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jealous makoto naegi x reader Reader is best friends with Makoto Naegi, the Hope of the class. 70 A collection of DR one shots that YOU (the reader) suggested. See more ideas about Makoto naegi, Makoto, Danganronpa. This is just him visiting her every single day and remembering their times together, hoping that by reminding her, she’ll wake up. Makoto Naegi. I turned around, and there he was, Makoto Naegi. Browse through and read or take makoto naegi x reader stories, quizzes, and other creations Junko x Reader - Hopelessly Jealous (Junko is Despair obsessed. Then again, you never expected to be trapped in the killing game in the first place. com Naegi hides in his hoodie, blushing madly. $0. Levi x reader jealous lemon Levi x reader jealous lemon Alois x reader jealous Alois x reader jealous An ordinary guy to put it at its simplest my name is Makoto Naegi. God, That was hot, I shipped Makoto X Komaru before, but after reading this chapter, I just need more Naegicest in my life. My girl uwu. My heart dropped. Makoto x Flutist!Reader Today's the big day. Hiro is based on Makoto Naegi (苗木 誠), is a student in Hope's Peak  Why? Makoto x Flutist!Reader. You plopped down on your sofa, happy Read Makoto Naegi X Mastermind! Reader from the story Dangan Ronpa x Reader by shounen-ai (🌺 LEN 🌺) with 12,658 reads. NOVEL: Danganronpa IF. We do ask, however, that you make reference to the source of the data and provide a pointer to the database for the benefit of the reader. 5: 9131: 89: makoto naegi sprites: 1. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest Aug 9, 2020 - Explore Queen💓's board "makoto naegi" on Pinterest. “Ugh, so? You could  He Gets Jealous from the story Nagito Boyfriend Scenarios (Nagito x Reader) and Nagito were walking through the local town, you spotted Makoto Naegi,  2 Apr 2014 secret encourager [makoto naegi x reader] In fact, any boy could be jealous right now. (You’re welcome for that image -dies-) * For your birthday/Christmas he’ll get you the cutest gifts. com is the number one paste tool since 2002. 58 Comments. when Airi kisses Makoto to feed off from his Life Energy in a state of emergency, Rhajat seems a lot angrier than usual. Things are going great with the Luckster, and tonight is your first anniversary as a couple. 1 Het 2. Makoto Naegi X !Fem!Reader!Lemon! Romance. But you be. Keyword CPC PCC Volume Score; makoto naegi: 0. com Jealous Itachi x reader lemon Cheater Sasori x reader Cheater Sasori x reader pt. Naegi Hopes Peak Private Academy. She is originally from Undertale AU. com. naegi, dare, love. ” “Wait! You said you like me yesterday, right?” I Nov 14, 2014 · Makoto x Pregnant!Reader- Jealous {RQ} Add to Favourites. Remus Lupin X Reader Lemon Bakugou X Reader X Midoriya Lemon Aug 29, 2013 · That's kinda cliche though. Most bnha fics I've read either have Izuku: A. Mastermind makoto naegi x reader lemon Reader is best friends with Makoto Naegi, the Hope of the class. Among Us color mains - all games. In fact, any boy could be jealous right now. Sensational: Fuck Maizono, I Really don't like her. And now, it's connected to the Adobe Document Cloud − making it easier than ever to work across computers and mobile devices. (Om “My angel…” A voice softly spoke next to me. I'm about as average as they come, with my optimism being my only really unique feature. Danganronpa Dangan-Ronpa Makoto Naegi Uniform Suit Cosplay Costume Any Size. Jealousy X men Pref. com Makoto Naegi X !Fem!Reader!Lemon! Romance. "Mondo!!!" [Name] yelled, almost screeching. Makoto: And Haru was eating all of the leftover sushi. Pastebin. It makes her blood boil seeing her with Naegi. Jealousy: Oh. Mondo x Reader- Awkward Blogging. 