, 2015 · Decrease Mouse Polling Rate to 250 set FPS Cap below the refresh rate of your Monitor (i. Please help! May 22, 2019 · When I turn on Radeon Performance Overlay the FPS drops, then when I turn on Radeon ReLive to record what happens I get another a drop in performance to 49 FPS. Jan 25, 2020 · I seem to be having a FPS issue when moving my mouse in and out of my repeater region. Expected result: FPS is the stay when the Camera is on the left and right side of the instantiated GameObject Mar 29, 2018 · Ever since coming back to the game after a few months, I've been experiencing very specific FPS drops. When I press a key to move the character or the keybind for an ability, or when I either move the mouse or press a mouse button, the FPS quickly drops to 30. Bungie. When I use my Logitech G5 (2000DPI), I get bad stuttering / framerate drops when I move my mouse, either in menu or in game. Moving the mouse causes the image being generated to massively change (as the terrain moves), which puts extra strain on the GPU. When I move my mouse in or out my screen freezes for about half a second then jumps back up to its typical FPS (in game monitor shows it going 60 > 20 > 60 in a second or two). But now, My fps drops to 75 even as low as 20. I'm using a Corsair gaming mouse, a version of the M65, I think. When I move my mouse around while in game, fps always drops sometimes more than others, the most drastically so i recently builded my pc and i was testing some games with rivatunner overlay and it was working fine , and now suddenly when i use it , when i move my mouse my fps drop a lot, and when i close the program it goes back to normal ( this happened after i installed csgo but i dont think it's the issue here), i tested on windows 10 1803 creators osu! runs fine. every game that I play works great and everything but when I have a game on or even watching a youtube Small freezes / fps drops with increased frequency when speeding up game « on: July 10, 2019, 06:05:10 PM » I don't remember when this started, but, starting immediately when my colonists spawn (and every time I start a new game), there's short freezes (less than half a second) with vanilla gameplay. Sep 26, 2018 · FPS: 10-60 (Kept Dropping to 10-12 FPS Every 5 Seconds or when you Shoot) RAM Usage: 90%-99% . start(); }. Apr 21, 2020 · Particle quality seems to be the most significant contributor to frame drops in busy scenes (i. Then it stabilizes after 10-15 seconds. xCarn4g3x 6 years ago #1. I could drop the fps to 0 doing that. reddit. The solution is just to close out iCue, your  31 Mar 2019 Eventually I narrowed it down - Unity's FPS drops significantly if you click-and- hold the mouse button and quickly move the mouse cursor. PC Gaming: 4: Aug 17, 2020: N: Question Games stuttering + FPS drops when moving mouse: PC Gaming: 1: Jun 24, 2020 Just started the game and noticed whenever I move my mouse my FPS drops from 100+ getting lower and lower the more I move the mouse. I don't think you can achieve this in AppGameKit, I may be wrong though. One of the buttons on the side of the mouse is a large red square with a crosshair on it that Corsair refers to as a “sniper” button. Share Followers 1. Hi, Im not sure if this is a good place to ask this but Ill give it a shot. It's very smooth (120 FPS) but when I move my mouse it becomes really lag (1-10 FPS !!!!). I'm experiencing huge fps drops when I move my mouse Deathadder in many games. By Bennettboy9 December 17, 2017 in Troubleshooting. I have this weird problem in CS:GO. Nov 23, 2014 · Mouse moving causes massive FPS drops! Unplayable! Hi, I really hope someone out there can help me. Jun 18, 2020 · I use Rivatuner to cap the fps. My desktop which is the most powerful will drop from 60-40 when scrolling. When I use the mouse to move the camera, the frame rate drops really low. Since 12 months im expiriencing huge fps drop in CS: GO. After staying an hour in game at least with these jumps from 60fps to 5-10fps and back, and trying different mod orders, removing all mods… I can safely say this was caused by the latest update… When it’s happening, I can face the camera to the sky and move my mouse around to drop my FPS as low as 30 FPS (from 60 FPS). Mine drops maybe 5-6 FPS with the mouse cursor visible. Hi. However when it's night the FPS drops under 50 when I move the game camera which is super annoying. It went from 90+ fps down to 0-10 fps instant! the gpu usage also decrease from 90-100% down to 5-40% depending on how fast and much I move my mouse… I have tested to reinstall the game and change the hz on the mouse but I still have the problem! Jun 24, 2019 · However, sometimes even though your Hardware is strong enough, you may experience a sudden FPS Fall, ie sudden hanging, freezing and contractions in the Games. 