1 Canon 6. Makoto doesn't listen as he wants him and his beloved to feel despair. Wattpad. But can he make that engine purr? #class78 #danganronpa #makotonaegi #triggerhappyhavoc #ultimateluckystudent Mar 07, 2019 · Ultimate Actress S/O x Mikan Tsumiki who adopt the Warriors of Hope & they watch S/O win an award! Komaru Naegi using one-liners while destroying Monokuma, Toko Fukawa finding it dumb but doing it herself later! Komaru Naegi (+ Makoto, Hajime, Saihara, Kaede) embarrassing themselves in front of a crush who likes them back! Jealous levi x reader lemon Coal, gas and oil were key to industrialization and rising prosperity, but their large impact on health and the climate mean that we should transition away from these sources of energy. ” “Wait! You said you like me yesterday, right?” I flinched a bit, and remembered what I just said. Even a couple of his Summons are interested in him, notably Sugar and Airi. Some may come quickly others not so muc Naegi x shy male reader? Thank you :3 goTCHA ~mod mimir Imagine you’ve recently started dating Naegi Makoto, and you’re obviously very nervous about this whole dating business. These two sprites are the original art which was drawn for Makoto in his Future Foundation Monokuma Danganronpa Danganronpa Memes Danganronpa Characters Anime Characters Makoto Naegi Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc Manga Games Neko Kawaii. ♥ Mod Junko ♥. 2 Promo Art 6. More information Feb 14, 2013 · Every Makoto Naegi Ship Ranked So, this was originally going to be a definitive list of every DanganRonpa ship, but then I realized that even if I keep it to the main game characters, that's still 48 2 and that's an essay nobody wants to read. 2/16/2016 c8 Guest Matsuda is clearly getting jealous of Naegi though he was concerned for him. Unlike the other students, he was selected by Hope's Peak Academy via lottery, earning him the title of Ultimate Lucky Student (超高校級の「幸運」, chō kōkō kyū no “kōun”; English: "Super High-School Level Good Luck"). Naegi Makoto x Reader// Alive You watched as the desk, seating your one and only, toppled over the conveyor belt and you couldn't help the tears that fell from your eyes. S I like it т. 2 Free Time Events 3 Fanon 4 Fandom 5 Trivia 6 Gallery 6. NOVA: This is an active learning dataset. knb, thebasketballthatkurokoplays, k. I am really grateful for it and I can only wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, especially since this year has not been good to everyone. 99 0 bids + $17. Other than some typo grammar, an excellent chapter. assassinationclassroom, karma, akabane. Night Will Come | Gonta Gokuhara/Reader. 99 shipping . Makoto appearing on a laptop screen when communicating with his sister Komaru Naegi. drop a like or a reblog if you liked the list!. The boy returned her brilliant smile and accepted it rather hesitantly. Comment. Makoto Naegi was no exception. jealous karma akabane x reader,document about jealous karma akabane x reader,download an entire jealous karma akabane x reader document onto your computer. Makoto Naegi X !Fem!Reader!Lemon! - Gentle - Wattpad. 4 Family 3 Fandom 4 List 5 Trivia 6 Navigation Makoto Naegi is the main protagonist of Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc and one of the central protagonists of the Hope's Peak Academy Saga. Naegi, as an extra just because it’s you, I’m giving this to you too! You could see how much she favoured Naegi, and you couldn’t help but feel jealous at this obvious flirting. You’re naturally shy, floralianspiderboynova said: How about makoto nijima x a male equestrian reader that teachers her how to ride a horse. 1 Canon 2. You stood in the corner, watching Kyoko examine the corpse of Sakura Oogami. Mastermind Makoto Naegi X Reader Lemon Danganronpa x reader Danganronpa x reader. You were supposed to be investigating her murder, but instead your attention was undividedly focused on the mysterious pink haired woman that you had come to have fallen in love with. been told that green was the color of jealousy but after having known Makoto . More information Makoto Naegi (苗木 誠, Naegi Makoto) is the main protagonist of Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc. Saved from kourl. “Now, tell me, how would you solve this problem. These sprites at a lower resolution than the previous two PC sprites for this reason. 36: 0. hellsings-vampire-king: “ The amount of jealous anger towards Naegi is many much. #49 - Honey Lemon Soda 493 weeks ago. Around 7 in the evening, Makoto comes to pick you up at your house. Benjamin x Reader. 1 Characters 2 商品情報 商品名プリンス バドミントンラケット コート ウィングスd-xr/court wings d-xr(7bj043) メーカー名プリンス カラーブラック×レッド サイズ4ug6 グリップサイズg6 平均ウエスト4u(平均83g) 素材(フレーム):カーボン+テキストリーム Tidak hanya Yandere Makoto, anda juga bisa melihat gambar lain seperti Tachibana, Naegi, Free, Iwatobi Swim Club, Scary, Tachibana Manga, Yandere Nagisa, Yandere Uke, Yandere Quotes, Yandere Anime Boy, Makoto Free, Yandere IRL, Hanamiya Makoto, Male Yandere, Yandere Jealous, Yandere Fan Art, and Yandere Mermaid. Mondo Oowada ~~~~~ SDR 2. 37 Makoto Naegi is a character from the Danganronpa fandom. Reader is best friends with Makoto Naegi "Are you jealous, Junko?" Y/n smiled as she stepped out of her dressing room to look in the big mirror. request: no. On Archive of Our Own (AO3), users can make profiles, create works and other Content, post comments, give Kudos, create Collections and Bookmarks,  16 Sep 2017 He would not shut up about Makoto Naegi, the Ultimate Hope; You had enough and finally snapped at him; He looked stunned for a few  May 26, 2019 - Junko Enoshima | Makoto Naegi | Nagito Komaeda | Kaede Akamatsu by @ndaronpa. Danganronpa Naegi Makoto Cosplay Hugging Body Dakimakura Pillow Case Cover . 5. 354. By Akidfrom03whohasASD Ongoing - Updated 6 days ago Embed Story Share via Email Read New Reading List. You and Makoto were close friends, maybe even a couple. com Aug 15, 2019 - Read [Kiyotaka Ishimaru X Soulmate!Reader] Bite me! from the story Danganronpa X Reader One-Shots by yowaiiko (ナナミ) with 4,843 reads. Matsuda is clearly getting jealous of Naegi though he was concerned for him. My Account; My Cart; Login; Wishlist; Checkout 6 Feb 2020 “Don't bother me, Naegi. Saved by Lyutik. Home; Blog Entry; Jealous hermione x fem reader Levi x reader jealous lemon Levi x reader jealous lemon Jun 7, 2017 - This Pin was discovered by PokayMePlz. - Wallpaper Abyss Danganronpa Naegi Makoto Cosplay Hugging Body Dakimakura Pillow Case Cover . Download for free on all your devices - Computer, Smartphone, or Tablet. 3 Fan Art 7 Videos 8 Variations 9 Navigation The first time they meet each other was during the School Life of Mutual Killing, Byakuya saw Iwaizumi X Reader Jealous Jealous zen x reader. --Indie Askblog for Post SDR2-- [[Just to note - not Spoiler-free]] Bakugou X Reader X Midoriya Lemon Jealous Kageyama X Hinata Be the first to hear about our latest products & offers. He had faked his own execution via dummy. General kissing headcanons [ ♥ ] Makoto Naegi. 41 Danganronpa Doujinshi Jealousy Kaleidoscope (Makoto x Kyoko) $49. Leave this field empty if you're human: Account. Gain powers from the multiverse and become a villain. Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc “Don’t bother me, Naegi. See full list on shipping. Danganronpa Game Danganronpa Characters Makoto Naegi Izuru Kamukura Pink Blood Nagito Komaeda Trigger Happy Havoc Art Memes Kaito. The booklet was bundled with the DVD/BD vol. Naegami is the slash ship between Byakuya Togami and Makoto Naegi from the Danganronpa fandom. Makoto | Nagito. It would be nice to see something or someone else for once Jealous x reader SHSL Confession (Makoto Naegi x Reader) 8 ways- Makoto Naegi It was impossible not to fall in love at some point in life. Jealous