125 and 250 seem to work for me and the game runs great again. The first thing you could try would be to connect using the IP Hi. Any help would be appreciated, thanks i dont know exactly what your computers problem is, only that your FPS is dropping when you move your mouse. Hope that helps. When I move the mouse inside the window, my FPS drops from ~74 to about ~50, and the game generally becomes  If you are running iCue in the background ingame, you will experience FPS drops when you move your mouse. Its worth doing and I would think using keyboard hot keys to eliminate the need for mouse work would be VERY useful So, the FPS drop issue may occur. Question asked by merb on Sep 23, 2020. I have this problem since two years ago but not too frequent and now this problem is more frequent. But to be sure, download EVGA precision and set the monitoring tab to show temps and frames in OSD and then minimize precision. Mar 23, 2017 · When I use my Steelseries Sensei Wireless mouse, my Studio will dip down to ~10 frames per second while moving the Camera with Right mouse button. MOUSE_MOVE listeners and made mouseEnabled=false and mouseChildren=false for the main class. cs go keeps getting small updates time to time but valve has recently released a big update for cs go with operation shattered web whose week 2 to week 5 missions has been leaked . You can also follow these steps: 1. I changed the boot order in my BIOS to install Windows 10 from an USB stick. Once released, your mouse will return to its regular DPI. Before I'd be getting a steady 40fps. You find the games are stuttering or lagging, and at the same time, the 100% fps goes down to 30-40 for unknown reasons. If I hold mouse still it  [HELP] Low FPS When Moving Camera With Mouse. It also was spiking cpu usage. Fps drops and stutter while moving. Potential cause: I've noticed that the cursor (while holding alt) will remain in place when i move/spin right, However if i spin left the cursor will eventually move (despite not Apr 21, 2019 · Hello my computer components are i5 4590 3,30 GHz,Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1060 6GB, 8GB DDR3 RAM,GA-H81N motherborad. Ever since the previous patch (the one before the anniversary patch) I randomly get insane framerate drops for a second or 2 as well. PC Gaming: 0: Aug 17, 2020: Question FPS Drops when NOT moving the mouse. . Setting "MinFrameTime. This is a massive issue that I hope someone can help me with. You can use this for Main Menu, Inventory, etc. There was a patch yesterday , until then i was playing normally , after i came back later my wow fps dropped  Massive FPS drop due to cursor movement? 04-28-2013, 09:02 AM. Dec 17, 2016 · it drops below 30 and will stay below 30 until I stop moving and don't move my mouse, then it will go to about 40-60 frames but as soon as I start moving my mouse or move it drops straight back below 30, not only that but this frame rate issue will stay, even when I leave the mission I will still have the frame rate issue, even after closing Discussion Mouse movement causing fps drops?. Logging Time. 50. You could also uninstall the software as most of the time it's not required. So I have been playing this game for months, absolutely no issues. and then move a mouse over a canvas FPS drops from ~20-25 frames to 1 frame. Midnight Hollow is the worst for the fps drops, must have something to do with the lighting. Apr 27, 2019 · If you are moving the mouse slowly the jitters will not be visible, but if you move it fast like push it forward to look up then you will notice the jitters. After about 30 or so minutes of play, I start to get sub 10fps which slowly drops even more. Skip the shadow. I last played two days before that and I have over 1000 hours of ingame time and never have I had this issue before. But it can be anywhere between 50-60 fps. When the mouse stops moving, the frame rate will return to normal; No Native Linux games are affected. Like, the game will visibly freeze until you stop moving the mouse. The very odd thing is when I first installed the game,  27 Aug 2018 FPS drops when moving mouse. By default, when you press down on this button it will lower your mouse’s DPI, allowing you to make more precise movements. User Info: xCarn4g3x. Configure the FPS option and set it to 0. As a matter of fact, Basilisk is deadly accurate, and fast. 3. When you stop mouse it's INSTANTLY 60 (as so program lost it's heartbeat). By cybalex, February 28 in Troubleshooting. Shortly after this it stopped happening again. My rig is very capable so Mar 22, 2016 · Essentially if I move my mouse cursor the game completely freezes, or drops to a very low framerate, until the mouse stops movement. I have restarted the laptop, tried to turn off superfetch, set the priority to real-time, different settings and versions of osu, disabling multithreading in NVIDIA cards, but nothing seems to help. fps drops when moving mouse

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