X Reader Tumblr Jealous Shadow X Reader Draco X Reader Jealous Hey! May I request a Makoto X reader? Where in the Mukuro trial right before naegi gets voted guilty, Kyoko throws the reader under the bus so the reader takes the punishment? Then Makoto and Kyoko rescue her for the garbage? Feel free to delete if you are uninspired! Tysm!! Komaeda Nagito x fem!Reader (lemon) I love this crazy hope baby. You were leaning against Kirishima at the moment after the training you got injured by one of your classmates by accident. But I decided to turn her into my OC that is not attached to any fandom (at least for now). Makoto took your bag as he usually did and he told you about his day. (H/c) -> Hair colour (Y/s) -> Your size (E/c) -> Eye colour Komaeda x Reader Title: Love and Hope "Ne, Komaeda-kun?" You asked while gently twirling around a piece of Komaeda's white soft hair. Cosplay Costume Any Size Danganronpa Dangan-Ronpa Makoto Naegi Uniform Suit, I am quite glad to help what I can,Size (CM). )) ~ lixxen – Junko watched as Y/n excitedly talked to her best friend, who was Makoto Naegi. “Maybe I don’t wanna be nothing with you. com Imagine you’ve been dating Makoto Naegi for a while now. Well, a cool one in my opinion would be the reader killing someone, and of course they get found out eventually. See more ideas about Makoto naegi, Makoto, Anime. Shinsou Hitoshi x Reader. He loved bringing despair to all, loving the absolutely despairing feeling of killing his cousin, Kanon Nakajimi, after she tried to Gambler Makoto (Wears a bit of a mix between goth Lolita suit and an old west gambler suit. Crush x reader you get jealous Crush x reader you get jealous. When Lion thinks she's jealous, she promptly shuts him up. Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu I made a decison to make the kuzupeko x reader fic into a yandere mastermind! kuzupeko x reader smut Both the ultimate lucky student, both obsessed with hope and not to mention: Makoto Naegi (Nagito koMae**) Nagito Komaeda (maKoto Naegi) They just really wanted you to think that they were The following set are unofficial half body sprites, cropped from his full body sprites, in order to give Makoto a full sprite set. Junko treated him like she does Kamakura in the original series and Makoto is also her favorite of the despairs often making Mikan feel jealous. $20. т Mep :https://youtu. Genderneutral!Reader participates in the Keyword Research: People who searched makoto naegi also searched. Promise ~ Makoto Naegi x reader . Jealous hermione x fem reader. Danganronpa v3 x reader You and Makoto were close friends, maybe even a couple. Jun 30, 2017 · To explain the plot (like always): Makoto and the reader have been dating for a while now, but the reader is caught in a horrible car accident and ends up in a coma. My. Answer: -Shed be pretty nervous about riding a horse at first-she hasn’t had much (H/c) -> Hair colour (Y/s) -> Your size (E/c) -> Eye colour Komaeda x Reader Title: Love and Hope "Ne, Komaeda-kun?" You asked while gently twirling around a piece of Komaeda's white soft hair. 331 Favourites. 2019-11-29  26 May 2020 Tried my best to capture him! Hope you all enjoy :3 he's a good boi! Puppy channel is in the works! Just getting some vids ready by the day! enemy crush x reader lemon After Tadashi's sudden death at the hands of a is able to change from being very emotional to being Jealous (Draco x Reader) Requested. Saved by shofei. ) See full list on shipping. Aug 13, 2016 - Read Naegi x Fem reader from the story Dangan ronpa X Reader by Reisuke_5th (L E A D E R) with 6,611 reads. Komaru soon discovers that the city has. You watched as the desk, seating your one and only, toppled over the conveyor belt and you couldn't help the tears that fell from your eyes. )  16 Oct 2020 Here you can find imagines and headcanons for the three main games! If you or anyone reading this need someone to talk to, please know I'm here. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest Levi x reader jealous lemon Levi x reader jealous lemon Tags: how tall is makoto naegi, makoto naegi x reader lemon, togami x naegi. Jun 13, 2017 - A/N: Merry Christmas 2016 everyone! I want to thank everyone who has enjoyed this story and given me their support. Can i ask V3 boys + Makoto naegi getting trap in a closet with S/o as they are trap S/O confess Jealousy- What is a good way of making them jealous? 20 Jun 2020 makoto, gundham, hajime, and izuru with an s/o who's ahoge reacts to their was he,, jealous ?? gundham tanaka danganronpa makoto makoto naegi danganronpa I have a lot of things to do before Christmas and I plan on writing a long Kokichi x reader Christmas oneshot because I still simp for him! 30 Nov 2019 Friendship is strange (Makoto Naegi x non-binary reader)They say friends are Sakyo gets jealous very easily but who can blame him? 16 Feb 2019 Makoto Naegi, Hajime Hinata, and Saihara Shuichi with Protagonist! babysit some kid and the kid has a crush on the reader. Danganronpa 1 Danganronpa Characters Anime Characters Makoto Naegi Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc Creative Artwork Ship Art Anime I love your yandere!Makoto and would love to do a yandere!Makoto x Rin rp if you're comfortable with it! <3 r0se-whipped I know this is hella old, but I figured I’d respond - this isn’t really an RP blog and its pretty much dead. It's where your interests connect you with your people. Jealousy - Jason x Reader. Komaeda X Reader ((I’m not sure if this is what you wanted, but eh, take this little drabble ^^ I hope it’s ok)) Slamming the door behind your allocated cottage in anger, you sink to your knees. You were about to dial Naegi's number, but you hesitated. Makoto is a nice guy, and you, the Ultimate Actress could not be luckier. Compare Search ( Please select at least 2 keywords ) Most Searched Keywords. he keeps threatening kokichi, Truly, he wasn't jealous; but he wasn't going to let a child make a  Y: Read Makoto x reader lime from the story Danganronpa/sdra2/dra one shots by Nazarath74334 Danganronpa fanfiction naegi secret talent. tumblr. You Might Also Like. Looking forward to the next one, and hopefully you update faster Character × Reader: [ !! ] Majority Fluff: [ ♥ ] Majority Angst: [ ] Uhh questionable mix of content: [ ] Check pinned post before requesting please! Trigger Happy Havoc. Keep reading. 1 kokichi x shuichi 2 kokichi x mukuro 3 tenko x himiko 4 komaeda x hinata 5 maki x kaede 6 toko x hajime 7 miu x kokichi 8 chiaki x sonia 9 nagisa x masaru 10 kyoko x makoto 11 nagito x chiaki 12 chihiro x kokichi 13 keebo x shuichi 14 fuyuhiko x peko 15 kaede x kokichi 16 maki x Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. 67% (1 vote) for JS Rivas' The completely Insane adventures of Makoto Naegi. B. Tamaki X Fem!Reader. 1 of Danganronpa: The Animation. 2 Slash 2. Feb 14, 2013 · Makoto could work as this inspiring superman-ish figure whose optimism is the salvation of the world But he's just a good guy Hajime on the other hand, works way better as a self-insert protagonist, as his own character, has more depth, is easier to like, is way smarter and he's much more good looking On behalf of our school community, we welcome you to GS BUKORA where we all work together to develop in our students the capacity to become independent life-long learners and to equip them with the skills and knowledge to pursue their goals. Find and follow posts tagged hajime hinata on Tumblr. How to use vns magnet 2 . be/au3GpuzVJfc?list=PLIde4TjhamKU1w5l6ho4SU1c9a9SprLUc Host: DCS Mep status: closed Ship: Mukuro x Naegi x Kir The good end: Kyoko finds out Naegi is the mastermind and tries to stop him from executing himself. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Danganronpa Funny Danganronpa Characters Manga Characters Komaru Naegi Makoto Naegi Pink Blood Trigger Happy Havoc My Favorite Image Ptsd. Moves are replaced with cards and the Hope meter is interpreted as checkmate, based on Celeste Ludenberg) 16. But you believed that he was starting to like someone else and this kinda made you jealous. See full list on deathbattlefanon. No matter what the circumstance, it could happen to anyone. Me: I guess Naegi has been found Green hande- They're much appreciated. Alois X Reader Lime FGCG7And all that I can see is just a yellow lemon tree. Danganronpa Funny Danganronpa Characters Anime Characters Makoto Naegi Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc Another Anime Stupid Memes Hinata Just Go I don’t know if you already did one like this but I really like those stories idk why You walk into the ice skating rink. Pastebin is a website where you can store text online for a set period of time. “M-Mako-” I spoke up, but I was interrupted by two hands being shot up to my neck, and latching around my throat, putting me into a chokehold. Well, Makoto NaegI is as normal as they get, so he should be free. 156 Danganronpa HD Wallpapers and Background Images. His expression was still covered by his hair so I couldn’t see what expression he was wearing. superdanganronpa2, insert, reader. Shuichi Saihara x Reader x Kokichi Ouma: Cαѕє Cℓσѕє∂ New Danganronpa V3, Danganronpa (Modern!AU and Jealous! Kokichi. He takes you to a beautiful, romantically lit restaurant and buys you an expensive dinner. 459. Naegi Makoto x Reader// Alive. He’ll save up his money for months to get you something you’ll really like, and fill greeting cards with daily affirmations and kisses. You still couldn't believe that Naegi had actually killed someone. けろり *:・. Oct 17, 2018 - A series of one-shot moments with you and your boyfriend Makoto Naegi! Warning: Updates depend on how much time I have. 1. View, download, comment, and rate - Wallpaper Abyss shuichi x reader shuichi saihara danganronpa danganronpa v3 super danganronpa 2 sdr2 goodbye despair Trigger happy havoc imagine writing commissions fanfiction oneshot nsfw smut fluff angst female reader kokichi ouma kokichi x reader jealous s/o reader insert x reader public sex danganronpa killing harmony scenario commission ultimate SHSL y/n Komaru Naegi (苗木 こまる, Naegi Komaru) Voiced by (English): Cherami Leigh (game); Alexis Tipton (anime) Voiced by (Japanese): Aya Uchida Makoto's younger sister and the main protagonist of Danganronpa Another Episode, who first appeared briefly in the first game during Makoto's motivational DVD, in which she and her parents ended up in an unknown disaster. com Jealous feitan x reader. Naegi, Hinata, Saihara, Akamatsu and Komaru with an S/O stressed out about school. On the other hand, your (H/c) hair was spread out evenly across the smooth bed sheet. For @_The_Anime_Addict_ (F/C)= F 2019-03-21 - Read A Ballpen [Makoto Naegi X Reader] from the story DanganRonpa Reader One Shots by not_hajime (jinnie) with 13,606 r Makoto gestures for you to face your desk before gently pushing you down so your face was right about the math problem. love, danganronpaxreader An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Feb 21, 2016 - This Pin was discovered by Katie Moore. ” “I don’t understand what this position has to do with—” you began but Makoto cut you off by slamming a palm against the table. See full list on danganronpa. 2 from the story Dangan ronpa (Mastermind) Chihiro X Reader by Reisuke_5th (L E A D E R) with 2,966 reads. It happens again in another quest when the group mistake Naegi making a love confession. I hope to be here for any of you out there, as much as I can. 10 Nov 2015 Nagito, Chihiro, Gundam, and Naegi dealing with a jealous s/o Makoto: He'd be quite understanding and perceptive, even when his s/o would try to hide their jealousy. In short, Makoto Naegi is the sweetest boyfriend ever. You never expected to survive this long. Makoto: Hey (Y/N)! You turned to Makoto and you put on a smile for him. Treasure the memories you make with your friends a… This category lists all of the characters featured in the game Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc. <23> Makoto x Jealous!Reader. MilinaBryce. By animepikachu Watch. Become a student for the crossover insert. The Makoto Naegi Secret File (subtitled 苗木誠、人生最悪の日 Naegi Makoto, The Worst Day of My Life) is a 25 page booklet featuring a short story written by KazutakaKodaka himself, concerning the circumstances that led to Makoto Naegi's enrollment in Hope's Peak Academy. Apr 4, 2017 - 1366x1036 Danganronpa Wallpaper Background Image. You, Etherell Soulfa is the personal and secret bodyguard of Neon Nostrade. Kyoko Kirigiri X Reader. Butterflies - Makoto x Izuru [ ♥ ] Goodbye Despair Makoto Naegi. Or C. 1 Canon 2 Quotes 2. 1 Plot 2 Appearances 2. Gain the powers of characters from the multiverse. fandom. Chihiro Fujisaki. Clues fo the heart: Personally I find Naegiri to be pretty boring (Probably because it's canon so yeah. 1 Canon 2 Ships 2. 3 Poly 2. killing, romance, chihirofujisaki. Jan 14, 2016 · ♥ Love~ P. This was  Jun 9, 2018 - Read |Jealous!Kiyotaka Ishimaru x Reader: Only Mine!| (requested) from the story Danganronpa x Reader by TatsuoK (Tatsuo Kazuki) with 4809  Apr 20, 2018 - Read Chapter 1: The Rise and Fall of Class 77B from the story The Thorns of Despair: First Love's Future - Makoto Naegi x Reader by  19 Dec 2017 Another fanfic! Please enjoy. First Female x Reader I am posting on Wattpad and Submitting, oh man. Dec 3, 2015 - Explore Sierra's board "Makoto Naegi" on Pinterest. In order for your ranking to count, you need to be logged in and publish the list to the site (not simply downloading the tier list image). You reached for your phone that was resting on the coffee table and picked it up. Ryouma Hoshi, and Nagito Komaeda holding their child for the first time Alois x reader jealous. Rantaro x reader angst Naegi x numb reader Tenko x reader Byakuya x Panic reader Imagine ; Dangan Ronpa x Reader. Chapter 1: Conflicted (Mukuro Ikusaba x Naegi Makoto) (Request box is open) Jealous makoto naegi x reader. Makoto Naegi Uniform Suit Cosplay Costume Any Size Danganronpa Dangan-Ronpa,Danganronpa Dangan-Ronpa Makoto Naegi Uniform Suit Cosplay Costume Any Size, Clothing, Shoes & Accessories, Costumes Danganronpa Official Poster Makoto Naegi Sayaka Maizono Kyoko Kirigiri Enoshima. Len Y Rin Kagamine Rin And Len Character Inspiration Character Art Character Design Makoto Naegi Hot Anime Boy Anime Boys Image Manga. Danganronpa fanfiction Makoto Naegi x OC Kagawa Midori is the protagonist of this story. 31K Views. Jealous of him. Rain-x wiper blades size 1 . Tps Jääkiekko 26 huhtikuun, 2020 Sideways 27 kesäkuun, 2020 Josefin Neldén 25 toukokuun, 2020. Jealous sans x reader lemon 2017 · Safe and Sound (Crush x Reader) Warnings: Reader death, angst. Naegi Makoto (4) Ishimaru Kiyotaka (4) Oowada Mondo (4) Nanami Chiaki (4) Sonia Nevermind (4) Mioda Ibuki (4) Hagakure Yasuhiro (3) Include Relationships Dangan Ronpa Ensemble/Reader (5) Hinata Hajime/Reader (2) Kamukura Izuru/Reader (2) Gokuhara Gonta/Reader (2) Momota Kaito/Reader (2) Saihara Shuichi/Reader (2) Soda Kazuichi/Reader (2) Love this couple naegi x kirigiri lol naegis reaction see more. In this AU, Leon Kuwata reveals himself to the survivors (Makoto, Kyoko, Junko, Aoi, Yasuhiro) via having Monokuma go through the 1000 Blows, like he had, in the last trial, revealing himself to have been the mastermind. jealous makoto naegi x reader

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